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Chapter 2279: Above 10,000 Miles!

“He … He walked into the realm fog?”

“Could it be that he came to the Heavenspan Mountain to commit suicide?”

“Ah! I remember it now! He … He’s that person!”

Suddenly, a gray-robed man in the crowd cried out in surprise, seemingly recalling something.

Many people who were comprehending Dao were all startled awake by his startled cry, all glaring at him.

But the gray-robed man was completely oblivious.

Someone said disdainfully, “Who is it, kicking up a big fuss over nothing?! He entered the realm fog. Could it be that he can still not die?”

The gray-robed man nodded his head like a realm fog and said, “Really won’t die! I still didn’t notice it previously, but when I saw him enter the realm fog just now, I suddenly remembered that 2000 over years ago, someone also entered the realm fog before, and even came out alive! That person just now was that person who entered the realm fog the last time! However, his temperament changed greatly, I didn’t recognize him for a moment!”

“What?! This is impossible!”

The gray-robed man smiled coldly and said, “What’s impossible about it? The people who saw this scene at that time were not just me alone! During that while, it was seething with excitement below ten miles! But after we went out and talked about it, n.o.body believed it at all. At that time, I was just a Third Firmament Divine Lord. Over 2000 years pa.s.sed, and I finally broke through to Ninth Firmament Divine Lord. But looking at his appearance, I wonder what kind of realm he has already reached!”

Somebody said curiously, “Could it be that he isn’t at the Divine Lord Realm? But I can’t see through his depths!”

The gray-robed man said, “Heh heh, with this person’s talent, how can he possibly just be Divine Lord Realm after 2000 years? Most likely, he’s already True G.o.d Realm!”

Somebody immediately said disdainfully, “Keep bragging, you! How can True G.o.d Realms possibly enter from here?”

The gray-robed man smiled coldly and said, “What the h.e.l.l do you know? That person can’t be gauged using common sense at all! Back then, when he entered the Heavenspan Mountain, he was only Origin Deity Realm! He entered to break through to the Divine Lord Realm! He’s currently True G.o.d Realm, entering from here and re-comprehending again. I see no reason why not?”

The gray-robed man’s words subverted everyone’s understanding of the Heavenspan Mountain.

However, many people still did not believe it.

After all, the things that the gray-robed man said were seriously too inconceivable!

… …

Buzz, buzz

Inside the realm fog, blue electricity glowed indeterminately.

Ye Yuan walked inside the fog and allowed those heaven punishment lightnings to land on his body freely.

These heaven punishment lightnings did not pose the least bit of threat to the present Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan could feel the Heavenspan Mountain’s Dao through them!

After careful understanding, Ye Yuan became more and more enlightened in his heart.

Following that, he slowly walked out of the fog and arrived above ten miles, the domain of Celestial Deity Realm.

The martial artists cultivating below were startled by this guy who suddenly appeared.

It was impossible for anyone to come out of the realm fog.

Those who entered all came in through the pa.s.sageway.

But now, there was actually a guy who emerged from the realm fog, how could they not be alarmed?

However, Ye Yuan completely ignored their surprise, continuing to go up on his own.

Ye Yuan had never been to this level before.

After Ye Yuan came up, he instantly had another feeling.

From below ten miles to above ten miles, integrating his cultivation method as well as the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain’s Dao, Ye Yuan discovered that everyone was wrong!

His path was the correct path!

Opening up a world after Origin Deity was tantamount to weaving a coc.o.o.n around one’s self, blocking all possibility of making progress.

In contrast, Divine Lord Realms were more than a level worse than his Divine Vortex Realm.

Disregarding law comprehensions, under the same realm, his Divine Vortex Realm was more than a magnitude stronger than Divine Lord Realm.

Even though it was just a reference, but actually, Ye Yuan’s Divine Vortex Realm was stronger than Divine Lord Realm regardless of whether in terms of quality or quant.i.ty.

And this gap widened further at Celestial Deity Realm!

According to Ye Yuan’s inference, this gap would widen more evidently with each major realm in the future.

Therefore, even though he was currently only at the peak Chaos Realm, but actually, his strength was no idea how many times stronger than ordinary peak Empyreans.

Maybe it was not as good as First Firmament Heavenly Emperor yet, but it was also not far off[1].

Therefore, that was why he could cut down two great Heavenly Emperors under the circ.u.mstances where he was behind in all aspects.

What this relied on was not just the power of source, there was also his powerful cultivation realm as a backing.

Ye Yuan continued upward step by step, continuously verifying his comprehension.

But his appearance already completely disrupted the cultivation above ten miles.

“Where did this guy pop out from?”

“This old man has cultivated for so many years, but I’ve never heard of anyone who could come out of the realm fog before!”

“Who on earth is he? Looking at his appearance, he wouldn’t be directly entering the realm fog above 100 miles, right?”

… …

Everyone speculated one after another, Ye Yuan did not let them down either.

Under everyone’s gaze, he walked into the realm fog above 100 miles.

Following that, it was above 1000 miles!

The places that Ye Yuan pa.s.sed by were bound to cause a commotion.

This guy came out of the realm fog every time.

But the realm fog was the forbidden land of all martial artists, n.o.body could enter and still come out alive.

After Ye Yuan left, those martial artists below could not cultivate anymore.

They really wanted to see whether or not Ye Yuan could come out from inside.

Then, in the entire Heavenspan Mountain, everyone stopped cultivating, all talking about this person.

Of course, curiosity killed the cat.

Seeing Ye Yuan enter the realm fog, there would always be someone who could not restrain their curiosity. They would follow him in.

The result naturally went without saying.

With Ye Yuan walking all the way up, quite a number of people attempted to imitate him.

But after entering the realm fog, they discovered that this was completely not something that they could learn at all.

Except, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Ye Yuan was not aware at all, all of his thoughts were already immersed in the enlightenment of Dao.

This was the holy land to gain enlightenment on Dao, a Dao comprehending holy land even stronger than the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain!

To Ye Yuan’s Dao heart, it was a re-tempering.

And his aura also grew stronger and stronger.

Inside the chaos world, wind and clouds surged. Dao marks were flickering incessantly as if brewing some ma.s.sive changes.

Above 1000 miles, True G.o.d Realm!

Above 10,000 miles, Empyrean Realm!

Arriving above 10,000 miles, all the Empyreans looked at Ye Yuan with stunned faces, all extremely shocked.

Ye Yuan’s body even still had the burnt traces left behind by heaven punishment lightning.

Electricity flashed on his body, giving people a hair-raising feeling.

And all this was reminding everyone that he came out of the realm fog.

Ye Yuan did not care at all, his cultivation method was already about to be perfected.

As long as he walked until he reached above 10,000 miles, his cultivation method should be pretty much perfected.

At that time, he would be able to open up his own world!

A great world that belonged to him!

That was right, what Ye Yuan was cleaving open was a great world!

A great world virtually identical to the Heavenspan World!

His great world was naturally not comparable to the Heavenspan World in terms of scale. But in terms of quality, Ye Yuan felt that it was not inferior at all!

“Y-Ye Yuan?”

Suddenly, a weak voice sounded out, interrupting Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

[1] Not far off as in raw power, no laws, no formation.

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