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Chapter 1072: Chapter 1070- Qilin Appearing

The golden flames burnt and shone on thousands of miles of land. At this moment Xiaori was like a small sun hanging in the air.

Zong Shou felt a really pure Yang Power inject over, covering his entire body. It caused that cold evil energy to reduce by a full forty percent!

That red jade necklace still broke , so that evil energy stabbed towards his heart like a needle.

The moment it entered his body Zong Shou heard the sound of phoenix and dragon roaring and chirping, like the Will of the Heavens were grumbling.

A pure energy pillar rose up from within his body.

Not only did it totally crush and scatter the cold evil power, it spread seven hundred and seventy feet into the clouds, causing the spiritual energy in the area to surge all about.

Around the pillar was a giant dragon wrapped around and a phoenix dancing on it.

“This is, Qilin?”

With the Yin Yang Heart Needle Curse being broken, Zhongxuan instantly felt the recoil. He spat out a mouthful of black blood, his eyes were filled with fear, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Saint King Energy, Dragon and Phoenix roaring. You are the Saint Ruler? How is that possible? How is that possible? You are the enemy of the Confucians, the Ruler of the barbaric country. Seven years and you haven’t managed anything, doing all things in a preposterous manner. You don’t follow rules and rites, not bothering about n.o.bility, I don’t believe…”

He muttered, his skin and flesh was turning grey at a visible rate.

In his heart he said that he didn’t believe it but deep down he knew that no evil could enter Zong Shou and he was protected by the Heavens.

If he wasn’t the Saint Ruler then it is not possible.

That Yuntai lost half of his body and now he recovered a little. Chuxue held the Blood Moon Blade, her combat strength was comparable to Saint Realm Venerables however she still wasn’t on his level. After adjusting his breathing he started to turn the tides of the battle.

Looking at the situation, Yuntai sighed.

“Accompanied by Qilin, Saint Energy filling the body, he really is the Saint Ruler…”

Before this he was informed by the spiritual sense of Qingxuan, the impact and shock was far from personally witnessing it!

He noticed that the number of times he sighed today was more than the added amount over the past few thousand years.

Liu Li’s face sunk and turned dark like water was about to drip out. He looked towards Zong Shou with a dark and vicious expression.

He found it extremely preposterous! This Ruler went totally against the teachings of the Confucian Faction, going against the Dao, he was actually recognised by Heaven and Earth as a Saint Ruler. Was this the Will of the Heavens denying and disagreeing with the Confucian Faction?

Doubts rose in his heart, was what he was doing now right or wrong?

Or maybe Zhu Zi was acting on his own accord and he was too reckless.

Even if this kid said that he wanted to wipe out the Confucians, there was no need to be so anxious to deem such a Ruler whose country strength was at its peak as the Enemy of the Confucians.

He also knew that no matter what happened, from today onwards their faction was going to welcome their toughest period!

At this moment Yinyu was stunned. He didn’t think too much and also didn’t recognise it as Saint King Energy or what Dragon Phoenix cries and roars.

Until a moment later did he realise that the weird beast with flames around it was the auspicious beast Qilin of legends.

“This kid is actually the Saint Ruler…”

Only now did he finally understand why those sixty thousand Purple QIlin Flame Spear Cavalry would lose control for no reason resulting in the entire army collapsing.

Why Liu Li and Yuntai would behave so weirdly, to confirm that the Yin Yang Heart Needle Curse of Zhongxuan would be totally useless.

He had heard that the three ancient emperors during the Cloud Desolate Era had the Saint King Body which no evil could taint.

After the moment of dze, his face flushed red.

Jealousy, unwillingness, envy, disbelief, all sorts of complicated expressions charged into his heart.

“The Heaven and Earth is unfair!”

He saved on clothes and food, working tirelessly day and night, ruling his country for a hundred years and he had never missed a court a.s.sembly. Zong Shou didn’t bother about governance, handing matters to his subjects to handle.

He followed all the rules and followed the Confucian Faction teachings, treating the n.o.bles well, not daring to take any wrong steps. He fought his entire life with aristocratic families, against powerful officials, against the six factions to maintain the luck of the country.

This Zong Shou didn’t do anything everyday, handing power over to others. He knew that many factions were growing in the cabinet but he didn’t stop them, instead he supported them and allowed it to happen.

It caused the country to have many strong sects and many martial artists. There were many huge merchants which gave rise to many problems.

How could he be compared to him? Why did this Zong Shou get recognised by the Heavens and have Saint Energy? While he could only struggle and after this battle, his country even showed signs of collapsing?

His face was grey like ash, black blood flowing down from the corner of his lips.

At this moment the entire battlefield suddenly turned silent. Now only did the Gan Army stop.

Even the Great Shang troops all stopped, they stopped struggling and looked at the sky.

“Is that a Qilin? Are my eyes correct?”

“Qilin! The legendary auspicious beast Qilin…”

“Born from eating energy, only in a really prosperous time, when there is a Saint King will it appear! Everywhere it is at, the weather will be great and there would be bountiful harvests.”

“My Ruler actually has a Saint Beast Qilin accompanying him?”

