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Chapter 2068: Just Telling the Truth

The Northernmost Steppe was said to be a gra.s.sland, but actually, it was merely a wasteland.

The area here was vast, with fierce beasts everywhere.

The humans living here had to band up together to keep warm, gathering together.

It was also precisely because of this that the people here were stubborn and unruly, killing people at the drop of a hat.

Only the strong could survive here.

This place was a magical place where martial artists formed factions and gangs, for the sake of benefits and murdering each other.

But each beast tide, they were able to put aside all grievances and resist the fierce beasts.

Jiu Luo Ji was such a place.

The northern land was extremely cold. The air here seemed to be able to freeze people into ice sculptures.

Even if one’s cultivation reached True G.o.d Realm, you could feel the bone-piercing chill too.

This place was the world of ice law. Hence, the moment people were born, they would grasp a law, that was ice law.

Hence, the martial artists here were powerful and often grasped more than two laws.

At this time, inside a small tavern in Jiu Luo Ji, martial artists were gathered in twos and threes, drinking and chatting.

This was the way of life of martial artists in their leisure time; warming their bellies with strong alcohol and chatting about the affairs of this Northernmost Steppe.

Hence, the tavern’s business was very good.

A man and a woman, two young people wearing fur skirts entered the small tavern and did not find a s.p.a.ce after looking around for a long time, their expression somewhat disappointed.

The girl pointed at a corner and said, “Big Brother, look! The table over there only has two people sitting. Why won’t we go over and share tables?”

In a corner, two young men were currently drinking alcohol. One of them was all wrapped up and still freezing until he was trembling. The other was dressed in thin attire, but he seemed to be completely fine.

The man nodded his head and said, “Come, go over and take a look.”

The two people came beside the table. The man clasped his hands and said, “This little brother, I’m Southwater Street’s Wu Song, and this is my younger sister, Wu Ling. You look, this Raging Fire Tavern’s business is too good. Can we share tables?”

The young man dressed lightly sipped a mouthful of wine and said coolly, “Sit.”

The brother and sister two people were overjoyed and directly sat down opposite and shouted, “Waiter, bring four jugs of Raging Fire Brew!”


Far away, the waiter shouted at the top of his voice.

Very soon, four jugs of Raging Fire Brew were served. Wu Song opened the seals and directly swigged a mouthful, saying with a smile, “Refres.h.i.+ng! Haha … this little brother, come, cheers!”

The young man opposite raised his gla.s.s in a slight gesture and sipped another mouthful of alcohol.

When Wu Ling saw the appearance of rejecting people a thousand miles away opposite, she curled her mouth and said, “Putting on an appearance!”

Wu Song laughed and said, “Little Brother, don’t blame her. This younger sister of mine doesn’t think before talking. Wonder how do I address you two brothers?”

“Ji Qingyun!”

“Ning Tianping!”

The two people answered one after another.

These two people were precisely the Ye Yuan master and servant who crossed over the Heavenspan Mountain and borders to come.

Currently, more than 50 years had already pa.s.sed since Senior Apprentice Sister Xun and the rest went to Heavenly Eagle.

The master and servant two people went through many twists and turns, and were travel-weary, finally hurrying to the Northernmost Steppe half a year ago.

But they did not take action immediately. With the two of their strength, even if they barged into the Ice Cloud Tower, it was also impossible to rescue Lu-er.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan ascertained that Lu-er was fine for the time being. Hence, he started planning how to save Lu-er.

Arriving here, it was naturally not suitable for Ye Yuan to use his original name, so he simply used his previous life’s name.

“Haha, turns out that it’s Brother Ji and Brother Ning! I’ll gift these two jugs of wine to you two. Just take it as thanking the two of you for offering your seats,” Wu Song pushed two jugs of wine forward and said.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “Then this Ji won’t be courteous.”

Wu Song sized Ye Yuan up and could not resist the questions in his heart and said, “Isn’t Brother Ji cold wearing so lightly?”

