Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 319 - The First Year in the Dragon Palace

Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality -

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Chapter 319 The First Year in the Dragon Palace

Lin Luoran is now the master of the Dragon Palace. Although she has no right of disposal, most areas are open to her.

There are some very th.o.r.n.y flower trees, and Elly once died on one of them. Lin Luoran buried Elly and Li Anping’s cremains in a mound of the Mount Qingcheng. If now Lin Luoran wants to enter the Palace of Jiuhua, she doesn’t need to do it in a brutal way, like Blood Sacrifice. With the Stamp of the Dragon King, she can go anywhere in the Dragon Palace.

The Void Shadow Door appears. Lin Luoran comes inside and she sees the shabby Palace of Jiuhua again.

This time she doesn’t peep everything from the sacred pearl. Now she is the only one in the Dragon Palace who can directly stand in front of the Dragon Treasury. She feels so good.

The First Palace is still surrounded by white mist. Lin Luoran looks at the flying mist cl.u.s.ter, and remembers that she has another chance to choose. To be exact, everyone in the Lin family has a second chance for the Draw Lots Ceremony except Rong Donglin. For the Dragon Line , things in the First Palace are nothing but some entertainment for young dragons. But these things may be really good for a pract.i.tioner who has nothing, like her

Lin Luoran once saw how Xin Yuanping and others drew lots from the sacred pearl. So she relaxes herself and stands in the center of the palace with no rashness, panic or mess.

She can’t let the First Palace read her mind, or she will miss the treasure.

The soul gradually becomes clear and Lin Luoran also slowly returned tranquility in the First Palace. Wrapped in a white mist, those treasures are like naughty children. From time to time, they fly past her, suddenly stop, and then quickly flee away.

In tranquility, Lin Luoran becomes indistinct. Then a green light hits Lin Luoran and wakes her up.

As smooth as silk, it’s a woman’s dress which Lin Luoran is holding. She stuns. Is this her lucky chance? Why can’t it be something useful?

You can’t appraise things of the Dragon Palace from an ordinary perspective. So she still puts on the dress after thinking for a while. Pink is suitable for a girl like Li Xi’er, but too coquettish for Lin Luoran so she really doesn’t like it. Well, there is a hairband of the same color.

She picks it up unwillingly. At this moment, a flow of information suddenly goes through her palm and into her brain, which scares Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran gradually figures out what it is and laughs.

She thinks of a dress in her mind. In a flash, it turns from a luxurious pink palace dress embroidered with peony into a totally different one. The top is “Bijia”, tangled with purple bent branches patterns. The skirt is the renowned pleated moonlight skirt. As for that hairband, it becomes a golden hairpin studded with huge gems. It is the traditional girls’ costume of the Ming Dynasty.

This dress is called “Protean Dress”. Someone makes it to please female cultivators. The dress is made of top-grade materials. As the name suggests, to make it protean, it gives up the protective function of the cultivator’s clothing. In terms of spells of the five elements, the dress has much lower defense immunity than the clothes made of the same grade of material. To make it change as one wishes, it has sacrificed many things. A single dress can fit on all occasions. Lin Luoran is really speechless. What kind of people can come up with such an idea? It’s like giving a woman all the clothes she wants. How can a man gets a female cultivator without communicating back and forth?

Although Lin Luoran thinks so, she is still one of all female cultivators who care a lot about beauty. She changes her mind. And the gorgeous dress of the Ming Dynasty becomes an ordinary dress. The golden gems hairpin also turns into an ordinary hairband. She ties up her hair with it casually.

It looks much better this way. She thinks she will wear this dress all the time.

The only chance has already been wasted on the Protean Dress. Lin Luoran does not want to linger on the First Palace. She walks past the next eight empty palaces, and reaches the Ninth Palace, the Palace of the Void.

Of course, what she wants is not the treasure of the Palace, but the great Reiki.

The Palace of the Void is the place where treasures are hidden. Great treasures carry Reiki. There are lots of Reiki of the Five Elements. Next, Lin Luoran wants to begin her closed-door personal ability training here.

The heavy gate closes. Lin Luoran takes out a futon and places it on the ground. The college student named Pei Yuan still owes her two futons. Lin Luoran scratches her head. She realizes that maybe she doesn’t tell him her address…Nothing, she will ask for it herself when she finishes training. For him, futons are just something made of weed. But for cultivators, the chances of kundalini syndrome can be much less if they meditate and train on futons.

On the futon, Lin Luoran puts an elixir in her mouth, and slowly closed her eyes.

Fire Phoenix and silver fish inside the sacred pearl are whispering. From time to time, it rains, so the spirit herbs won’t get thirsty. The elixir melts very quickly in her mouth. Turning into Reiki, it is absorbed by Lin Luoran little by little. The sacred pearl gradually turns the Reiki of the Treasury into lucky Reiki that could be absorbed. Lin Luoran’s closed-door training just begins.

Lin Luoran whispers Master Jia’s “Unknown Training Qi Spell”, and her soul becomes pure. There is neither wind nor rain in the ocean of consciousness. As the Reiki in Lin Luoran’s body changes, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter also change smoothly .

In a shadowy corner of the Palace of the Void full of luxurious things, a black lotus seed lays there quietly. Lin Luoran doesn’t notice it. It seems to be listening to her whispering. Her whispering is silent, so how can the lotus seed hear the voice in Lin Luoran’s mind?