“Legend has it that only the three ancient emperors had Qilins? So the Confucians always said they wanted to replicate the ancient three era rule! They said that it was when the people of the Cloud World were the most prosperous…”

At the start it was just a few people muttering to one another and then it spread out to the entire army.

“So that Saint Zhu Zi said that Ruler is violent and ignorant! He went against the Dao and randomly did things, all those were nonsense?”

“That really is the case! They said that Ruler was the enemy of the Confucians and that Ruler was doing bad things!”

“How can Ruler be an ignorant Ruler? People of the world have been lied to by the Confucians!”

“So is it Zhu Zi that is wrong or is the Heavens in the wrong?”

“Ruler has caused all the cities under us in Donglin to have full stomachs and warm homes. Our income is 15-16 times more than before. Although things are expensive but we are much better than previously.”

“Donglin was always filled by chaos in the past, we couldn’t even eat to our fill. Now after His Majesty ruled Donglin, the wealth of the cities even make people from the Central Cloud Continent envy.”

“The Central Cloud Continent is in chaos, who knows how many rich merchants moved over to our Great Gan. It is obviously where everyone wants to live in…”

“After his Majesty took the throne he won all wars and expanded by hundreds of millions of miles, people are all peaceful under him.”

“That is the credit of Prime Minister Ren and Commander Kong right?”

“However to let such top officials serve Great Gan, isn’t it because he is wise and smart?”

“I heard that His Majesty has expanded to seventy six worlds in the outer region, building the Great Gan Celestial Dynasty. A truly strong legacy…”

“Those merchants of Great Gan are all building clouds.h.i.+ps to bring their businesses to the outer region! When that happens they will be even richer.”

The entire battlefield went from silence to an uproar. In just a moment the people in front of the Great Gan army noticed that many of the enemies had placed down their weapons and they knelt onto the ground.

“The Shang Army actually surrendered…”

“This battle is already over so what if they didn’t surrender?”

“They are fighting a pointless battle, to attack a Saint Ruler is being enemies with the Heaven and Earth. If they die they won’t be able to reincarnate!”

“Since he is a Saint Ruler then naturally he won’t treat these people badly!”

“Ruler has won today and would sweep the Cloud World and crush Great Shang! He would form huge foundations. If I were them I would definitely surrender to Ruler. To serve the Saint King and expand territory!”

More and more Great Shang soldiers stopped their resistance. Their weapons and armor were thrown onto the ground. It even reached and affected the two hundred thousand Dao Soldiers which belonged to those aristocratic families.

“Have you all heard what Ruler swore at Common People Path months ago?”

“There was actually such a matter? I am ignorant and hadn’t heard about it.”

“I heard him say- ‘Although I am not an elected Ruler but I know the theory of how water can capsize a boat but also allow it to travel. Which is why I give people power to rule together. Under me there is a difference between rich and poor, strong and weak but no difference in rights. Using law to rule the country such that the strong can’t bully the weak. Ruler and people are the same, if they sin they will be punished’!”

“..I can’t spread wealth and can’t balance power, however if I am the G.o.d Refined Sword Master I will continue my Master’s wishes, swearing to bring equality to the billions under my rule! I swear to everyone under the Heavens!”

“I will use this sword to become the Heaven Emperor! To become the Master of the Thirty Three Skies, the Emperor of all people! The Ruler of ten thousand Celestials! No matter which race under my rule, all people, all cultivators will be treated equally! I might not be able to complete a truly equal world but I can give them a fair and righteous world…”

“With my position as Great Gan Ruler as an oath, I will use this sword to protect the people of the Cloud World from the outside race and not repeat the mistakes of the Cloud Desolate Era…”

Everyone listened on quietly and memorised each and every word at the depths of their hearts.

“Master of the Thirty Three Skies, the Emperor of all people! The Ruler of ten thousand Celestials! Ruler really is ambitious!”

“Rule using law, such that the strong doesn’t bully the weak, Ruler treated the same as people, if he breaks the law he too will be punished? If he could do that then he really is a one in ten thousand year Saint Ruler.”

“Even today our Great Gan isn’t too far off that! Officials discussing, people electing officials. Which n.o.ble dare to disregard us?”

“To be able to be born in such an era and follow Ruler to expand, to sweep the Cloud World and even fight outer region people, it is our great fortune!”

“Since RUler made such an oath we will serve hi to death! We will brave fires and even if we die we won’t regret it!”

Excitement rose up in their chests such that they found it tough to control themselves.

“I remember that the Ruler said that the Confucians were the ones that were harming people. People abusing positions for family was hurting the country. Maybe one day he would burn books and wipe out Confucianism.”

“People abusing positions for family? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong about that.”

“Scoff! People abusing positions for family, naturally officials can protect one another. If that goes on there would be no laws and how do ants like us have any ability to survive?”

“Zhu Zi probably didn’t expect that Ruler was the Saint Ruler right?”

People continued to discuss below, the face of Liu Li became whiter and whiter.

Hearing what they discussed, he could tell who they leaned towards.

Zong Shou took in a deep breath and then slowly exhaled.

“You all really angered me this time!”

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