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Chapter 2407: Heavenly Dao True Martial!

“Our divine race only cultivates Heavenly Dao, and fights the enemy with the power of Heavenly Dao! But the Heavenly Dao contained within this sword formation is actually much stronger than me! How can the human race have such a monstrous person?” While fighting fiercely, Yuan Zhen’s heart shook wildly.

Heavenly Dao was the foundation of all things, towering above laws!

As the saying went, Dao gave birth to one, one birthed two, two birthed three, three birthed all things.

Heavenly Dao was the root of everything.

The divine race enjoyed exceptional advantages in cultivation innately. Their combat power was several times that of other races of the same rank.

But now, they were actually beaten by a human junior!

How could they not be surprised by such a thing?

“No wonder Tian Xu called us over so anxiously. If this boy doesn’t die, he’ll be my divine race’s mortal calamity!” Li Qing also said.

“His injuries aren’t light. Take his life while he’s injured!” Tian Zhao also said.

After the shock, a strong killing intent surged in the three people’s hearts.

The sense of danger that Ye Yuan gave them was too strong.

What was even scarier was that Ye Yuan was currently still entering the battle with injuries.

If Ye Yuan was not killed today, after he grew up, he would become even more terrifying.

He might bring indelible damage to the divine race.

Therefore, Ye Yuan must be nipped in the bud.

The three people’s auras increased tremendously.

Previously, they still more or less harbored slight underestimation of Ye Yuan and were holding back to some extent.

This time, they were going all out!

Yuan Zhen looked at Ye Yuan, his eyes full of indifference as he said, “Boy, you’re very good, you can even match ancient human powerhouses already! Being able to force me to use this move, you can be sufficiently proud!”

“Celestial Avatar!”

Yuan Zhen roared fiercely, the nine Dark marks on his body suddenly became extremely dazzling.

His body expanded rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Very soon, he expanded to three times his original size, becoming a big and tall giant.

The explosive power that surged from his body made everyone’s faces change drastically.

When Nineorigin saw this scene, he could not help laughing wildly as he said, “Hahaha … Celestial Avatar! Lord Yuan Zhen’s Heavenly Dao True Martial! He finally used this move! Ye Yuan, you’re dead for sure!”

He and Yuan Zhen competed for the position of divine children at the same time. At that time, Yuan Zhen relied on this move to sweep away his opponents in the same generation and to establish his position of divine son in one stroke.

This move borrowed the power of Heavenly Dao to strengthen one’s physical body.

The divine race merged body and spirit. Their physical bodies were extremely powerful to begin with. Even if it was inferior to Ye Yuan’s perfect ninth transformation, it was also not far off.

But this move could borrow the power of Heavenly Dao to break the shackles of the physical body, making one’s strength skyrocket dozens of times all at once!

This kind of level already surpa.s.sed the category of the nine transformations, and reached the level of Dao!

That kind of explosive power made people tremble.

Being able to become a divine child, each one had formidable combat power.

The true power of the divine race, apart from Tian Qing, was acc.u.mulated by precisely the divine children of the past.

Heavenly Dao True Martial, as the name suggested, it was a powerful martial art created by borrowing the power of Heavenly Dao.

The power was simply unimaginable!

The divine race looked down on all races, what they relied on was also precisely Heavenly Dao True Martial!

Once Heavenly Dao True Martial was exhibited, it could break through the limits of one’s body, reaching the level of Dao.

Furthermore, one was only qualified to comprehend Heavenly Dao True Martial after reaching Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm as well.

Back then, when Ye Yuan battled divine son Xin, if the other party had comprehended a Heavenly Dao True Martial, Ye Yuan absolutely would not have won that easily.

“W-What powerful strength! The power of the fleshy body can actually reach such a terrifying extent?”

“I finally understand why Lord Profound Secrets they all are so wary of the divine race!”

