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Chapter 881 - The Battle of Seizure

Yuan Duoduo activated his self-deprecating mode.

"To describe me as' I love money as if it were my life 'is actually not exaggerated at all! When I was in school, as long as I heard about the lucrative work of the student union, I was sure to be the first. "

"Later at work, they all said I only had money in my eyes! If I can't make money from a folk dance, I'll do a steel pipe dance. There was no need to be afraid of the gazes of the students. They were all looking at the money, making a huge profit! They all say that I don't even care about my face in order to earn money! "

"Moreover, I am quite a stingy person. As for the money between my colleagues and cla.s.smates, I can save as much as I want, so be it! I know that they are all talking about me in secret: that I am brother Kong's sister, the descendant of Grandet! "

"Also, I like to take small advantages. He calculated the time every day to rush to purchase the items that were sold at a discount. It's a common occurrence to stay up till midnight. "

"So... Grandfather, I'm really not as good as you think! I'm just a vulgar citizen. "

Yuan Duoduo exposed all of his shady little flaws in front of Gentleman Bai in one go.

She wanted to let Gentleman Bai clearly see what kind of woman she was.

After hearing Yuan Duoduo's' self-deprecation ', Gentleman Bai's face darkened.

Yuan Duoduo's heart tensed up, and he muttered: "Grandfather, are you disappointed with me?"

She wanted to create a good positive image in front of Gentleman Bai very much, but Yuan Duoduo was really unsettled by how Gentleman Bai viewed her to be so 'perfect'.

He was like that in real life. Yuan Duoduo did not want to hide anything.

Gentleman Bai let out a faint sigh, "Duo Duo, if only grandfather knew you earlier. it's not enough to make a girl like you suffer so much. "

Yuan Duoduo's nose turned sour, and tears began to flow out of his eyes in the next moment.

"Grandfather, can I be your grandson for a few days … …" It is a blessing that I, Yuan Duoduo, have cultivated for three lifetimes! "

Yuan Duoduo crawled onto the Gentleman Bai's wheelchair and sobbed.

Sometimes Yuan Duoduo even thought: If only Gentleman Bai was a normal person. That way, she would be able to get close to him without any qualms.

She thanked the relatives who had loved her as much as the Gentleman Bai had.

"Then you should at least let grandpa have a good time. Just stay here and accompany grandpa for a few days."

Gentleman Bai was still unwilling to let Yuan Duoduo who was pregnant suffer outside.

Even if he knew that Yuan Duoduo was already pregnant with someone else's child, it was no longer possible for him to be with Yuan Duoduo's grandson …

After a moment of hesitation, Yuan Duoduo nodded his head. It could be considered as him agreeing to Gentleman Bai's' alternative help '.

At noon, Bai Mo called back.

After beating around the bush for a long time, they came to ask if Yuan Duoduo was still in Bai's mansion.

When he heard the Butler Bai say that Yuan Duoduo had already agreed to stay in the Bai's mansion, he became inexplicably excited.

Was it the morning kiss?

Bai Mo, who had been kissed too much by a woman, did not feel anything special.

But someone like Yuan Duoduo, who asked him to kiss her first, and who asked him to do so, seemed to be … First one, right?

But when he thought about how Yuan Duoduo, that dumb Noob, actually foolishly gave birth to someone else's child, Bai Mo still had that kind of heart stopping feeling!

If it was Bai Mo, how good would it be …

Very bad!

First, it could not be Bai Mo's!

Secondly, if it was Bai Mo, maybe he would be a freak?

This time it wasn't just one, but two!

Then wouldn't they just force their family's old man to go to the west to get the scripture?!

This afternoon, outside the safe island of kindergarten, there was a skirmish.

There were two groups of people who came to pick up Linnuo's little friend.

One was Xiao Hu, the professional driver, while the other was Xing s.h.i.+'er.

It had already been a long time since he had intimate relations with the little guy, and not only did Hetun, the biological grandfather, miss the little guy, even Xing s.h.i.+'er missed him a lot.

"Old Tweleve!"

Linnuo's little friend's climbing ability was something that no other little p * nis could hope to match.

Without waiting for Auntie Protect to say anything, the little guy crawled out of the guard rail and threw himself into Xing s.h.i.+'er's embrace.

"Fifteen, did you miss your twelfth brother?"

"Yes!" I've thought about it! "

Compared to other people's questions about "I don't think much", the little guy used "I thought really hard" this time; which was enough to show that Xing s.h.i.+'er held a certain priority in the little guy's heart.

Seeing the young master of the Feng Family throw himself into Xing s.h.i.+'er's embrace, the Xiao Hu at the side became anxious.

With regards to the background of Xing s.h.i.+'er and Hetun, Xiao Hu still knew a little about them. Naturally, he did not dare to rashly come forward and fight over them.

"Nuonuo, the President Feng has prepared fried chicken wings that they love to eat for you. They are just waiting for you to go to his office to eat."

A lower grade food.

"Fried chicken wings again? Isn't it that sniffling slug who likes to eat! This young master will reward them all to her to eat! "

"There's something else. Meat roll, crab cake, and, yes, crispy shrimp horns! They were specially prepared for you by the President Feng. "

Xiao Hu finally thought of a few foods that young masters normally liked to eat. He would cheat the little guy and return to the GK Corporation first. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to take the consequences once again.

