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Chapter 1070: Chapter 1068- Leaving This Place Quickly

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

At the same time within Gantian Mountain City. In an altar hanging high above, Kong Rui frowned and looked at a broken piece of jade in his hand.

More accurately speaking it was a jade made formation tray. It came from a Kong Family secret technique and was connected to another artifact.

As long as this formation tray was still in his hand and the corresponding artifact was intact, no one would be able to hurt the person he was protecting.

“What a fierce evil technique, Yin Yang Heart Needle Curse? Is it Zhongxuan?”

Kong Rui muttered to himself and a complicated expression flashed across his eyes.

Only the Great Shang Grand Teacher was good at this Yin Yang Heart Needle Technique in the world.

Kong Rui hadn’t seen it personally before but he heard people from the race mention it before. Hundred years ago before Emperor Yuanchen took to the throne Zhongxuan used the curse to kill a person. That allowed Yinyu to ascend out of nowhere.

At that time the Kong Family used all their strength and was still unable to block this technique. His Great Granduncle who was Imperial Astronomer died after spitting blood. It was due to him suffering too heavy injuries in that battle.

Yinyu took the throne and the Kong Family and Zhongxuan’s family naturally hated one another. Now they had to respect him and try to get into his good books.

However due to Kong Yao, his relations.h.i.+p with him became back.

At this moment Kong Rui couldn’t help but feel emotional.

This person was able to become Great Shang Grand Teacher and become really famous was all because of that technique. He was going to be defeated today because of it.

“You are able to enter Saint Realm due to the Great Shang strength. However since you knew that Great Shang was getting weaker, you not only retracted and instead went deeper in, putting yourself into despair. What was the reason for that?”

That jade stone plate was broken and was unable to be saved.

Kong Rui sighed and didn’t bother anymore. The two of them were battling through the s.p.a.ce. He had actually lost, unable to block for even a moment.

Although they were tens of thousands of miles apart, Zhongxuan also used the blood of the three thousand children, but the gap between the two couldn’t be described logically.

Luckily that technique wouldn’t be able to harm his Ruler.

Kong Rui turned and looked into the Heavens only to see a few bright stars s.h.i.+ning above.

The stars showed the laws and Daos in this region, so the stars in the various worlds were all really similar.

However there was still some slight differences which showed the changes in the world. People like him who was good at divination relied on the changes in the stars to see the change in momentum and situation of the world.

Who knew who affected a few of them, but they still took up the central area. They were spreading the choice of G.o.d Emperor.

One was close to the east, a star surrounded by purple energy. That was Zong Shou’s star, only today did it appear in the star. It was exceptionally pure and clean, no different from the few choices for G.o.d Emperor.

The second one was Kong Yao, that Alkaid which was also s.h.i.+ning brightly in the east.

“Speaking of which the battle has already been decided?”

Saint Ruler descending on the world, like a sword out of the sheath. His techniques were unable to cover for Zong Shou and there was also no need to purposely hide anything.

Great Gan’s country strength had already formed and its wings were full. No one would be able to wipe them out and no one would be able to suppress the brilliance of the Saint King.

Shaking his head, Kong Rui got up and walked out of the altar. Just at this moment his eyes flashed.

“Dragon Energy heading to the west, that Avici Throne is actually unable to suppress it. What is the reason?”

A few years ago Kong Rui used the Wen King Divination Coin to look at the changes in energy.

At this moment there was no need to use any special curses or techniques and he was able to see it all clearly.

He stood at the spot and thought about it clearly. In just a short moment he got something. He mocked himself, the changes just now caused his heart to jump.

“So that is the case, the capital is moving.”

Gantian Mountain was prosperous and could compare to the Imperial Capital but it was too far away and a little too small. In the future it was good to be a secondary capital.

For them to be able to move to the Central Cloud Continent, the war results this time was far better than he had expected.

He looked down from above the peak and looked at the Kong Family residence that was built for less than three years. His face was filled with a bitter smile.

It seemed like he would have to move not long later.

However, this time it was Central Cloud Continent…

He really missed it!


“What are you afraid of? Although I don’t know what it is, but people with tough destinies won’t be affected. For example Xiang King and Ranwu King. Their whole energy made it tough for evil to enter. You are nearly the same…”

In the G.o.d Falling Plains main battlefield, after Zong Shou heard Kong Yao say that did he heaved a sigh of relief.

Speaking of which Yuanjing and Kong Rui also said that he had the Saint King Energy protecting his body and no evil could invade it.

The Qilin auspicious beast was also said to be something that all evil avoided.

Apart from him feeling cold and dark, as well as the stabbing pain in his chest, there was nothing wrong.

He placed down this matter and looked into the distance. He spread out his spiritual sense and locked onto Blood Saint Demon Lord, Yuntai and Liu Li.

If it was as expected then these three people should be thinking about how to escape today.

