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Chapter 2980 - The King Kong is about to arrive

fairy city was shocked for an entire half a month when the Wu Family was not exterminated.

The entire street and alleyway were talking about it.

At the same time.

They were also having a change in their opinion of the East Imperial City.

A wasteland?

Now, he could even wipe out a high cla.s.s family like the Wu family, and it was even just the G.o.d's elephant state, how powerful was this person?

However …

The Wu Clan had been exterminated, but a few of its disciples were still alive.

Wu Ba's other two sons.

It was also Wu Tianlang, Wu Tianhu, who was partic.i.p.ating in the fatry sect's a.s.sessment this year!

At this moment.

They knelt in front of the Demon Palace.

"As long as it allows me to take revenge, I am willing to bear any pain."

"As long as I can kill him, I am willing to cast my soul into the Infernal domain. I will never regret having reincarnated!"

The two brothers kowtowed heavily.

Seated on the high seat, a purple robed man looked at the two of them, his right hand raised slightly, "The Wu Clan was originally my Magic Tribe's, now that the Wu Clan has been annihilated, I will not just stand by and watch."

"People must be killed."

"Not only do we have to kill him, we have to imprison his soul in the abyss of the Infernal domain forever, making him suffer for eternity." The man said gloomily.

Not only because Long Fei annihilated the Wu family, but also because Long Fei killed his three disciples.


The Zhenshoulong sword had already left the land of the Seal, but... However, the Archaic Devil King that was guarding inside did not come out. This was the thing that annoyed him the most.

He absolutely could not tolerate a mere trash from a East Imperial City.

Wu Tianlang said heavily, "Thank you, Sect Master."

The purple-robed man said slightly, "The two of you go back first and hide in the fatry sect. After arriving at the examination hall seven days later, I will send people to partic.i.p.ate in this time's fatry sect selection. I will make it so that this year's fatry sect won't be able to pick a single disciple."

His voice was like a bell.

He continued to walk in circles within the palace.

… ….

In another place.

G.o.d's devil city.

G.o.d's devil city had a terrible stench in the air, and corpses piled up like mountains.

After the Zhenshoulong sword had washed this place clean, there was no one left alive.

Half a month later.

A jet black flame suddenly fell from the sky.


The black flames were like sponges crazily absorbing the energy. The stinky body parts were sucked into the flames, and the hundreds of corpses disappeared.


The jet black flames slowly gathered and turned into a man covered in maggots. His head was cracked open, and he looked like a zombie.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

His bones slightly moved.

It was as if his body hadn't moved for tens of thousands of years. When he felt the movement of his bones, his tattered lips curled up slightly, revealing an incomparably terrifying smile. His mouth was dry as he said with some difficulty, "I, have finally come out. Hahaha …"

… ….

In another place.

The Northern Desert.

A bald, two-meter-tall man who was half naked and had muscles as though they were cast out of copper water looked somewhat silly.

Walking in the desert of the forbidden area for humans.

One step at a time.


A giant demon beast that was hidden under the sand suddenly rushed out, its mouth full of sawteeth, as if it wanted to swallow this big guy up.

The gigantic demon beast looked at the big guy with glowing eyes, thinking that this meat was another delicious meal.

This scene was too terrifying.

It was as if a piece of sky was pressing down to swallow a person up. However, the big bloke did not move at all, as if there was no reaction at all.

He continued to walk forward.

He completely ignored the gigantic demon beast.

Just as the gigantic demon beast fell to the ground, the big bloke raised his eyes slightly and said naively, "So annoying!"

His right hand moved.

A blinding golden light flashed and a huge amount of energy was sucked out of the gigantic demon beast, which was then followed by a sudden shoulder throw.



The gigantic demon beast smashed onto the ground, sand flew everywhere, all the bones in its body shattered, and its two eyes popped out. It didn't even know how it died.

The big guy glanced at the gigantic demon beast and mumbled, "If only Boss was here, he would definitely like this kind of demon beast."


The big bloke's eyes returned to his silly and silly look as he continued to walk forward. Behind him, the road was filled with giant demon beast s, this kind of demon beast would not even dare to approach Emperor Strongman, and he … … He killed them all the way.

"Once you pa.s.s through the Northern Desert, you will reach the western regions."

"Boss, are you in western regions?"

The big bloke's eyes seemed to ripple as he looked into the distance, as if he was thinking about something.

… ….

fairy city.


"Refinery failure!"


"Refinery failure!"

'Ding! '

"Refinery failure!"

… ….

Long Fei was constantly refining.

For the past half month, other than urging tan dapao and the others to cultivate, and himself cultivating normally for an hour every day, he spent the rest of his time on refining equipment.

Because he had said that he would return to the Xian Wu pavilion.


"Refinery failure!"


"System Notification: Refining Technics has been upgraded!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up to immortal stage, you have obtained a reward, a Level 1 Immortal Weapon!"

Long Fei looked at its attributes and immediately took it back, "System, do you think I'm a beggar?"

And then …

Long Fei stood up, "It's time."

"Grand Court died, but I did what I promised him, so … That sword of warG.o.d is still mine. "


Long Fei felt the killing sword. This guy thought about killing sword everyday.

And then again.

The battle uniforms of tan dapao, su su and Lan Mei had all been destroyed.

The day for the fatry sect selection was just a few days away, so he had to prepare for them.

tan dapao immediately walked over and said excitedly: "Boss, bring me along."

tan dapao withdrew the huge cannon on his right arm, and it was as if his entire arm had life, and could transform into all kinds of firearms in an extremely short amount of time.

In the past half month, tan dapao's progress was extremely fast. Adding the pills left behind by qin shuang and the other fatry sect disciples, his cultivation had already reached level 1 of Celestial Phenomenon.

He was comparable to a monster.

Of course.

tan dapao usually forced himself to his death. He knew that he did not have the talent for blood vein, so if he wanted to quickly breakthrough, he could only work hard, ten times or even a hundred times harder than others.

Only then would he be able to keep up with Long Fei's footsteps.

Only then would they feel that they had the qualifications to follow Long Fei.

su su and Lan Mei also walked over and said, "We also want to go!"

The two of them had been cultivating for more than half a month without a single moment of rest.

Their training was much easier than tan dapao's.

This was also because of their gifted vein s, especially Lan Mei, her cultivation speed was extremely fast, she had already reached Level 5 Sage.

He left everyone far behind.

su su was a little slower, but she was still able to step into the G.o.d's elephant state. Her main cultivation center was the cure, she wanted to become Long Fei's super wet nurse.

Thus … During this time, her chest had also become a lot larger.

Long Fei smiled slightly, and said: "Alright, you guys have been holding it in for half a month now. Today, I'll take you all out for a good stroll, and also take back what belongs to me!"

"Let's go!"

"Go to Xian Wu pavilion!"

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