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Chapter 325 You Come to My Concert

In Jinling in May, the pedestrians have begun to wear long skirts or T-s.h.i.+rts. Young girls in Jinling are wearing the new summer clothes this year, which makes them look elegant and beautiful with fair skins.

Most of the girls in Rong City are delicate and lovely, while the girls in Jinling are tall and have fair skins. With an average height and a pair of, Lin Luoran is not that eye-catching like in the street of Rong City. Lin Luoran is very satisfied with her becoming normal. She takes a taxi to the Jinling University of Aeronautics and Astronautics after getting off the plane.

She still remembers that the student Pei Yuan who she has met twice is studying in the Jinling University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. And Xia Bingyan, who he likes, is also the student of that school? Her grandfather is the previous president of the school?

Lin Luoran decides to start from Pei Yuan. It should not be difficult to find Pei Yuan’s address.

It is playing a lingering love song with cla.s.sical music in the taxi. Hearing the melodious female voice, Lin Luoran is relaxed.

” Sir, who is the singer? It sounds good.”

The taxi driver is surprised. “It’s sung by Fairy Xia. I think she is popular all over the country… Luckily, she has a performance in the School of Aeronautics today. You can listen to the live version if you go there.”

The taxi driver seems to feel honored as if he is familiar with the “Fairy Xia”. He warmly introduces the “Fairy” to Lin Luoran and hands her a CD cover.

A young woman is dressed in modified Hanfu clothing, which is painted with ink and wash. Her hair is combed into a beautiful style with a green chrysanthemum. The woman’s eyes are drooping. Her pointed chin and small nose can be seen from the side face.

Lin Luoran is confused. When she views the line of small words on the CD cover, her eyes look deep in the darkness.

——“The immortal Xia Bingyan meets you at the top of Mount Hua.”

Lin Luoran is surprised to see the proud college student become a fairy and star. The propaganda makes her a little angry even if she has a calm temper.

If Xia wants to chase after the tide of cultivation and enter the entertainment circle pretending to be a fairy, Lin has no opinion at all. But this is clearly what once happened in the top of the Mount Hua, but now it is taken as a publicity stunt… Luodong untied the knot in his mind and she met Pei Yuan and Xia Bingyan there. The happy memory now becomes the tool to earn fame and money. How can Lin Luoran be happy?

It is totally different from Pei Yuan publis.h.i.+ng pictures online.

Lin Luoran’ fingers slipped on the CD cover. Does Pei Yuan know it?

Luodong was twelve that year? Six or seven years can really change a lot of things. Lin Luoran doesn’t know why but is disappointed.

The taxi pulls up. They have arrived at the School of Aeronautics. Lin Luoran gives back the CD to the driver and gets off after the payment.

Anyway, she arrives there. Now that the driver says Xia Bingyan has a concert in the school today, she can solve all the old problems together.

Lin Luoran goes to the school gate. Along the way there are a lot of young girls and boys, holding Xia Bingyan’s CD and rus.h.i.+ng toward a certain direction. There are also a lot of middle-aged men driving good cars. Some of them roll down the window to ask for directions. Xia Bingyan has wide fans. It seems she needn’t ask the way.

She walks down with the crowd and comes to the auditorium of the school. This performance, as Xia claims, is to give back to her alma mater. It’s difficult to get a ticket in the auditorium that can accommodate thousands of people. Many fans are blocked out by the security personnel and auxiliary police in the gate. Lin Luoran looks around and finds a suspicious person who seems like a ticket scalper.

“You have tickets?”

The scalper who looks like a college student gingerly pulls her to the corner.

“It’s the real VIP seat in the front row. Look, 500 yuan more, the ticket is yours.”

Lin Luoran looks at the ticket. It is really the seat in the second row. The price of this ticket is 2888 yuan and the student charges 500 yuan more. So her spending more than three thousand yuan is only to see Xia Bingyan more clearly? It sure enough is the price of A-lister. Lin Luoran does not bargain and buys the ticket. The student scalper regrets for notsetting a higher price.

Lin Luoran looks at the student with a smile, “How are you willing to sell this ticket? Other fans are crazy for entering the auditorium.”

The scalper is complacent, “This ticket is a lucky draw. Isn’t it better to get 3000 yuan? Why should I join them?” There is some disdain to Fairy Xia in the scalper’s words. The scalper shakes the money in his hand and disappears into the crowd.

Lin Luoran walks with the crowd to the auditorium. Those fans that are stopped outside jealously look at her VIP ticket.

In the auditorium, 90% of the seats have been occupied. Although her seat is in the second row, it’s still ten meters away from the stage. A lot of people with standing tickets are crowded in the aisle. Someone checks her ticket and takes her to the second row.

The stage is blocked by a black curtain. They don’t know what is it like inside. Lin Luoran sits quietly on the seat, different from the excited fans around.

After more than ten minutes, it seems to be the time. The host’s witty opening remark comes up from the stereo. The crowd quiets down quickly.

