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Chapter 1071: Chapter 1069- Curse Power Added To The Body

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yuntai saw it all and sighed. When he spoke once more, he didn’t allow Yinyu to reject him anymore, “Your Majesty please forgive me for being rude!”

A cloud light swept over. Before Yinyu reacted, it had swept him up from the throne.

The other people here could all die here but only Yinyu couldn’t.

The moment he flew up in the air, he saw two sword light slash down from the opposite direction.


It came from the sky above the Jiuchi Palace, from the two Source Ocean Demon Slaying Formation!

Each streak of light was filled with the power of a Saint Realm, the sword energy was cold and sharp.

Yuntai’s pupils slightly constricted and from within the three Great Beidou True Martial Sword Formation, dozens of sword energies clashed, causing these two streaks of sword energy to dissolve mid air.

Then three thick and huge True Martial Giant Swords formed in the air and slashed towards the Jiuchi Palace!

However Yuntai didn’t bother about the outcome between these two types of top Dao Soldiers. He solemnly explained towards Yinyu, “These Source Ocean Demon Slaying Warriors are the strongest Dao Soldiers under Zong Shou. When he was in the outer region he fought with the Heaven Grade Dao Soldiers of Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty and fought one against three. Who knew where this Zong Shou found this cultivation method. Their combat strength is comparable to the Taoist Faction True Martial Swordsmen and even a little stronger!”

When Yinyu heard that he finally stopped struggling. He could use King Path Martial Arts, his combat strength wasn’t below that of Saint Realm.

If he didn’t want to leave, even if Yuntai and Liu Li worked together they wouldn’t be able to force him to.

The situation had ended up in such a messy state and he could only depend on the Dao Soldiers of the Taoist Faction and Demon Sect. However if these seventy two so called Source Ocean Demon Slaying Warriors had the ability to restrict the Great Beidou True Martial Sword Formation then this battle was truly unsalvageable.

However he still hesitated slightly. Even if he couldn’t win, there was still Zhongxuan and that Yin Yang Heart Needle Curse.

There was just twenty breaths away.

“That Zong Shou has a body which evil cannot corrupt! Curses won’t be ale to hurt him. Zhongxuan’s Yin Yang Heart Needle Technique might be able to deal with normal kings but it can’t harm him! He is just asking to be humiliated and asking to die.”

Yinyu was stunned. He recalled that not long ago when Zhongxuan displayed the curse it wasn’t what Yuntai said.

Although he didn’t agree but he didn’t deny it too.

Moreover even if Zong Shou had a special body and the curse couldn’t do anything to him, but he shouldn’t say that Zhongxuan was asking to die.

He looked towards Liu Li only to see one of the Confucian Faction people glanced away, not daring to look straight at his eyes. He only slightly nodded, “It really can’t injure him! Zhongxuan had started the curse and it couldn’t be stopped and he couldn’t be saved anymore.”

Yinyu couldn’t help but frown. Did these two people find out something just now?

What happened such that the two of them didn’t hesitate and chose to escape?

Did the Demon Sect’s tens of thousands of cavalry fleeing without escaping got to do with it?

“That kid has won this battle and his strength is growing. His aura is at its most abundant and his King Path Energy is growing, we can’t fight him head on and we have to avoid him…”

Just as they said that, a spiritual-like sword light broke open s.p.a.ce unbelievably and sped forth.

Where the sword pointed at was Yinyu’s throat.

Yuntai instantly reacted, and he whipped back. However he smacked the air and missed.

On closer look, he noticed that the sword was illusionary. Instead another sword light sped forth through the previous trajectory.

However this time the target was him!


An extremely sharp killing intent caused Yuntai’s heart to turn cold and instantly he gathered the five element energy to form a s.h.i.+eld in front of his body.

“This kid’s sword skills are amazing, Liu Li please help me!”

There was no reaction from the side. Yuntai glanced over and saw that Liu Li was avoiding something. However there was nothing in front of him at all.

Illusionary Technique!

Only then did Yuntai notice that a green mirror was hanging high up, streaks of green light shone down over.

Just looking at it caused illusions to form.

Sky Fox End Treasure Illusionary Heart Mirror!

Yuntai roared out and punched. Another five colored energy gathered and a dragon shape formed on it.

The moment that the energy s.h.i.+eld was pierced through the fist smashed onto the tip of the sword.

With a loud “Peng”, a vast and endless amount of energy smashed in from the sword tip.

It was gathered and focused to the extreme, causing blood and flesh to collapse. The Slaying Sword Energy within struck at his internal organs, slaying his lifeforce!

The muscles on Yuntai’s face constricted. The final moment before his body collapsed he threw out a three finger large wooden puppet.

Then his body disappeared and reappeared a hundred feet out.

That wooden subst.i.tute puppet also turned to dust.

Looking at the scene in the distance, Yuntai felt like blood was about to drip out of his heart.

The subst.i.tute technique was simple, but the higher and deeper it got it tested the Dao attainments of one. One also needed to consume all kinds of unimaginable treasures.

Each item that could subst.i.tute death was priceless, able to purchase a perfect small sized world.

This time he used two of them.