"Is that so? Feng Xinglang is so concerned about me, why haven't I seen him personally come to pick me up? "

At this moment, the little guy started to have a little bit of a pampered and proud mood.

It didn't matter if his father, Feng Xinglang, was stuck to Feng Tuantuan, who loved to cry, it didn't matter since he still had his foster father and Old Tweleve.

It wasn't like no one wanted it! Why was he so pleased with himself!

Maybe from the little thing's point of view, ever since Feng Xinglang and his mother had returned to the side of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's biological father, Feng Xinglang did not love them as much as he had imagined.

Was it to verify the saying: You don't need to cherish what you have obtained?

"President Feng has a very important shareholders' meeting in the afternoon … …"

"How important? More important than my own son? Xiao Hu, you don't need to lie to me, b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang must have been entangled by Feng Xiao Yuan again! "

Just like that, the little guy tried to add insult to injury on his own father.

"It really isn't … President Feng is really holding a shareholders' meeting. "

"Enough, bring a message back to your respected President Feng. Just say, "His son is loved by many, so he doesn't care about that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's father!"

"Nuonuo... If you don't go home, your wife will worry. "

Xiao Hu brought out the little guy's most cherished mother, Lin Xueluo.

"I'll call my mother. "Bye bye!"

The little guy waved towards the anxious Xiao Hu, and then hugged onto Xing s.h.i.+'er's neck tightly, and then left while rubbing his neck.

The anxious Xiao Hu immediately gave the President Feng a report.

The call was answered by Nina. Xiao Hu did not lie to little friend Linnuo, his father was really holding a shareholders' meeting.

If it were not for the fact that they were waiting for their son, the shareholders' meeting might have been postponed until around 10 pm.

Returning to the office, Feng Xinglang only saw Feng Tuantuan calmly drawing, but he did not see the figure of his son Feng Linnuo.

"Bound, where's big brother Nuonuo?"

"Aunt Nina said that Big Brother Nuonuo was taken away by her foster father. Uncle, who is Big Brother Nuonuo's foster father? "

was taken away by the Hetun?

From the driver Xiao Hu's words, Feng Xinglang confirmed the news that his son had been taken away by the Hetun.

"Useless thing!"

Feng Xinglang hissed.

"..." Xiao Hu could only suffer a loss.

How could Xing s.h.i.+'er be won over just because he wanted to?

"Was it Nuonuo who took the initiative to follow Xing s.h.i.+'er?"

"Yes …" The little gongzi also left you a message. "


"He said, 'Your own son is full of pain, so I don't care about you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d dad!'"

Xiao Hu felt that he really deserved a beating. It was clearly the little thing provoking his father, but he actually did become the microphone.

With a whoosh, Feng Xinglang jumped up from his chair.

"Send all of them back to Feng Family."

After he finished speaking, he quickly walked out of the office.

"President Feng, where are you going?"

The Xiao Hu asked. It was also good to report back to his wife.

"Fetch your son!"

Feng Xinglang screamed.

"Uncle... With them … He wanted to go with Uncle to find Big Brother Nuonuo. Uncle... "

Unable to catch up with Feng Xinglang's cute appearance, she instantly burst into tears.

Along the way, Feng Tuantuan kept on crying.

"Uncle Xiao Hu, I'm going to look for my Uncle … Can you take me to Uncle? "

In comparison to Linnuo's little friend's untamed, untamed, Feng Tuantuan was much more obedient. He just kept on crying, and he didn't show too much resistance.

Your Uncle will be back immediately after finding Big Brother Nuonuo. Just wait obediently at Feng Family! "

Xiao Hu rather liked Feng Tuantuan. She was cute and sweet. The key was to be obedient.

When Xiao Hu sent the crying Feng Tuantuan back to Feng Family, Xueluo was in the living room flipping through her professional book.

"Bundle?" Why are you crying? "

"Aunt... Uncle went to find Big Brother Nuonuo … "I didn't bring the ball with me."

The little cutie's large watery eyes were filled with tears that were on the verge of bursting out.

Then why didn't you pester your Uncle?

Xueluo hugged the cute girl and wiped her tears.

"Uncle is too fast, I couldn't catch up to him in time."

The little cutie felt extremely wronged.

Xueluo was not surprised to see Feng Tuantuan being brought back by the driver.

Two hours ago, she had received a call from her son Linnuo: He said that he would visit his foster father tonight. Let Mommy not worry about him.

Xueluo was not worried for the safety of his son, rather, he was worried for the Hetun.

Who knew how his own son Feng Xinglang would fall out with him!

Xueluo also made the most sentimental prediction: Feng Xinglang didn't care about his son who went to the Hetun, and directly brought him, his precious niece back to the Feng Family.

It looks like Xueluo had still underestimated Feng Xinglang's dominating desire for his own son!

Hearing the tone of the driver, Feng Xinglang should have directly rushed from the company to the Shallow Water Bay to s.n.a.t.c.h his son!

However, not only was there his, Feng Xinglang's, child in Shallow Water Bay, there was also the woman that he, Feng Xinglang, could not forget, Lan Youyou!

Xueluo thought: Would husband Feng Xinglang also take Lan Youyou out along the way?

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