Lin Luoran really focuses on her self-cultivation and is usually “woken up” by starvation. She also knows that she must alternate work with rest. Although she doesn’t leave the Dragon Palace, she occasionally goes to the ruined imperial garden. This grand palace can’t be too shabby. Before, Lin Luoran took away the pearl because the Dragon Palace had no master at that time. Now she is the master and she can’t steal a thing from herself. So she just puts all pearls back. It’s really going for wool and come home shorn.

Cultivation is boring. She wants to stay calm and there is no one can talk with her. So when Lin Luoran rests, she chooses to rebuild the garden of the Dragon Palace and the Sea-view Pavilion. Sometimes she can find some spirit herbs of the Water at the bottom of the Dongting Lake. She uses them to decorate the garden. Lin Luoran also digs a pond in the garden to raise many carps, shrimps, crabs, and sh.e.l.lfish… Although there is no “Diliu Syrup” now, maybe there will be some in the future. Lin Luoran picks these old fish and shrimp out from the waters of Dongting, not to satisfy her own appet.i.te, but to find some hidden ancient bloodlines. Maybe Diliu Syrup will appear again in the future.

Well, it seems to be impossible. The Dragon Palace gathers all Reiki of the waters here. If it doesn’t work, Lin Luoran also doesn’t know how to solve the big task of “the Enfeoffment of Shui Nationality”.

A carp is almost a meter long and has some golden scales. Lin Luoran has the strongest faith in it. “Cheer up, you little carp. ”

After the rest, Lin Luoran is back to her boring cultivation again.

Outside the Dragon Palace, the first year of high school is already over.

In the endless quarrel between Wei Xue and Ma Ming, Lin Luodong and Huang Weijian finally start their sideline business. It’s a long summer vacation. Wei Xue, from an ordinary family, is going to do a part-time job for self-supporting. Every day, she buys a lot of in-season flowers from the wholesale market, and then sells them in Tianfu Square in the evening.

Because there were “miracles” here a few years ago, Tianfu Square is now a popular place. Such popularity brings about great business opportunities. There are more and more shops on the street, and it becomes more and more popular. It is really a good time for Wei Xue to sell flowers here.

Ma Ming’s father takes him abroad. It is said that they will be in Europe for a month.

Huang Weijian shows Huang Weijian what “Tribe for Cultivators” is. He reads various posts serialized in the forum. With Lin Luoran’s experience and his writing skills, he thinks he can write novels.

The two secretly start writing serial online. Because they were co-authoring, it is easy to update 10,000 words a day. After a week, they post it on a large domestic literature website but they soon get upset. They look at each other in speechless despair when they find only a few people read it and see bad comments on it—

“Duruoxianchen”, “You post the heroine story in the main station? It’s so bad that the hero has no position. I don’t want to see more chapters after chapter 3!”

“Luoyehanfeng”, “What? The protagonist is still training Qi when I have read more than 300,000 words of the story? What the h.e.l.l? The slow-type novel also can’t be that slow. Take it down!”

“Little Four”, “It’s definitely a heroine story with no imagination and no ardor…What did the author do to my eyes?”

“A few dreams in life”, “In fact, the author’s writing skills are good. Don’t always discourage him. To change a subject may be better.”

“Lin Xiao”, “I look down upon my upstairs poster. The last thing digital literature needs is the author’s writing skills!

Lin Luodong and Huang Weijian really want to cry. Eighty or ninety percent of what they wrote are real stories that are very close to the real world of cultivation. Now netizens prefer imaginary stories in which the master cultivators are everywhere. How can ordinary people live in such a circ.u.mstance they like?

Lin Luodong and Huang Weijian’s dream of making money as writers has been broken so they don’t even finish the story. The book, “Fantastic Story of the World of Cultivation”, which is the closest to the truth, is drowned in the vast sea of books without anyone noticing.

This is the truth. Every year, many people come to Tianfu Square for a lucky chance. There are even some people who jump off the cliff to find out where masters are. Thousands of people go to famous temples, but they don’t know that “the true G.o.d” is around them. The true story is hidden in the unknown digital literature…

Their ’ plan of making money had to stop temporarily. Because one year after Lin Luoran enters the Dragon Palace, the first stage of her parents’ world tour has completed. They return to Rong City.

They have seen thousands of miles of frozen ice in the North. They have eaten delicious bonito originated in Northern Europe. They have felt the wind and sand of the Gobi Desert, where the ustulate roast whole lamb and horse milk wine are a perfect match. They have seen expansive gra.s.sland on the plateau, and high and endless blue sky. They have tasted new wine made in the vineyards and old wine in the cellars. They have experienced the thrill of sitting on a cruise s.h.i.+p across the Malacca Strait… They have traveled far away and see many things, so the two teenagers feel that Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin are kind of different.

Mr. Lin enlightens during the trip and enters the middle stage of Training Qi.

As for Mrs. Lin, she has broadened her mind. She realizes the women’s world is not only a square-sized kitchen. She deserves more than spending time on cooking and cleaning all day. The most important thing is that now Mrs. Lin feels less inferior for she can’t cultivate temporarily. Mr. Lin is elegant while Mrs. Lin is generous. They are all living their own life.

This is the first year of Lin Luoran’s closed-door training.

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