A few moments later Zong Sho laughed coldly. As expected!

However since the three of them were already here, how could they leave as and when they like?

He stood up and his body flashed out of the carriage. He didn’t have much time and the battle was already at the end so it was time for him to make his move!

In front of Yinyu’s carriage, Yuntai felt a cold chill down his spine, he had already sensed that bone deep killing intent.

He glanced into the distance and saw Zong Shou disappear from the carriage. Above that throne there was only an afterimage left. He could sense that he was holding a sword and piercing through the air over. His speed didn’t look that quick but in just an instance he crossed dozens of miles.

Spiritual sense locked right onto him.

He wanted to join hands with Liu Li to defend, using spiritual sense to block and lock down to force this person to be unable to get close.

Unfortunately the people on the carriage didn’t sense it. They were still surprised about the arrival of the three sets of Great Beidou True Martial Sword Formations.

“Just one set and they can restrict that Blood Cloud Cavalry. At that time our left wing will be able to crush the enemy in just a few hours!”

“We don’t need that long, there is still a hundred breaths and Grand Teacher’s Yin Yang Heart Needle Curse would activate…”

“En? Those people are the Heaven Grade Dao Soldiers of Great Gan?”

“Heaven Grade Dao Soldiers? Just a barbaric country, what kind of Heaven Grade Dao Soldiers can they have to go up against the Taoist Faction’s?”

“Just seventy two people, half of those of the Taoist Faction. Even if their combat strength was around the same it wouldn’t be of worry.”

Everyone was in deep discussion and even Yinyu’s expression turned for the battle. Liu Li slightly bent forward and said, “This is an emergency, with the Taoist Faction sword formation covering, Your Majesty please leave quickly!”

Yuntai nodded, “We have already lost! We don’t have much time! Your Majesty please follow me to leave this plains…”

Yinyu was stunned, his mind was totally blank. The three formations had entered and the Yin Yang Heart Needle Technique was about to be completed. The situation was about to change and they could even be victorious. Why did the two of them persuade him to retreat in unison, they had such low hopes of this battle?

Yinyu calmed himself down and tried not to let his voice tremble.

“Yuntai, Liu Li, can you tell me what this is about?”

“Your Majesty will know soon.”

That Yuntai sighed, the hundred True Martial Swordsman entered just to cover Yinyu and him to leave and not to try to change the losing situation.

If he told the truth now, who knew if he would cause the Great Shang Emperor to go crazy. The face of Liu Li was really ugly too.

Yinyu didn’t understand and didn’t ask anymore. He only heard a loud explosion and commotion rose up all around.

He looked out and saw that it was the left wing he had high hopes for. The forty thousand Heaven Demon Cavalry and fifteen thousand Yuans.h.i.+ Demon Spirit Cavalry actually turned around and fled.

The hundreds of thousands of Great Shang cavalry beside were all tossed at the side, allowing the Common People Xuan Dragon Warriors and Sword Sect Moyang Sword Cavalry to crush them.

The left and right wings actually both collapsed to the touch, unable to block for even ten minutes.

Everyone’s faces were filled with loss. They didn’t know why the Demon Sect people wanted to flee.

Did they collude with Great Gan? They purposely did this whole show to cause Great Shang to lose all their elites?

However in terms of hatred, Demon Sect was even above that of Taoist Faction. Xingya was sealed and had no chance of reviving. Tais.h.i.+ was also injured because of Zong Shou.

Recently Demon Sect people even went all out to murder Great Gan people and even kill officials.

Logically speaking their animosity wouldn’t be able to be dissolved.

However that was tough to say too. The thoughts of the Demon Sect was always tough to predict.

“So Great Shang lost?”

“The Demon Sect evil demons really cannot be trusted!”

“d.a.m.n, my Li Family took out twenty thousand Xuanyu Great Sword Soldiers!”

“Retreat! If not they will all die here!”

“Can we retreat? Those Moyang Sword Cavalry is already blocking the backline…”

“They are dead! They are dead!”

“Is that Yin Yang Heart Needle Technique still not done?”

Zong Yuan’s thirty thousand blood cavalry had already broken in through the core of the central army and were unblockable!

The Sword Sect’s Moyang Cavalry stuck in from the back and sealed off the retreat path of the hundreds of thousands of troops.

The fifty thousand Common People Xuan Dragon Warriors followed behind those tens of thousands of Demon Sect Cavalry, chasing them.

The defeat of the two wings affected the center troops who collapsed too.

It was like the sky was going to collapse. The Great Gan troops opposite were also pumped up, their faces were filled with disbelief.

They actually won just like that? So easy. They thought that it was going to be tough but they won even without using much strength.

Yuntai saw it all and sighed. When he spoke once more, he didn’t allow Yinyu to reject him anymore, “Your Majesty please forgive me for being rude!”

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