However at least he managed to escape from death…

The moment such a thought rose up, danger signs grew in his heart. A pet.i.te body which he didn’t care about flashed across his consciousness.

Su Chuxue, Blood Moon Blade! Heaven Hiding ability!

A blood colored blade light suddenly exploded out from behind him. It was really sudden, as fast as lightning, flas.h.i.+ng and disappearing in an instance!

Even when Yuntai tried his best to hide and dodge he was not fast enough. Half of his body was slashed, vital energy leaking away.

Yuntai’s face was filled with pain and anxiousness. He knew that at this moment he was forced into a desperate situation!

“You want to leave, it is not that easy! I still have debts I would like to clear with all of you.”

Zong Shou laughed coldly, his body speeding through the air. He forced aside Yuntai and when the second sword stabbed out his eyes turned towards Yinyu.

Out of the four Saint Realm Venerables here, the person he hated the most was Blood Saint Monster Lord.

However Aokun was dealing with him and wouldn’t be able to leave.

This Yinyu was more important.

He originally thought that this Emperor Yuanchen would only send his generals over to sneak attack his Jiuchi Palace.

Who knew that he would be so confident to come personally. That was a huge surprise.

If he got rid of this Great Shang Emperor today then Great Gan would be able to unify the Cloud World.

Attacking a Central Cloud Continent which was like a bunch of scattered sand, a dragon race without a leader, he wouldn’t have to spend much effort to do so.

This sword slashed out not for his ambition but to reduce the pain of war for the people of the Cloud World.

…Even when the Spiritual Wave began he was confident such that the people of the Cloud World could go through it peacefully. He would be able to suppress the factions to prevent war!

Actually even if he unified the Cloud World, he would probably be too lazy to deal with matters. He would just use force to cause the aristocratic families and factions to be well behaved.

He remembered that in his last life when the Spiritual Wave was about to end, ninety percent of people in the Cloud World died.

Even the most prosperous Jiangnan region was covered in bones.

If Yinyu died here all of that could be solved!

Yinyu’s eyes opened wide, like a tiger opening his eyes as he stared fiercely!

“Dragon Emperor Nine Drive!”

He smashed out with a fist and instantly a huge map appeared behind him.

Drive People! Drive Spirits! Drive Life! Drive Death! Drive Power! Drive Heaven! Drive Earth! Drive Mountains and Rivers!

That was the Dragon Emperor Nine Drive!

He grabbed out with a palm, gathering large amounts of King Path Energy. He was actually trying to grab the tip of the sword barehanded.

Zong Shou’s expression didn’t change. The sword light was still like before. Yinyu was the Ruler of the Central Emperor Dynasty so how could his combat strength be underestimated?

“Top King Path Martial Arts! Unfortunately you can’t drive a single one of them. Sooner or later Mountain and River will be broken and your country will go to someone else!”

The sword light broke through, turning in thousands of streaks. It then suddenly retracted to turn into one sword.

Yinyu’s body explosively retreated. He was calm, a wound appeared on his right hand. The Central Cloud Continent map behind him actually showed signs of collapsing and falling apart.

Zong Shou had a cold expression and he struck forth with a third sword like a horn on the head of a lamb.

Although this Emperor Yuanchen grasped fifty two states but his martial path skills were ordinary. He came out of his country and also faced a huge defeat. He was now at his weakest state.

Once that Dragon Emperor Nine Drive Technique was broken, he could be killed in a sword!

Fear and panic appeared in the eyes of Liu Li. He finally broke free from Zong Shou’s illusion. He waved his sleeves and dozens of Moral Scriptures flew out, forming into a ribbon which protected Yinyu. He scolded out, “Preposterous, you violent Ruler! You dare to hurt the Ruler of the Central Cloud Continent? Aren’t you afraid the heavens will punish you and destiny will swallow you?”

When Zong Shou heard that he found it preposterous and just laughed out loud.

“Are you going to say that you are acting on behalf of the Heavens to punish me, the violent and unruly Ruler going against the Heavens! Since that is the case then why can’t I fight back? That’s right, in your eyes I naturally deserve to die, you wish that I could be skinned alive and die right away right? As for this Emperor Yuanchen you want him to live forever right?”

A sword stabbed out, showing no mercy at all. That streak of light blocked and it was unable to pierce through. However those dozens of scrolls turned to flames and burnt into dust.

Zong Shou continued. Just as he was preparing the fourth sword to end Yinyu’s life, he heard a thunderous shout in his ears.

“Unruly Ruler! You dare to harm my Master? Yin Yang Heart Needle, prepare to die!”

Zong Shou was stunned and looked below. A large altar appeared in his eyes.

At the center of it was Zhongxuan. Around him were thousands of kids.

Curse technique? Zong Shou instinctively recalled what Kong Yao said- this technique is extremely evil!

So these kids?

The moment he wanted to stop him, the heads of those three thousand kids exploded.

A huge power charged into his heart.

That red necklace which was filled with cracks broke apart. A cold Yin energy entangled over towards him.

Xiaori roared out. It rose up from the carriage, its body swelling ten times. A white horn and purple gold armor appeared around its body as it charged beside Zong Shou. It was more and more furious, filled with grievances and hatred.

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