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Chapter 530 Little School Sister

The white light escapes from the fire net Lin Luoran sets and then it hits toward her. Lin Luoran is a little surprised about it and she makes a firewall in front of her quickly.

Fire is the most destructive power for primordial spirit, but this white light has no fear. It hits towards Lin Luoran’s eyebrows. White Fairy’s attack comes later but still makes it derail. The white light lands and then humanizes, transforming into a beautiful woman in palace dress like White Fairy. The only difference between the two is that White Fairy prefers light yellow spring dress, while the primordial spirit hidden in the female body is in dress whiter than snow. She looks perfectly white and pure.

Her smiles and movements are no different from that of White Fairy standing next to the coffin. No one knows what lucky chance she has got in three hundred years. At a glance, her soul is as solid as that of White Fairy.

White Fairy is so angry that she even laughs, “Who are you?!”

The woman in white dress picks a purple lotus by the side of the pool and smiles, “Look at these lotuses in the pool. They are all your favorite. He collected them across Huaxia; Look at the crystal coffin. It is from the ten-thousand-meter ice layer in the polar regions, which can protect body from decay for tens of thousands of years. He found it by going down the ice layer himself. How many people in the world of cultivation deserve such kindness of Mr. Wuye?

Take a closer look at my face. It is famous in the world of cultivation… Don’t you understand that I am you and you are me?”

The woman in white says so many strange words that she makes Lin Luoran feel dizzy. White Fairy seems to be speechless about her words. Seeing the confusion in White Fairy’s eyes, Lin Luoran really wants to yell at the woman in white. She is crazy. It is not the time to discuss the “real me”.

Liao once told her that cultivators with certain personal ability can cultivate a second primordial spirit besides the first primordial spirit. However, it should be the realm beyond Divinization period. White Fairy is obviously out of range.

Who is the lady in white?

“Fairy, don’t listen to her…”

White Fairy nods to Lin Luoran. Their enemy is also a soul of departed. Once she decided to cultivate as a soul, it will take hundreds of years to make progresses. In this case, if a soul wants to possess again, it can only give up hundreds of years of hard work and then possess as a primordial spirit. It’s not an easy choice to make.

Therefore, White Fairy knows what the soul did to Lin Luoran was just to teach her a lesson, not for “Possession”.

How can she tolerate something evil copies her face and then swaggers right before her?

White Fairy launches a fierce attack. It is the first time for Lin Luoran to see a war between souls of departed. After their bodies are condensed, their destructive power will not be worse than that of cultivators of the same level. Because they turn virtuality into reality, they usually virtualize again and escape before the attack reaching them.

Light and shadow are dancing. White Fairy and the female corpse in white are fighting fiercely. Even though Lin Luoran wants to help, she can’t aim accurately. At this moment, the female corpse in white is standing there, and the next second the person changes into White Fairy.

To avoid accidental injury, Lin Luoran has to stand aside and gather her strength. She is ready to give the female corpse in white a fatal blow.

She is not afraid of ordinary flames. What about the fire of golden word figure?

Lin Luoran’s fingertips move gently, waiting for a chance. At this moment, a faint noise comes from the stone door. Something with a dark shadow is thrown in.

Lin Luoran stares at it and it turns out to be Mu Tiannan.

He is now very different from the person she saw on the sea. His exquisite clothing is in tatters, revealing a scarred skin. More importantly, one of his arms is broken. His wound is still bleeding and he is in a state of half unconsciousness.

“Get out…”

He seems to be trying to stay awake, trying his best to stretch out his one arm to catch Lin Luoran. Lin Luoran still remembers how he attacked her on the sea. She takes two steps back with alert.

Mu Tiannan smiles bitterly. He can’t catch Lin Luoran at once and loses all power. He collapses to the ground immediately.

“The game is not over yet. Why should you get out?”

The double-headed snake crawls in slowly along the stone path. Its body shrinks several times, so it can almost crawl freely along the stone path. It seems to laugh at Mu Tiannan’s useless work. Deliberately crus.h.i.+ng Mu Tiannan’s wound with a heavy body, it sneers.

“As you wish, I bring you to the little female cultivator. Little monster, where is the last jade plate?”

Mu Tiannan suffers great pain and he gasps. The snake monster is vicious. It said they were about to make a deal. However, in fact, it forcibly tore his storage s.p.a.ce and s.n.a.t.c.hed the jade plates. If he hadn’t seized the opportunity to hide the last jade plate, the snake monster would never kindly bring him to find Lin Luoran.

Unfortunately, the last chance to escape is lost because Lin Luoran doesn’t trust him. Mu Tiannan feels that he is hoisted by his own petard. Facing the inquiries of the snake monster, he remains silent.

Lin Luoran looks on indifferently, wondering what Mu Tiannan and the snake monster want.

On the other side, seeing the snake monster coming in, White Fairy stops fighting first.