Speaking of which, this master and servant two people were weird too. One wore very little but was aloof and indifferent, while the other wore very thickly but was trembling heavily.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not cold.”

By the side, Ning Tianping could not resist rolling his eyes, his gaze full of envy.

He also did not expect that this trip out was actually such a tough errand.

With his presently Third Firmament True G.o.d cultivation, he was actually trembling from the cold like a mortal.

But his lord was not at all unadapted to this kind of environment.

This guy had a late-stage perfect sixth transformation golden body and did not know what cold was at all.

Wu Ling snickered and said, “Putting on airs! In my view, he’s definitely keeping out the cold with divine essence, but doesn’t know that this is a big taboo in the Northernmost Steppe. If you encounter any enemies and only have 70-80% divine essence left, there’s no difference from seeking death.”

Divine essence keeping out the cold, this could indeed resist the chill.

It was just that in the Northernmost Steppe, no one dared to do so.

Because at this place, there were murders to seize property at the drop of a hat, or fighting with fierce beasts in the wilderness. One must maintain their peak state.

Divine essence to ward off the cold had to deplete large amounts of divine essence under this kind of extremely cold weather.

Once encountering the enemy, it would be too late to even cry.

Ning Tianping was just about to flare up when he heard that, but Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Huhu, this Ji has plenty of divine essence and isn’t afraid to consume it.”

Wu Ling could not help choking when she heard that and said with a cold snort, “Don’t listen to an elderly person’s advice and you’ll suffer right away! Really won’t be rewarded for good intentions!”

Wu Song was a little awkward by the side and said with a laugh, “My younger sister is frank with a ready tongue. Come, this Wu drinks a toast to two brothers.”

Finished drinking, Wu Song put down the wine jug, wiped his mouth, and said, “Refres.h.i.+ng! In this Jiu Luo Ji, it’s still the Raging Fire Brew that has the strongest kick. Drinking a mouthful down is like a ball of fire burning. Comparing the alcohol of other taverns to it, they are still much more lacking! Brother Ji, you’re also into this alcohol, right?”

Ye Yuan shook his head slightly when he heard that and said, “This alcohol is just average, still pa.s.sable.”

Wu Song’s brows furrowed when he heard that, thinking to himself that this kid was indeed something who put on airs. Would you die if you did not trigger people?

The Raging Fire Brew was a strong drink that was renown far and wide and deeply loved by the martial artists in the steppe.

But reaching Ye Yuan’s mouth, it became average, pa.s.sable.

Even if Wu Song was broad-minded, he nearly spewed a mouthful of alcohol over too.

Who knew that this tavern’s boss had sharp ears and actually heard Ye Yuan’s words. He immediately laughed coldly and said, “Lad, don’t be so arrogant when speaking! In this Jiu Luo Ji, who doesn’t know that our Raging Fire Tavern’s Raging Fire Brew is akin to a fire on the gra.s.slands, and mandatory for the gra.s.sland’s martial artists. Even compared to the medicinal pills of masters, it doesn’t pale in the slightest too.”

All around, people who loved to drink all had unhappy expressions too.

“Kid, your hair isn’t even fully grown yet and you dare to posture here?”

“Then kid, you’re wearing so little, is it using divine essence to ward off the chill? If you have the capability, don’t drink this alcohol.”

“Raging Fire Brew is Your Father’s favorite! Are you f*cking trying to court death!”

Ye Yuan’s one sentence immediately ignited the tavern.

Wu Long snickered by the side and said, “See, I knew it! Putting on an appearance, you incurred public wrath now, right?”

Rather, it was Wu Song who was kind hearted, hurriedly standing up to clasp his hands at everyone, saying, “Haha, brothers don’t mind it, this brother of mine misspoke after drinking, misspoke after drinking!”

The tavern’s boss had a cold smile on his face as he said, “Misspoke after drinking? Heh heh, if you feel that my alcohol isn’t good, don’t drink if you have the capability! Go, go, go! This place doesn’t welcome you!”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “I was just telling the truth, don’t drink … then don’t drink then. Either way, it’s also dull and tasteless.”

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