“Fairy Xia, Fairy Xia!”

The lights suddenly turn dim. The fans neatly call Fairy Xia and wait for her, waving colorful fluorescent sticks in their hands.

Before the curtain is lifted, the music of Chin and Xiao sound. The crowd quiets down voluntarily.

To put the stereotypes aside, the music is not bad. But relying on such cla.s.sical music without hype, Xia Bingyan should be hard to have such a position in the entertainment industry.

The black curtain is suddenly removed and a bright light illuminates the whole auditorium. The change from darkness to brightness causes many people to squint.

In this dazzling light, the leading actress of the concert, Xia Bingyan, swings from the rear of the auditorium by a white ribbon. It surprises many people. The long skirt on her body is plain white. She is as pure as her name. She is flying over the head of the public. Lin Luoran hears a lot of people are sobbing with excitement.

The background of the stage is also plain white. It’s suddenly floating snowflakes in the auditorium. Someone shouts in a low voice before Xia Bingyan begins to sing, “G.o.d, It is the real snowflakes.”

It’s in May. Jinling is hot. The falling snow will not make people feel cold but just happy. No matter whether Xia Bingyan sings well or not, the person who plans everything is quite skilled.

Xia Bingyan begins to sing. There are the cla.s.sical Huaxia lyrics, but her fans are able to follow her quietly. It seems that these people really love the style.

Lin Luoran has been sitting quietly on the seat, staring at Xia Bingyan on the stage.

Looking at the waving fluorescent stick under the stage, Xia Bingyan feels like walking in the light and cloud ——living with gimmicks for a long time, Xia Bingyan occasionally will be lost that if she is really a cultivator in the last life.

Today, this feeling is even stronger, accompanied by a sense of palpitations.

She always feels that a pair of eyes from the audience is staring at her. Without threats, it just makes the back of her neck sweat.

— Is that him?

Xia Bingyan secretly searches the crowd. But after listening to two songs, Lin Luoran feels boring and quietly slips out of the crowd. Xia Bingyan thought it was another person. She looks around and doesn’t find him. She feels sorry and has a sense of loss.

It is time to get changed. Xia Bingyan enters into the backstage through the elevator.

The makeup artists come up to change her makeup; the a.s.sistants help her put on a white dress embroidered with patterns.

“Tired?” Zhang Shuming, who looks like a successful man, hands her a paper towel to wipe her sweat. The staffs look at them with friendly smiles. This is the major shareholder of the company. Everyone would like to see that he and Fairy Xia become a couple. But because of the pure image of Xia, they can’t disclose their relations.h.i.+p and get Fairy Xia into the gossip.

Lin Luoran is hiding on an empty chair, watching this under the cover of Mini World.

The person with Xia Bingyan is Zhang Shuming? Where Pei Yuan… Things seem to be going the other way.

“He seems to be here today…” Xia Bingyan lowers her eyes for the makeup artist to apply another color of eye shadow.

Zhang Shuming’s eyes look vicious and quickly become soft with a gentle smile, “How could? Pei Yuan should be abroad… What does it matter if we just use a little stunt? He is generous, but he is not kind to you.”

Xia Bingyan looks colder. The two of them talk for a while. Lin Luoran is clearer about the situation.

Zhang Shuming is a villain who takes advantage of the conflict between Xia Bingyan and Pei Yuan. It has nothing to do with Pei Yuan. He may disagree with Xia Bingyan about the propaganda and it gives Zhang Shuming the chance to sow discord.

Lin Luoran has no interest in this matter. If Pei Yuan is abroad now, she needn’t ask Xia Bingyan for his address.

The drapery moves with no wind. Xia Bingyan feels the indoor air conditioning is a little cold and cannot help narrowing the shoulders.

Zhang Shuming says some words beside her to encourage her. Thinking of enthusiastic fans, Xia Bingyan also knows there is no time to delay. She removes the illusion of being peeped and walks on the stage.

It’s just that she really feels that Pei Yuan is among the audience today.

— Is it an illusion?

Lin Luoran walks on the campus of the school. Some college students pa.s.sing by are discussing Xia Bingyan’s ongoing concert.

In May, the plum trees of Jinling only grow the green leaves and have no sign of red flowers. Lin Luoran’s sight falls on the branches with green leaves of the trees. There stands a young man who looks indifferent.

Lin Luoran raises her eyebrows, “I heard that you are abroad now?”

A person in a foreign country suddenly appears in the school. This is another story.

Pei Yuan turns his head. He feels unbelievable to see Lin Luoran here. Over nearly seven years, Xia Bingyan becomes a big star, and the glib part-time guide is full of vicissitudes and loses the previous elegant demeanor.

Only Lin Luoran still looks the same as her early twenties because of cultivation.

Pei Yuan is surprised and worried, “I come to her concert… She has been disrespectful to you, and I hope you will not condemn her.”

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