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Chapter 1217 - Baron Nashor, spray them to death!

His health point still had a dozen or so points.

They were going to run out soon!

The value of the Holy Source was also seriously insufficient.

In this situation, he couldn't even use a single cultivation technique!

He needed health point, needed to replenish his Holy Source value, and the best way was to level up!


"Experience Points + 1 million points!"


"Experience Points + 1 million points!"

… ….

The 1 million experience points of a Experience Elixir caused Long Fei to be a little surprised. He never thought that the reward would be so generous, ten Experience Elixir s were equal to 10 million experience points!

Advancing was not a problem!

When Long Fei was devouring the Experience Elixir, Lie Yan sneered and said: "Swallowing pellets? Wow, I'm so scared. "

"But …"

"What's the use?"

Lie Yan's eyes darkened, and shouted: "Long Fei, you lowly slave, what qualifications do you have to fight with me?"


As soon as he finished.

The voices of all the disciples in holy-moon sect shook, and the few elders beside him also shouted. Their killing intent filled the entire Yuan Yang clan.

Yang Yu's eyes were blurry with tears. She shook her head and said, "Long Fei, don't, don't."

What kind of pill could heal a person's body in an instant?

Furthermore, he had even been severely injured by the Emperor List, powerhouse.

Let's take a step back.

Even if Long Fei recovered, what use would it be?

Was he the opponent of these powerhouse s?

Was he even a match for these holy-moon sect disciples? Was he even a match for these Yuan Yang clan disciples?

Not at all!

Long Fei alone could not do anything.

Long Fei did not stop and continued to swallow the pills.

Wu Yingliang sneered coldly, and invited him to battle: "Lord Lie Yan, this dog slave is at Yuan Yang clan. He wants me to go out and clean up this dog, I will make him kneel down in front of you, kowtow and admit his wrongs!"

In the past, he was afraid of Long Fei, but now that Long Fei was injured to such an extent, was there a need to be afraid of him?

Just like Yang Wannu, he had even stepped on her feet.

Lie Yan smiled and said: "Go!"

Wu Yingliang laughed excitedly, and said: "Brat, last time you heavily injured me, this time I want you to kneel on the ground and become a dead dog!"


Releasing his high-level Profound Rank power, Wu Yingliang took a step forward towards Xiang Longfei, his claws locking down his throat as he shouted, "Kneel down!"

Long Fei placed the last pill into his mouth and crushed it.



"Player + 1 million experience points!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current Level: Purple Level: Second Pin!"


In that instant.

Long Fei's health point was fully recovered and his Holy Source's worth was fully recovered. The most critical point was that all the wounds on his body were instantly healed, as if he had been resurrected on the spot.

He glared at the other party, his gaze filled with a strong sense of brutality.


The power of a Purple Ranked Level 2 cultivator burst out, completely suppressing Wu Yingliang who had charged up, and said coldly: "A mere Profound Ranked tras.h.!.+"

"You're courting death!"

The moment Wu Yingliang rushed forward, he flipped his right hand, and accurately slapped his face.


A loud explosion resounded.

Wu Yingliang laid flat on the ground from the slap, and with a flick of his body, half of his cheeks were ripped apart.

The instant his body bounced up.

Long Fei's leg that was like a whip suddenly swept down, "Bang!"

After being pressed on the ground by Long Fei, all of his internal organs ruptured, and black blood unceasingly surged out of Wu Yingliang's mouth, not waiting for him to let out a blood-curdling screech.

Long Fei's right foot shook!

Heavily stomping on Wu Yingliang's head, "Kacha!"


Blood flowed all over the ground.

His entire person had no signs of life, so Long Fei's gaze swept across the entire hall, looking extremely gloomy and cold!

One slap, one kick, and one stomp. Profound Grade Nine Wu Yingliang, dead!

His speed was extremely fast.

Everyone's expression changed drastically as they were completely suppressed by Long Fei in the last three moves.

Long Fei said: "You want to beat the c.r.a.p out of me? Come and fight now! "

His voice was ice-cold and extremely arrogant!

Lie Yan's gaze tensed up, he did not know why Long Fei's power suddenly increased so much, why did he do this?

At this moment.

An old man whispered into Lie Yan's ear.

Lie Yan's eyes turned vicious, "Purple Rank Level Two!"

Lie Yan sneered: "Dog slave, even if you did break through, what can you do? Today, I'm definitely going to kill you, a drowning dog! "

"Someone, come!"


At the same time.

A few elders of the Yuan Yang clan shouted, "Let's attack together and kill him!"

Long Fei not dying was a disaster for the Yuan Yang clan.

With his personality, he would definitely come back for revenge. Furthermore, he should try his best to curry favor with Lie Yan at this time.

A few elders rushed forward.

Several holy-moon sect disciples behind Lie Yan also rushed forward.

Long Fei moved his right hand and shouted, "Xiu Luo machete!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A Mountain Spliting Knief with a skull blade hilt fell into Long Fei's hands, transforming into a blade technique that was used to fight against four blades.


Mountain Spliting Knief, cleave the mountain open with one saber strike.

When the knife cut down, Long Fei did not even look twice, because there was already a corpse behind him.

One rushed forward, one died!

The four slashes of the Blood Battlefield combined with the violent and bloodthirsty killing intent coming from Long Fei's body made him look like a berserk demon.

Arrogant beyond compare.

"Come again!"

"Come with me again."

Long Fei raged as he frantically waved the Mountain Spliting Knief in his hand.


There was only one Long Fei and there were hundreds of people here. In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by a large group of people who were frantically killing people.

"Let's see how long you can hold on for."

"Hahaha …"

He was not the least bit worried, walked to Yang Yu's side, and disdainfully said: "Did you see that, trash is trash, trying to kill thousands of people just by yourself. If this isn't a brain-damaged, then what is?"

"Little Junior Sister is about to die."


"golden cudgel!"

The Mountain Spliting Knief was no longer able to unleash its power. Long Fei moved and summoned his golden cudgel.

They continued to slaughter as fast as they could.

Long Fei didn't think about anything else at the moment. He only thought of one thing.

The golden cudgel in his hands continued to torture and kill.

However …

More and more people rushed forward.

Half a minute later, Long Fei was surrounded once again.

At this moment.

The disciples of the holy-moon sect s and Yuan Yang clan s had all gathered at the martial-arts arena s. There were a few thousand disciples gathered as Long Fei smiled sinisterly.

Lie Yan disdainfully said, "Can you still laugh now?"


"Long Fei, you're going to die soon."

Long Fei's consumption of Holy Source was just too fast. If a person did not have the support of the Holy Source, then that warrior would be crippled.


Long Fei suddenly retracted his golden cudgel and stood in place without moving.

Everyone was looking at him, but they suddenly stopped as if they were not used to it.

Long Fei grinned and laughed coldly: "All of you must die!"

"Abnormal level!"

"Baron Nashor, spray them to death!"

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