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Chapter 373 - I Am Her Sister (1)

Chapter 373 – I Am Her Sister (1)

The greatest victor of today wasn’t her or Mo Rongyi, but Mo Rongzhan!

Prince Shun had the best relations.h.i.+p with the deposed emperor. He was a thorn on the side too, except he never meddled with the matters of the court. When Mo Rongzhan had ascended to the throne, he hadn’t laid hands on his brothers, wanting to leave them to alleviate relations with the branching parties of the imperial family. In the half-year since, apart from the Sixth Prince, both Fifth Prince and Eighth Prince had grown increasingly closer to the old members of the branching family and had silently created countless problems for Mo Rongzhan who had long wanted to deal with them.

It was just a compet.i.tion, but unlikely that Prince Shun would be able to avoid bankruptcy.

As Ye Zhen lay on the bed, she uneasily thought that Mo Rongzhan was a thousand-year-old fox, sly and shameless!

As she entered her dreams, the thousand-year-old fox Mo Rongzhan appeared silently in her room.

He sat by her bed, his eyes looking deeply at her. He had never had such a difficult day. He couldn’t bear but to want to see her, want to embrace her. Thinking of the fact that she had almost been bucked off by the crazed horse today, the feelings in his heart were still unable to dissipate.

“in such a hurry to leave the palace, do you not want to see me?” Mo Rongzhan lightly caressed her face, his voice hoa.r.s.ely asking.

Ye Zhen’s eyes moved, seeming to notice in her dreams that someone was disturbing her.

Mo Rongzhan hadn’t sealed her acupuncture points this time. Instead, he stared at her sincerely. He had never been so afraid of losing someone. It was only today that he had felt such a sensation.

“Yaoyao…” He lowered his head to kiss her pink lips. “I don’t want to hold back anymore.”

Ye Zhen was dreaming. In her dreams, she had become a little white rabbit. While she was eating gra.s.s by the river, a huge wolf walked over. Before she could run, his two large claws had already pressed down her little body, stretching out his tongue to lick her. Just as the fox was about to eat her whole, Ye Zhen was scared awake.

As she just opened her eyes, she saw a shadow fall upon her. Her lips were sealed, and a scent with a hint of Dragonbirth Incense covered her senses, and she immediately knew who was on her.

Ye Zhen wanted to open her mouth and cry for help, but her lips were sealed by him, and unable to be moved. She struggled, her hands heavily pounding against his shoulder.

Her punches were like scratches to him. His tongue opened her clenched teeth, greedily sucking at her sweetness. His hands held her tightly in his embrace like it was the only way his fear could be soothed.

Only when she ran out of energy to hit him, her hands resting on his chest did the emperor stop his domineering stance, and began kissing her gently.

“Yaoyao, I don’t want to hold myself back anymore. I want you. I will never wrong you, all right?” Mo Rongzhan’s thin lips sealed against the corners of her lips, his voice hoa.r.s.ely uttering the words.

Ye Zhen held back her tears. She didn’t shout nor aggressively resist. She just coldly looked at him. “You are only doing this to me because I am afraid of waking others, correct?”

As soon as she woke someone else up, and he was found in her room, even if nothing happened, she would lose her reputation. At that time, the only choices she would have would be to marry him or die. What other path could she take?

“Yaoyao, why don’t you want to be with me?” Mo Rongzhan asked her quietly. “Am I not good to you? If you don’t want me to be next to other women, then I won’t go see them again.”

Ye Zhen coldly laughed. “When I’m dead, we can be together.”

Mo Rongzhan was startled by her resolute tone, anger rising in his heart. “Why?”

“From the moment you killed Ye Zhen, from the moment you ordered the execution of the entire Ye Family, the two of us had already become enemies!” Ye Zhen composed her voice, proclaiming the grudge and hatred in her heart.

“Your surname is Lu. What do you have to do with the Ye Family?” Mo Rongzhan was even more shocked. Why would there be a Ye Family between himself and Yaoyao?

Ye Zhen laughed, tears streaming down from her eyes. “Why do you think Ye Zhen and I look so similar? Why do you think I hate you so much? How could there ever be a reasonless hatred, how could there ever be so many coincidences…?”

“Who are you?” Mo Rongzhan was startled. Impossible! He had sent people out to investigate before. Lu Yaoyao was clearly raised on the frontier from the time of her birth and didn’t have the slightest connection with the Ye Family. What relations.h.i.+p did she then have with Ye Zhen?

“Aren’t you almighty and powerful? Then you investigate and find out for yourself. Didn’t you harbor a blood feud against the Ye Family? Then you might as well take the chance and kill me as well. Oh, why don’t you give me the same treatment as Ye Zhen… hand me a cup of poisoned wine?” Ye Zhen smiled, asking.

When had he ever given Ye Zhen poisoned wine? Mo Rongzhan wondered. But today, that was not the question he was concerned about. He only wanted to know what her relations.h.i.+p with the Ye Family was.

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