She stares at the female corpse in white, and says slowly but firmly, “You are Bai Zhi.”

The soul freezes, and then she suddenly smiles sweetly, “Senior school sister is still smart, as always.”

Maybe because she has been recognized, Bai Zhi doesn’t disguise herself anymore. The light flashes, and she reveals her real face.

She is an elegant female cultivator in white dress with beautiful eyebrows and eyes. She looks like White Fairy to some extent. She is just a little shorter so she looks pet.i.te. White Fairy is peony while Bai Zhi is a rose near a bamboo fence.

One is graceful while the other is delicate but petty.


Lin Luoran frowns. After so many dramas, it is not the cases of “twins” or “split personality” as she imagines. The other soul is actually the school sister of White Fairy?

White Fairy is even more shocked at this moment. When she went through the accident, Bai Zhi had just advanced Gathering Vitality. How could she do such a thing? She even suspected Ye Zhao, but she never thought that it would be her little school sister whom she had always cared about! White Fairy finds it very ironic. Bai Zhi is not only her school sister. Both of them come from the Bai family. Strictly speaking, they are cousins of close blood relations.h.i.+p and that’s why they are similar in appearance.

“You don’t have the right to call me Senior School Sister. Bai Zhi, it’s actually you.”

White Fairy can’t understand why Baizhi hates her so much. The hatred motivates Baizhi to occupy her body by making her soulless! Bai Zhi was beautiful, and she was also one of two misty peaks beauties at that time.

Bai Zhi laughs, “Sister, how can you always pretend to be innocent? Yes, you were the perfect fairy in the world of cultivation. The master loved you and gave you the best chance to practice and the best resources for personal ability enhancement. Mr. Wuye helped you secretly and removed the obstacles of personal ability enhancement for you. My talents had to be tested before being recognized. However, you enhanced your personal ability for hundreds of years without killing a person… Am I worse than you in terms of apt.i.tude? You don’t have to pretend to be kind to me!”

White Fairy feels that Bai Zhi’s words are all simple and easy to understand. But the whole sentence is obscure.

Bai Zhi seems to have been tolerant for hundreds of years. After being seen through by White Fairy, she vents her emotions all at once.

“I’m not convinced! Bai Qingxue, I am not convinced! The master liked you. It’s fine. However, I liked him earlier than you did. I have liked him for hundreds of years. All he saw with his eyes was you, a pretentious woman. Well, since he liked your face, then Bai Zhi could become Bai Qingxue…”

Lin Luoran shudders because of her deep hatred.

The matter is probably related to the male cultivator surnamed Ye. Seeing frustrating White Fairy, she thinks it must because of Bai Zhi’s plot. Lin Luoran feels that the romantic relations.h.i.+p is not only sadness White Fairy talks about. People even may become monster and commit sin for it. Lin Luoran can’t imagine the situation where she and Baojia like the same man. She will never touch her sister’s man!

Bai Zhi is full of hatred. Apart from plotting White Fairy, Lin Luoran feels that she all women in the world. What a s.h.i.+tty school sister she is! Bai Zhi does not deserve the school sister like White Fairy.

White Fairy’s expression changes for many times. She has never expected that she almost disappeared for such a ridiculous reason.

The jealousy of her school sister… her chance of pursuing Tao came to an end in the late Gathering Vitality period because of the jealousy as vicious as a snake! She feels sad and ridiculous.

“So you want to replace me, being the master of Misty Peaks and marrying Ye Zhao? Bai Zhi, you are so ridiculous. You occupied my body, but you still end up like this… You keep fighting, but you end up like me. Haha… it is really ridiculous.”

Bai Zhi’s eyes are red, cold like a snake.

Lin Luoran suddenly feels alert when Bai Zhi is very close to the snake monster. Why is Bai Zhi not afraid of the snake monster?

Thinking of the endless snakes when she first escaped from Bai Zhi three hundred years ago, she comes up with a terrible suspicion.

In that side, Mu Tiannan works hard to build himself up and approaches Lin Luoran little by little.

The snake monster seems to be watching a drama. Or maybe it is thinking of some insidious ideas. After Bai Zhi is recognized by White Fairy, it only remains silent and watches aside.

The atmosphere in the underground palace is solemn and depressing, and lotuses in the pool can’t relieve the panic in people’s hearts.

In Dongting City, the second floor of Ma’ s Villa, where the war is coming.

Liao has had a fever for two days and talked nonsense in his dreams. The four young people are all worried. Hu Ji is proficient in pharmacology but he still can’t do anything.

Lin Luoran suddenly disappears again while the war is about to begin. No one knows if it will affect the Earth Federation. Liao’s fever can’t be brought down, and all four young people are exhausted.

While Lin Luoran and White Fairy are trapped in the underground palace, Liao feels hot all over his body. After struggling, Liao suddenly turns over and sits up on the bed. He shouts,

“Little school sister!”

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