The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 771 - Xiaxia, I’m Sorry (5)

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Chapter 771: Xiaxia, I’m Sorry (5)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Snow began to drift down outside and in the room, the fireplace burned warmly. All should be peaceful and pleasant during a grand festival like this.

An Xiaxia took out her phone and called her family.

Everything was normal.

She then called Sheng Yize and the two of them turned all lovey-dovey for a while. After she hung up, An Xiaxia saw Kang Jian eyeing her strangely.

“I heard from Fengfeng that you two are married?” He tried to make his tone very casual.

“Yup. Do you have a guilty conscience now, and are you going to make it up to me with some gift money?” An Xiaxia grinned. Kang Jian smiled awkwardly. “Sure. I’ll be very generous.”

They chatted for a moment before An Xiaxia’s phone rang.

It was Mr. Song.

Baffled, she picked it up. “h.e.l.lo?”

It was Mr. Song’s a.s.sistant on the other end. “Miss, Mr. Song doesn’t have much time left… Please come back!”

Her heart skipped a beat and time seemed to stop.

An Xiaxia felt it was very ironic. Despite all his wrongdoings, she was still sad to hear the news.

Blood ties were the hardest to break free of.

The a.s.sistant switched to video call to show An Xiaxia the condition Mr. Song was in now.

He was emaciated, wore an oxygen mask, and looked lifeless.

“About the late Mrs. Song, one can’t actually blame it all on Mr. Song… There’s an explanation for what he did to your mother, Miss…” The a.s.sistant implored, “Please come back! He’s your father!”

An Xiaxia rubbed her knitted eyebrows. “I see.”

An Xiaxia asked Fang Shanshan to book her a ticket after the phone call.

Fang Shanshan looked surprised. “I can’t do that… I promised Uncle Sheng that I would look after you! You can’t go back!”

“It’ll just be for a couple of days.” An Xiaxia sighed. “That’s probably going to be his last wish in this world.”

After this, she would be done with him.

Fang Shanshan jabbed her fingertips together and eventually said yes. “In that case, I’ll get some men to protect you!”

“Send me, too,” Kang Jian said suddenly.

An Xiaxia said, “What? Didn’t you say… you don’t want the others to know that you’re still alive…”

“Don’t worry, no one will see me.”

He wouldn’t allow An Xiaxia to go back on her own.

“Thank you…”

That night, An Xiaxia got on a flight back home.

Sheng Yize went to pick her up himself and the two of them visited Mr. Song together.

Mr. Song was even worse than the a.s.sistant had described — his willpower was the only thing that was keeping him alive.

His face lit up at the sight of An Xiaxia and he even managed to sit up.

An Xiaxia’s heart sank. The expression “terminal lucidity” came to her mind when she saw how his spirits were suddenly lifted.

“Xiaxia… you’re back.” Mr. Song took An Xiaxia’s hand. An Xiaxia froze a little, but didn’t fight it. She even smiled at him. “Yes, I’m back.”

Mr. Song prattled on. “I hope you and Yize will get along very well in the future. He’s a good kid, but if he mistreats you, go to Uncle Nan, my a.s.sistant Mr. Ji, or your aunt. I trust these people with my life and they’ll back you up no matter what. You can hire other people to run the company, but never give away your shares… I built this empire with my own hands and I’m leaving everything to you… everything…”

He had difficulty breathing after those words and An Xiaxia felt sorry for him. “That’s ok. Take a break.”

Mr. Song smiled weakly, his eyes teary. “I’m not a good father. Xiaxia, I’m sorry.”

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The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 771 - Xiaxia, I’m Sorry (5) summary

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