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Chapter 1606 - Fury


When Zhan Wushuang broke through to the G.o.d's tower, the entire plane was boiling.

The number one genius of Chaos Realm lived up to his name at this moment.

Everyone was excited.

This was because, in the past few thousand years, there had finally been someone who managed to break through the G.o.d's tower and enter the ancient holy battlefield.

Upgrading the plane.

This way, the spirit energy of heaven and earth would be even denser in Chaos Realm.

The most excited one was Nine Secret Warrior Family.

At Zhan family.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …" Zhan Tiantu laughed proudly, "Wushuang, good job! You have finally broken through the shackles of the G.o.d's tower and we feel honored."

"Father is proud of you."

"Patriarch, Young Master Wushuang is the number one person in Chaos Realm. Our Zhan family will rise again soon enough."

"He's only 30 years old. I would like to ask, in the entire Chaos Realm, who would be able to do it?"

"An existence that no one can match!"

"Young Master Wushuang is too powerful."

… ….

Every Battle Clan member's blood had been ignited. Zhan Wushuang breaking through the G.o.d's tower was of great significance to them. It meant that they had stepped onto a big step.

Zhan Tiantu laughed: "Pa.s.s down the order, open the pill warehouse, weapon warehouse, library, you can choose any three from the Battle Family's disciples."

As soon as he finished.

The entire Zhan Clan disciple cheered.

The whole house was in a sea of joy.

Zhan Tiantu quickly stepped into the Nine Secret Borders. He wanted to inform the Master s that Zhan Wushuang had broken through the G.o.d's tower, so that they could rejoice together.

Half an hour later.

Nine Secret Borders.

The eight elders were still sitting cross-legged around the dragon tomb, cultivating, their bodies slowly absorbing the energy aura emitted by the dragon tomb.

Very thick.

The dragon tomb continued to provide an unending stream of resources, just like the sea of energy. It was an inexhaustible supply.

Zhan Tiantu had always dreamed of one day being able to cultivate the same kind of power as the Master, so he was slightly dazed as he looked at the gigantic dragon tomb.

After pausing for a few seconds, Zhan Tiantu kneeled down and said: "Disciple Zhan Tiantu greets Master."

One of the white-haired old man opened his eyes slightly. He did not look at Zhan Tiantu but thought of another place instead.

At this moment.

Not far away, a tablet had fallen to the ground.


The white-haired old man's eyes narrowed and he quickly stood up. With one step, he shouted, "Junior brother!"

What did it mean to lose the tablet?


There was a trace of the aura of a war letter inside the tablet. If the Real Face of the war letter died, the tablet would fall as well.

There were also eight tablets on this shelf.

At this time, all the Master s opened their eyes and watched as the battle letter's tablet fell.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

The entire Nine Secret Borders was trembling and the warG.o.ds were all wailing in grief as they were extremely afraid of the power being emitted from their bodies.

"Who is it?"

The leading Master instantly appeared in front of Zhan Tiantu and used a wave of energy to lift him up.

At this moment.

Zhan Tiantu thought that he was going to die, and it felt extremely uncomfortable.

He kept shaking his head. "I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know …"

He didn't know.

He really didn't know.

Could anyone even defend against the ancestors of Zhans?

The entire Xuanyuan nationality was also not Zhan Xin's match, so Zhan Tiantu did not even think about it, and immediately after the battle letter departed, he believed that Long Fei was dead for sure!

But now …

His heart sank again.

"As the patriarch of the Zhan Clan, what use do you have if you don't even know this little bit of information?" The Master was furious beyond compare. A powerful force roared out from his body, surging crazily.

From all directions, it was like a secret cave as it rushed towards Zhan Tiantu.

A dark energy wrapped around him like a black hole.

Zhan Tiantu couldn't say a word, he didn't even have the strength to struggle. In front of the Master, he was too weak.

They were both at the Deity level, but the difference in their cultivations was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Wu wu wu …

Zhan Tiantu was like he was being pushed into water, he moaned in pain, his eyes were bulging and filled with blood veins.

At this time.

Another old man walked over and said lightly: "Boss, he is Wushuang's father, I think …"

The old man's eyes turned sinister as he coldly snorted, "Humph!"

Zhan Tiantu instantly fell to the ground and panted heavily. Half a second later, he immediately knelt down and kowtowed: "Disciple is useless, disciple is useless. Please forgive me, Master. Disciple is useless …"

He no longer wanted to endure that feeling anymore.



"You are just a piece of trash. If it wasn't because of Wushuang, would you be qualified to be the Clan Master? What qualifications do you have to manage Zhan Clan? If you can't even deal with Long Fei whose is broken, how can you be useless? "Hmph, he's just a useless piece of trash." The old man snapped at him mercilessly.

Who was the war letter?

He was their junior brother, and even more so, his own younger brother.

Now he was dead.

Furthermore, he did not even know who had killed him. How could he not be angry?

Zhan Tiantu kowtowed continuously, and said: "Master is right, Master is right, I am trash, I am trash …"

He was extremely afraid.

He didn't dare to retort at all.

However …

However, Zhan Tiantu hated Long Fei the most in his heart, because it was Long Fei who made him suffer such an insult and almost died here.

An old man said coldly, "Since you don't know about Zhan Xin's death, what are you doing here?"

Zhan Tiantu immediately said: "I want all the Master to report that Wushuang broke through the G.o.d's tower."

As soon as he finished.

The eight of them trembled simultaneously.

An old man said, "What did you say just now? "Say it again."

Zhan Tiantu became excited again, and said: "Wushuang broke through the G.o.d's tower, didn't the entrance of the ancient holy battlefield open just now? It's really just like what all the Master said, a red divine power descended from the sky, but I don't know if Wushuang has entered the battlefield yet."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Without waiting for Zhan Tiantu to finish speaking, the eight elders all started to laugh.

"As expected of the person chosen by the Master."

"Not bad, not bad!"

"Chaos Realm's number one genius, hahaha …"

The eight of them were incomparably excited.

because Zhan Wushuang did not disappoint them, and had even surprised them. This was because he was faster than their expectations, and it could be seen that Zhan Wushuang's potential was incomparably huge.

"The divine red light, it should be …" An old man looked at the old man in the lead.

The leader of the Master smiled lightly and said: "That's right, that is the power of our Zhan Clan's ancestor. It is the power to transform and evolve the G.o.d's s.h.i.+eld that can fuse with Wushuang's life force."

"The true power of main artifact …"

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