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Chapter 372 - A Hundred Thousand Taels Of Gold

Chapter 372 – A Hundred Thousand Taels of Gold

The empress dowager laughed and shook her head. “Your imperial brother only let you do what you wanted for a couple of days because he knew that you had a compet.i.tion. Now that the match is over, it is time for you to go back to your studies.”

Mo Rongyi seemed scared. “I despise going to the study the most.”

“Seeing that you dislike the study, you can go to the imperial study from now on. I will personally watch over your studies.” Mo Rongzhan walked in from the outside, his countenance stern, tone cold, and removed.

Mo Rongyi shrank back his neck. “Imperial Brother, I’ll keep going to the study.”

“Emperor, those branching members didn’t make a fuss with you, did they?” The empress dowager looked with concern towards Mo Rongzhan.

“How would they still dare to make a fuss?” Mo Rongzhan coldly hummed. “They wanted to utilize Sixth Brother, but he has already left the capital to travel. As of today, there only remain Fifth and Eighth who still remain naive, and allow themselves to be used.

Those old members of the branches of the imperial family were old but not benevolent. None of them had the slightest concern for the people. They only cared about tradition. There was never tradition or the right to rule in the imperial family. Whichever prince sat on the throne would be the one with the “right to rule”.

“Prince Shun also injured A’Yi today.” As soon as the empress dowager thought of this, anger rose in her heart.

Mo Rongzhan looked at his brother then at Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen lowered her head to talk to the empress dowager, “Imperial Mother, A’Yi’s shoulder was only temporarily taken care of. I’ll go and reapply some medicine for him.”

The empress dowager lightly lowered her head in acknowledgment. “Then you can go first. You have been scared and tired today. Go back and rest well.”

Mo Rongzhan, who was sitting next to his mother, chilled his glance. He was well aware of the fact that Ye Zhen was making an excuse to leave because of him.

Mo Rongyi was ecstatic, but out of fear of his imperial brother, he left with Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen took the medicine she had made herself and applied it on him, ordering him to not play polo for the next couple of days, and return to the Prince’s Quarters to rest.

She also wanted to rest. The polo match was really tiring today. She went to take her leave from the empress dowager to exit the palace, but the latter wanted to keep her in the palace for a couple more days.

“Imperial Mother, I will be an imperial physician after a couple more days. Then, won’t I be able to keep you company constantly?” Ye Zhen smiled and said, persistent on her will to leave the palace.

The empress dowager couldn’t do anything else, ordering Lady Cheng to take her out of the palace.

As soon as Ye Zhen returned to the Lu Family, she was immediately met by Lu Lingzhi’s servants, who called her over. When he saw her, he immediately took her hand, scanning her from head to toe. “I heard that you were almost injured on the polo field. How are you, are you all right?”

Facing Lu Lingzhi’s concern, Ye Zhen only felt disgust and a desire to resist. She pushed away his hand, smiling as she said, “As you can see, I’m fine. I’m not hurt in the slightest.”

Lu Lingzhi coldly said, “As soon as I recover, I won’t let them off easily.”

“How did you find out about what happened in the polo field?” Ye Zhen questioned him.

“Naturally, there were people who came to tell me. Everyone in the capital knows about the bet Prince Shun and Little Prince had. He could only win in this situation. But seeing that he has lost today, his entire worth has been lost,” Lu Lingzhi said flatly.

It seemed that, though Lu Lingzhi was staying in the house recuperating from his injuries, he was still entirely aware of everything that happened outside of the house. “Bet? How was I unaware of this?”

Lu Lingzhi laughed. “You were at school these past couple of days. How would you know of such things? Moreover, this was done in secret. Prince Shun and Little Prince’s compet.i.tion was opened by the Changping Casino. Whoever bet on the eighth prince, should he win, he would earn twice his wager. Whoever bet on the eleventh prince, if he won, he would earn ten times his wager. In the beginning, most people were placing their bets on Prince Shun. If it weren’t for the fact that a couple of hours prior, someone had placed a million tael bet on Little Prince’s victory, the eighth prince probably wouldn’t have been so persistent.”

Ye Zhen looked at Lu Xiangzhi in shock.“One million taels? Who placed the bet? Changping Casino is the largest gambling house in the entirety of the capital. Could it have something to do with Prince Shun?”

“The gambling house belongs to Prince Shun.” Lu Xiangzhi simply explained.

“A million taels is worth him injuring the Little Prince?” Ye Zhen lightly snorted. She didn’t believe that such a large gambling house wouldn’t even have a million taels.

Lu Xiangzhi seriously stated, “One hundred thousand taels of gold.”

“…..” Ye Zhen was taken aback. Even for the Ye Family, who had had an uncountable amount of riches, she had never heard of anyone with the confidence to place such a wager.

A hundred thousand taels of gold… It would probably be improbable for the Changping Casino to present a hundred thousand taels of gold, even if they gave up everything they had.

“Who placed the wager?” Ye Zhen asked.

Lu Xiangzhi looked at her meaningfully. “How many people on this earth can place a wager like this?”

Mo Rongzhan?! His figure flashed across Ye Zhen’s eyes.

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