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Chapter 2446: Unveiling the Eternal Secret!

“Lord Originsmile! He already slapped faces until our doorstep. Yet, we’re actually going to watch just like that?” Originguard had a shocked face as he said unwillingly.

He was completely unable to understand Originsmile’s way of doing things.

Something that Ancestor could clearly suppress with a slap if he took action, why did he say to just watch?

But Originsmile took his time and slowly took his seat and said, “If you know who he is, you wouldn’t have this kind of thought!”

Originguard was taken aback, having a baffled look on his face.

Who was Ye Yuan, could it be that he would not know?

Back then, he almost killed Ye Yuan!

“Who … Who is he? Although this brat is formidable, he also merely just entered Deva Realm! If Your Excellency took action, how can he have a reason to not die?” Originguard asked in puzzlement.

Originsmile smiled faintly and he suddenly changed the topic and said, “Do you know at whose hands our divine race was defeated back then?”

Originguard was stunned again, not knowing what Originsmile meant, but he still said, “Back then, the human race’s 18 grand ancestors suppressed our race’s powerhouses with death. Especially Grand Ancestor s.p.a.cetime, he exiled Lord Tian Qing to the s.p.a.cetime turbulence, that’s how our race was defeated! To be honest, we didn’t lose!”

Originsmile shook his head and said smilingly, “You’re wrong! In the last Doomsday Battle, we were defeated by the hands of the human race’s two great saints! It’s just that these two people were too low-profile. So we didn’t know at all! This matter only spread among the humans only recently too.”

Originguard’s eyes revealed even more puzzlement.

What did these have to do with Ye Yuan?

Losing at whose hands, that was all ten billion years ago already, what did it have to do with today?

Originsmile motioned for him to stay calm and sit down to listen slowly, then he slowly said, “In the last epoch, the human race was weak. So how did they suddenly rise up and had 18 grand ancestors appear? Don’t you find it strange?”

Originguard frowned, being uncertain what it meant.

This was an eternal mystery. They completely did not know why the human race suddenly had experts as plentiful as clouds, suppressing the divine race.

The human race back then was clearly unbelievably weak.

Grand Ancestor s.p.a.cetime these powerhouses seemed to have jumped out of crevices in a rock.

“This … They naturally acted in secret, hiding in a small world like us, and nurtured these powerhouses!” Originguard said.

Originsmile nodded and said, “Indeed so! It’s just that our divine race has Celestial Master Miluo surveying the world. With so many powerhouses rising up, it’s impossible that he doesn’t detect it at all. But he didn’t detect it. So don’t you find it strange?”

Originguard’s pupils constricted and he said, “I-Indeed strange!”

Originsmile said, “In the history of the human race, two key figures had appeared before! These two people were respected by the myriad races, and they were conferred the t.i.tle of Azure and Profound Dual Saints, illuminating through the ages! It was precisely these two key figures who changed the power structure of the Heavenspan World …”

Originsmile talked tirelessly, and Originguard listened in incredible shock.

He never thought that there was actually still this unknown past in history!

After the shock, Originguard suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

Didn’t he come to find Lord Originsmile to talk about Ye Yuan. So why did he digress to Azure and Profound Dual Saints?

“Ye Yuan, but … but what have these got to do with Ye Yuan?” Originguard faintly felt that something was not quite right. But he could not figure out the crux, and could only ask.

Originsmile’s fingers tapped on the table lightly, as if wanting him to relax, and he slowly opened his mouth and said, “Ye Yuan … is the Saint Azure of the Azure and Profound Dual Saints!”

Originguard’s pupils constricted, his entire body seemingly like he was electrocuted. He stood up quickly and cried out in surprise, “What?! Y-Your Excellency, this joke can’t just be said out! If he’s Saint Azure, he should be an old monster who has lived for ten billion years! So how can he possibly only have this bit of strength?”

Originsmile let out a sigh and said with a bitter smile, “When this ancestor heard this news, my reaction wasn’t much better than yours. This matter sounds fantastical, however … it’s absolutely true! This period of ten billion years of s.p.a.cetime is actually completely in disorder! All of us have been living in a disoriented s.p.a.cetime! Also, I don’t know what method Ye Yuan used to actually travel through s.p.a.cetime and return to ten billion years ago, leaving behind 18 inheritance grand arrays for the human race! That’s how it created 18 grand ancestors!”

Originsmile paused for a bit and said, “Our divine race was actually defeated by him!”

Originguard already did not know how to describe his feelings. The thing that Originsmile talked about was simply like a fantasy tale.

It was too nonsensical!

But he knew that Originsmile would not joke with him.

This matter must be absolutely true!

These bits and pieces that were hidden in the dust of history actually affected the direction of the next ten billion years.

This kind of means simply surpa.s.sed the ancients and amazed the contemporaries!

Originguard felt that his brain could not quite wrap itself around it.

No idea how long had pa.s.sed either, before Originguard recovered to his senses from the shock.

His gaze turned intent and he said, “Since that’s the case, we should eliminate Ye Yuan even more! Once he grows up, he’ll simply be our divine race’s nightmare!”

Originsmile smiled bitterly again when he heard that and said, “It’s too late! He has already grown up!”

Originguard was perplexed and said, “Your Excellency, you’re one of the eight great progenitors, with your level of prowess being unmatched. Could it be that you can’t take care of a brat who just entered the Deva Realm?”

Originsmile shook his head and said, “It’s not hard for me to kill him! What’s hard is that I’m unable to lock onto him at all! You should have already felt this.”

Originguard’s entire body shook and he said in disbelief, “This is impossible! With Your Excellency’s strength, his spatial law is completely useless!”

Originsmile let out a sigh and said, “News just came over from the Heavenspan World. Ye Yuan escaped alive from under the cooperation of nine great Dao Ancestors! The nine great Dao Ancestors utilized nine great power of rules to lock s.p.a.ce, but he still escaped! No matter how strong this progenitor is, I’m also not stronger than the joined forces of nine great Dao Ancestors augmented by rules!”

Originguard felt his head explode all at once.

Nine great Dao Ancestors joined forces and actually let Ye Yuan escape?

This … How was this possible?

Even if Ye Yuan comprehended spatial rule, it was also impossible to accomplish it, right?

The might of nine great Dao Ancestors, it was what even the divine race’s progenitor was extremely apprehensive of.

What right did Ye Yuan have?

He thought that Ye Yuan just relied on spatial law to escape his certain-kill blow.

Looking at it now, he simply became a joke!

Originsmile glanced at him and said coolly, “Now, you understand why he dared to come to the Abyss World by himself, right? Do as I say. Don’t go and provoke him. If we really enrage him, he can’t do anything to us, but those under middle-stage Nine-marks, there are probably few who can stay alive. Let him do whatever he wants to do. As long as it’s not too overboard, leave him alone.”

… …

The divine race’s upper echelons maintained a tacit understanding unexpectedly.

The people who had been keeping watch on Ye Yuan all along were also all withdrawn until not one of them remained, making it much more peaceful and quiet for him.

Ye Yuan knew very well that the divine race’s upper echelons must have obtained news from the Heavenspan World.

Although the divine race was defeated, it was impossible for them to not leave behind informants in the Heavenspan World.

The matter of nine great Dao Ancestors joining hands to deal with him shook the entire Heavenspan World, it was impossible for the divine race to not know.

These few days, Ye Yuan had been moving around on the Profound Lineage’s territory.

On this day, he arrived at the central region of the Profound Lineage, Heavenly War Hunting Ground!

This place was the land where divine sons and divine daughters were selected!

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