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Chapter 2280: Creation of the World

Ye Yuan did not hear this voice. Currently, he already entered a mysterious realm.

Walking along the way, his comprehension grew deeper and deeper.

His consciousness already merged into the Heavenspan Mountain’s laws.

Currently, in Ye Yuan’s eyes, the Heavenspan Mountain was no longer the Heavenspan Mountain but constructed out of one thick line after another.

The moment these thick lines went out of the Heavenspan Mountain, they became thin threads.

The thin threads interwove, spreading out, reaching into the distance.

Ye Yuan fused his soul into Dao and saw this scene clearly.

The thick lines and thin threads were in a very organic operation. It was as if operating according to some rule.

The entire Heavenspan World was like an enormous running machine.

And the Heavenspan Mountain was the core power for this machine’s operations.

The Heavenspan Mountain was operating internally, then spurred the entire Heavenspan Mountain to operate.

Everything and everything was running on its own according to some pattern.

“These thick lines should be the power of source, right? These thin threads have the power of source spreading out, it should be the various kinds of law powers!”

“Power of source is the root of the Heavenspan World’s operation, dominating all life in the world. And the further up, the more complex these powers of source. With my current realm, I’m unable to comprehend it at all.”

“However … I don’t need to comprehend these powers of source currently, my world is created by me!”

“Climbing to Heavenly Emperor, overlooking the world, how my world should be created can basically be decided already!”

… …

Enlightenment gradually emerged in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Regarding how to create a new world, he had a clear outline too.

Hence, he took a step forward and walked over towards the realm fog.

“Where did this guy pop out from? He … is he going to enter the realm fog?”

“He should be going to breakthrough, right? Could it be that he’s going to pa.s.s through the realm fog and reach the realm of Heavenly Emperor that’s above 100 thousand miles?”

“What a powerful guy! Even Heavenly Emperors don’t dare to pa.s.s through the realm fog, he actually can!”

… …

The span of Empyrean Realm was very large, ranging from 10,000 miles to 100 thousand miles.

Ye Yuan walking out of the realm fog already caused a great sensation in the entire Empyrean Realm region.

Hence, his every action attracted much attention.

Now, he was about to step above 100 thousand miles, it naturally caused an even greater commotion.

There had never been anyone who sought a breakthrough using such a method on the Heavenspan Mountain.

In the crowd, a beautiful figure dressed in a light blue veil kept watching Ye Yuan, her entire body shaking endlessly.

Her words reached her mouth many times but were swallowed back down again.

A thousand over years was not long, but to her, it brought many changes like what was once the sea has now changed into mulberry fields!

It was just that she did not expect that when she saw Ye Yuan again, it would be at such an occasion.

The current Ye Yuan had clearly already entered an extremely rare state of epiphany.

Once interrupted by her, he might waste all the previous efforts.

Hence, she did not open her mouth.

Only all the way until Ye Yuan’s vanished completely into the realm fog did the tears in her eyes finally fall quietly.

No idea how long had pa.s.sed either, she suddenly smiled brightly, like flowers blooming.

A hint of resolve flashed across in her eyes, and she quickly turned around and went down the mountain.

… …

Above 900 thousand miles, Heavenly Emperor Justbright had already been comprehending Dao here for more than 100 thousand years.

Living for ten million years already, he already cultivated to the realm of Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor.

Ten million years of bitter cultivation, he finally reached peak Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor!

Entering the Heavenspan Mountain this time, he finally broke through the final profound hurdle and achieved the supreme existence of Ninth Firmament Heavenly Emperor.

“Hahaha … This Heavenly Emperor finally broke through! Finally broke through! This emperor’s Deva blight tribulation will be arriving very soon. Breaking through to Ninth Firmament Heavenly Emperor, my success rate will increase greatly! Absorb for me!”

Heavenly Emperor Justbright raised his head to the sky and roared excitedly. Cultivation method revolving, he absorbed heaven and earth spiritual energy frenziedly, breaking through this final layer of shackles.

Above 900 thousand miles, how thick was the heaven and earth spiritual energy?

Heavenly Emperor Justbright swallowed like a whale swallowing seawater, absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual energy frenziedly.

But all of a sudden, his expression changed drastically.

“This … What’s going on here? Why did all of the spiritual energy run down the mountain? Not good, the rate of loss of spiritual energy is too fast! It’s already insufficient to support my breakthrough! Which d.a.m.n fellow is doing this kind of depraved thing?”

Heavenly Emperor Justbright could not resist letting loose a torrent of abuse.

He was right at the critical juncture of breakthrough. In the end, he discovered that the heaven and earth spiritual energy was gone.

This kind of situation was simply removing firewood from under the boiler.

100 thousand miles to one million miles, such a huge area was the Heavenly Emperor region.

Even though the area was vast, when Heavenly Emperor powerhouses were placed in this vast region, it appeared very spa.r.s.e.

This region might not produce a breakthrough every tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years.

Now, things were good, he finally managed to break through, but was forcefully interrupted by someone in the end!

How aggravating!

After persisting for a while, Heavenly Emperor Justbright finally could not hold on anymore.

He got to his feet, face black as the bottom of a pot, and went down the mountain seething with killing intent.

“I want to see who isn’t afraid of death, to dare s.n.a.t.c.h this Heavenly Emperor’s heaven and earth spiritual energy! I can’t take action on the Heavenspan Mountain. So when this Heavenly Emperor goes out, I’ll definitely dice you into pieces and vent the hatred in my heart!”

When Ye Yuan walked out of the realm fog, reaching the Heavenly Emperor region above 100 thousand miles, he immediately had a feeling of dispelling the clouds and seeing the bright moon.

Everything suddenly became clear!


Inside of the world within Ye Yuan’s body, that region of chaos suddenly started trembling.

The next instant, the Chaos Heavenspan Canon suddenly revolved!

This time was more intense than any instance in the past.

The heaven and earth spiritual energy above 100 thousand miles gathered over toward Ye Yuan here frenziedly.

Every one of Ye Yuan’s pores was working at full power, absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual energy and converting it to divine essence.

Currently, within Ye Yuan’s body, it was like there were trillions of rivers merging into the sea.

The incomparably berserk divine essence poured into the chaos world like a tsunami.

The chaos world was expanding crazily!

Currently, the chaos world was like a balloon, the berserk divine essence seemed to be pumping air inside.

In a very short time, the circ.u.mference of the chaos world rapidly increased.

From 100 thousand feet to 200 thousand feet, 500 thousand feet, one million feet, ten million feet!

In a short while, Ye Yuan’s chaos world expanded a hundred times!


All of a sudden, the chaos world suddenly fissured from the middle!

Splitting into two!

The top half became taller and taller, higher and higher.

The lower half became lower and lower, increasingly lower!

A figure suddenly appeared in the chaos world, it was precisely Ye Yuan!

Only to see his palm face the sky, and suddenly smack a palm out.

At the same time, his feet stomped fiercely!

The two discs of chaos separated further and further, becoming more and more distinct from each other.

No idea how long had pa.s.sed either, these two sides finally stabilized.

Looking at this brand new world, Ye Yuan’s face revealed a trace of a knowing smile.

“Chaos dividing into yin and yang, separating heaven and earth! One as heaven, one as earth! This realm, I’ll call it the World Realm then!”

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