“Turns out that we never encountered the divine race’s true powerhouses! Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm is when they are truly terrifying!”

… …

On the human army’s side, the faces of the group of unpredictable children turned ashen, being deeply shocked by Yuan Zhen’s might.

Only at this time did they understand what right the divine race had to dominate the Heavenspan World!

Who could block this level of power?

This was still just an initial-stage Nine-marks powerhouse. Once a peak Nine-marks powerhouse executed Heavenly Dao True Martial, what kind of degree would that strength soar to?

Today, under Ye Yuan’s compulsion, they finally witnessed the true divine race!

Heavenly Dao True Martial, this name that was unfamiliar but also incomparably powerful to the human race, appeared on the stage of history.

Even Ye Yuan’s expression became incomparably serious too when he saw Celestial Avatar this move.

It was also his first time witnessing the divine race’s true power.

It was impossible for his perfect nine transformations golden body to reach such terrifying power too.

“Heavenly Dao True Martial is it? Just what kind of terrifying battle did Shang Hang they all experience back then?” Ye Yuan could not help as he said with a rueful sigh.

Ye Yuan had always heard that the divine race was strong, but in his eyes, the divine race was merely so-so.

Shang Hang as the Grand Ancestor s.p.a.cetime, he comprehended s.p.a.ce and time, two great supreme laws. His combat power was extremely terrifying.

Even if the other grand ancestors’ strength was not as good as Shang Hang’s, they were definitely extremely terrifying too.

But 18 grand ancestors, there was actually not a single one who survived.

It was not just that. Among the Fifth Blight and Fourth Blight powerhouses back then, less than one in ten was still alive.

What right did the divine race have?

Today, he finally understood!

A puny little Yuan Zhen was so terrifying after using Heavenly Dao True Martial, then what about Tian Qing?

Ye Yuan swallowed a medicinal pill, stared at Yuan Zhen, and said with surging fighting intent, “Heavenly Dao True Martial, is it? Then I’ll take a look at how strong the divine race’s true combat strength is!”

“Hahaha, you’ll experience it very soon! My divine race is invincible in the world!”

Yuan Zhen gave a loud laugh, waved his enormous arm, and smashed a fist over!

An unremarkable punch, without any flas.h.i.+ness.

But this punch gave people a feeling of obliterating heaven and decimating the earth.

Without the slightest sound of a tear through the air, no earth-shattering explosions.

It was as if everything reached the boundary of returning to one’s original simplicity.

Although it was plain, no one felt that this punch was not strong.

When the two came to blows, it would be an earth-shattering moment!

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and beckoned. The True Nirvana Sword Formation suddenly lit up.

This time, he did not hold back at all, urging the True Nirvana Sword Formation to the limit.


One strike, the True Nirvana Sword Formation collapsed and dissipated with a loud bang. Ye Yuan’s figure flew out backward, fresh blood hurling wildly from his mouth, already adding injuries on top of injuries.

Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm plus Heavenly Dao True Martial, the power was formidably strong!

Since Ye Yuan created the True Nirvana Sword Formation, he had virtually yet to taste a single defeat,

But today, he lost!

The giant Yuan Zhen was high up in the air proudly as if he was really a celestial deity who represented Heavenly Dao.

“Heavenly Dao True Martial, what it represents is the power of Heavenly Dao, towering above laws! Time law is fine, spatial law too, they can all be ignored! Young man, being able to receive my Heavenly Dao True Martial’s one punch and not die, you’re really very strong! If you can reach Deva Realm, probably even I won’t be a match too! Therefore, you must die today!”

Done talking, he turned to Tian Zhao and Li Qing, and said, “Attack together! Kill him, and don’t give him any chance!”

In front of Yuan Zhen, the two of them paled much more in comparison.

But they were also Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm powerhouses no matter what. Their strength was naturally extraordinary.

The three people attacked together, not giving Ye Yuan any chance at all!

His life and death were hanging by a thread!

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