The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1004 - Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (2)

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Chapter 1004: Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qi Feng was silently looking at Mu Lingtian’s picture on the tombstone when he heard the sound of footsteps. A hard light quickly flashed in his eyes as his hands that rested on his knees suddenly clenched into fists. He was not sure how, but he managed to calm himself down.

Qi Feng did not immediately say anything. Only when he heard the sound of a lighter and smelt the faint smell of smoke before a lit cigarette was put on Mu Lingtian’s tombstone did he turn to look at Mu Yuchen indifferently.

They had not seen each other for more than six years. To Qi Feng, Mu Yuchen did not look like he had changed much. He was just much more reserved and unfathomable than he was six years ago.

“Long time no see.” Qi Feng’s cold voice was not colored with any temperature at all. His devilishly handsome face was as calm as water too as he studied Mu Yuchen. If it were not for the hostility in that voice of his, they seemed like friends who had known each other for many years.

Of course, in reality, they had indeed known each other for many years. However, they had also acc.u.mulated grudges.

“It has indeed been quite a while,” Mu Yuchen answered evenly. Underneath the black umbrella, his handsome face seemed even colder as his eyes stopped quietly on Qi Feng.

“I know that all these years you’ve been tracking me and LIngsha down. Why were you so certain that we hadn’t died while the only person who did was Lingtian?”

Qi Feng appeared very relaxed, but when his eyes met Mu Yuchen’s, Mu Yuchen could easily catch a wave of hostility from the depth his eyes. There was also a tension in the air that made one feel quite stifled.

“That was easy to guess since that was the most suspicious point when the Gu family and the Qi family were able to remain calm. In fact, I only trusted my own eyes and ears. When the police could only find Lingtian’s scattered corpse at the scene of the accident, and there were no traces of you two at all, even if you had planned for some confusion, I only trusted my own judgment,” Mu Yuchen’s lukewarm voice replied.

“You’re very smart, Mu Yuchen! I knew you were a strong contender, but it’s also thanks to you that my legs are crippled, and this face is no longer how it used to look. My voice is different too. You killed the Qi Feng you used to know from before,” Qi Feng’s raspy and dry voice expressed, sounding quite odd since he could not raise his voice much. Otherwise, it would cause unbearable pain. Right now, he no longer wanted to suffer from inhumane torture.

“You brought this upon yourselves. I admit that I didn’t use the most honorable ways, but no one knows the whole story of what happened better than the two of you.” Mu Yuchen’s voice was still very calm.

Qi Feng sneered, “The fact that you made your own brother pa.s.s away on the spot, Mu Yuchen, do you think you’re all that innocent? If you really think that all of this has nothing to do with you, then why have you felt guilty all these years? Why have you been rus.h.i.+ng to find us, wanting to understand the truth from years ago? Do you think you’re hiding it very well? You’re wrong. We’re the same kind of people. No one knows you more than I do, Mu Yuchen! Do you dare say that all these years, you haven’t been suffering from guilt inside? How dare you say this before Lingtian?

“You’re just looking for an excuse for yourself! To make you feel like the responsibility of causing all this harm isn’t on you, and that you were forced to do it. You just want to use this excuse to relieve yourself! I’m not wrong, am I, Master Mu? Oh, I mean, Chairman Mu?” Qi Feng’s lowered and raspy voice contained a sinister chill that suddenly shot at Mu Yuchen like a machine gun. His devilishly handsome face revealed a bitter smile that seemed to have come from h.e.l.l, instantly breaking one’s heart.

Even if Mu Yuchen was cold and tough, upon hearing these words, he could no longer maintain the composure from before. His expression started to waver.

“What? Did I hit the nail on the head now? Mu Yuchen, you’re a dignified hypocrite yourself. How innocent do you think you are? You have your brother’s blood on your hands. Whether you were intentional or not, this is all the truth and you can’t erase it! It’s like a bad tumor, planted deep in your heart, which you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what! You can say that you didn’t intend for all of it to happen and that it was a mistake, but Lingtian, Lingsha, and me, and you even probably know about my daughter, we have all suffered in a way that cannot be erased because of this tragedy. So, if you were me, can you calmly accept all this as your fate?”

Qi Feng’s sharp words were like a frozen metal needle piercing through Mu Yuchen’s heart. Mu Yuchen’s face turned rigid, but he did not lose his composure. He turned to look away before watching Qi Feng, who was grinning like a crazy devil, while he slowly calmed down. In that earlier instant, it felt like his heart was being held tightly in a vice, but now that sharp pain was slowly fading away.

“I’ve never called myself a n.o.ble person. As for Lingtian’s death, I can only express my regret, heartbreak, and disappointment, but you’re someone who’s been working hard for many years now. If that was truly an accident, then I can only say that it was all karma. It was fate that wanted you to make up for things. That is all.”

Mu Yuchen’s deep voice was mixed with coldness as he continued, “Since you had the gall to ask me out today, then I’m sure you’ve thought about telling me the truth. I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of truth you’ll tell and let me know the pain that I should be suffering.”

As Mu Yuchen’s voice fell, Qi Feng suddenly could not help but chuckle. “Not bad! No wonder you could easily incite Qi Lei to turn on the Qi family! Karma? Fate? Mu Yuchen, since when did you believe in all these? Don’t beat around the bush with me here! You’re a despicable person who’s calculative too! You got someone to do that to Morrison, didn’t you? Weren’t you taking revenge for your woman too? And Shasha, don’t tell it wasn’t you! The doctor’s report showed that Shasha might have drunk alcohol mixed with hallucinogens! You know well enough what cruel tactics you have!

“Now, don’t you think that I should be asking you for some justice for my legs and for Mu Lingtian’s death?”

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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1004 - Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (2) summary

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