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It's fine if I don't know how to thank you for saving me.

Who wouldn't be angry?

So what if she was a woman?

Women have special privileges?

Long Fei was very unhappy.

The of the Mu family were stunned, but... In their eyes, there was an incomparable amount of wors.h.i.+p for Long Fei, because Long Fei dared to hit a woman that they did not even dare to look at.

Holy Maiden of the drug race.

Man Tuoluo!

These incomparably enchanting flowers were also incomparably evil flowers. They made people drool, yet they didn't dare to approach them.

The coachman was also stunned, her large eyes stared straight at Long Fei without blinking, and muttered: "He was poisoned and he still dared to hit Miss? He, he, he doesn't want to live? "

Man Tuoluo stared at Long Fei, her eyes filled with a cold killing intent. Since she was young, no one had dared to hit her, and none of the people who hit her had a good ending.

Because of this.

She was also known as the bane of drug race.

Man Tuoluo said coldly: "Since you want to die, then I'll send you to h.e.l.l."

"I'll give you one more chance. Kill them or I'll kill you."

Long Fei was calm and composed, and said: "I am a reasonable person, if you earnestly begged me, I might help you get rid of them, but you look like a dead father and mother, what do you think I am? Be your family's slave? "

"You want to kill me?"

"Come, come, come. Let's kill them and have a look!"

Man Tuoluo glared and threw caution to the wind, "Die!"

As soon as he finished.

The tiny power of celestial exploded, activating the 'poison' in Long Fei's chest.


Long Fei acted like he was in pain, and said: "Aiya, it's so painful, I'm going to die, aiya, it feels so bad … … My liver, it hurts. "

It was also at this time.

Suddenly, one of the shouted, "Do it now!"

Long Fei was poisoned and was about to die.

The coachman girl being crippled was already unable to obstruct them.

Right now, there was only a Man Tuoluo in the Immortal Realm, and he was also an injured Man Tuoluo.

Wealth comes from danger.

Evil arose from the edge of courage!

One of Mu Feng's elders died, and there just happened to be a vacancy in his position. Whoever could bring Man Tuoluo back to the Mu Family would be able to replace him.


They all knew in their hearts that this was an excellent opportunity, and that they would take the risk to try even when facing Man Tuoluo who was as evil as a lone star.


"Be careful!"

Xiao Ying shouted loudly.

At this time, she was too far away from Man Tuoluo to save her.

Man Tuoluo's face darkened as well. He hated Long Fei to the extreme, and said: "Look, I told you to kill them, but you didn't kill them. Now it's their turn to kill you."

"There is nothing good in the Mu Clan."

Man Tuoluo was furious after being slapped twice by Long Fei, but she was even angrier that Long Fei did not attack the


"Man Tuoluo, you are not a good person either. The drug race despised you and you were even abandoned by the Mu Family. What do you think you are?"

"Stop bulls.h.i.+tting with him. Let's cripple her first."

"It's such a pity to cripple such a beautiful woman."

"If you can let me feel refreshed … "Hahaha..."

"Wooden barrel, do you want to die? How dare you touch such a woman?"

"How dare you touch it? However... I don't dare to touch her when I'm alive, but if she's dead, she can't possibly use any evil arts, right? "

"You want to?"

"Can't I?"

"Count me in. I want to feel good too, hahaha …"

… ….

It quickly surrounded Man Tuoluo.

Man Tuoluo did not appear to be panicking, but instead went out and calmed himself down. He said with a cold gaze: "Aren't you, the trash of the Mu Family, afraid of my Spirit Powder?"

"Hahaha …"

"So what if you have a Spirit Powder? Can you poison us all in an instant? "

"Can't be?"

"Brothers, don't be afraid, she is already at the end of her tether."

At this moment.

"Ahh …" Long Fei shouted loudly, "I'm dead!"

With that, he fell to the ground.

A member of the Mu family laughed in disdain, "You were quite arrogant just now, but now it seems like you are just a brainless trash. You are still trying to take the poison head on. Isn't that just courting death?"

"Don't worry about this piece of trash."

"Let's attack together!"


No one paid attention to Long Fei, because even now, people who had been poisoned by Man Tuoluo were still unable to stand up, so they quickly circled around Long Fei and rushed at him.

Man Tuoluo's forehead dripped with cold sweat. Although he looked calm on the surface, he was actually very afraid in his heart.

Her Alchemy had already reached a high level in poison refinement.

However …

Her cultivation was only in the Immortal Realm.

She was not a match for more than ten, her heart turned cold, and she muttered to herself: "Am I, Man Tuoluo, going to die here?"

"Am I going to die in a place like this?"

"I can't accept this!"

"I can't accept this, I haven't made the drug race tremble, I haven't made those stubborn old fellows kneel down and apologize, I can't accept this!"

He was screaming in his heart.

She had too many things she wanted to do. She wanted to borrow the Mu family's power to rise again. She didn't even hesitate to agree to the Mu family's young master's engagement.

However …

When she refined a pill that could seal the Mu Clan's disciples, the Mu Clan instantly changed.

And her that night.

After leading a female servant who was beside a mother to flee for three days and three nights, just now, after killing Mu Feng, she thought that she could escape to the sky, but...

She hadn't thought it would be like what she had planned.

Long Fei was completely out of control.

With that, she had nothing to rely on anymore. There were no poison pills, no antidote pills, Xiao Ying was seriously injured, Long Fei had died, she herself had been poisoned, everything was gone.

Her heart was filled with despair.

Completely despaired.

"Ahh …" Man Tuoluo raised his head and loudly shouted, "Heavens, why did you treat me like this, why …"

"Daddy, save me!"

"I don't want to die yet." Man Tuoluo's eyes became moist and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She slowly closed her eyes and gave up.

The moment he closed his eyes.

Long Fei quietly stood up, carrying the dragon salyer on his shoulder, and stood behind a Mu Family killer.

Xiao Ying looked at Long Fei with his mouth agape, excited to the point that tears were about to flow out.

Long Fei silenced her.

And then …

Long Fei moved and slashed his blade.

"A sinister disciple!"



As the knife landed, his head flew and blood spurted out. The entire scene was a b.l.o.o.d.y mess.


The Mu Clan Killer reacted, but at this time, Long Fei had already used his blade consecutively, causing the four killers to fall to the ground, and the system beep s to sound out continuously.



Experience Points, it would be good if it could pa.s.s.


If the Mu Family members had left just now, nothing would have happened. However, they were actually in front of Long Fei, so he naturally would not let them off. [].

Less than half a minute.

Long Fei's continuous slashes had caught them off guard. If it was in a direct confrontation, they would definitely not be his match, but if it was a sneak attack, in addition to the deterrent power formed from Long Fei killing them, all of them would be crushed to the point that they did not dare to resist.

Man Tuoluo opened his eyes and looked at Long Fei, shocked: "You didn't die?"

Long Fei said: "Are you disappointed that I didn't die?"

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