Medical Princess Chapter 1195 - Chapter 1195 Killing Madam Jiang's Dream

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Chapter 1195 - Chapter 1195 Killing Madam Jiang’s Dream

Chapter 1195 Killing Madam Jiang’s Dream

Shao Jing was talking with Chu Liuchen outside. When he saw Shao Wanru coming out, he asked with a smile, “Have you finished talking so soon? How is your grandma?”

“Old Madam has fallen asleep!” Shao Wanru said.

Nanny Yu followed her out and bowed to Shao Jing. “Your Grace, Old Madam wants Princess Chen to ask Second Madam for something.”

They had already discussed it, but Shao Jing was a little hesitant now.

Chu Liuchen came with Shao Wanru, which imperceptibly increased Shao Wanru’s bargaining chip. Shao Jing didn’t expect Chu Liuchen to really care about Shao Wanru so much. Since that was the case, it would bring trouble to his plan.

But now he was in a dilemma. If he plotted against Shao Wanru, it would damage Shao Wanru’s reputation. At that time, he would stand out for her and support her. Even if everyone knew that Madam Jiang’s matter had something to do with Shao Wanru, it would not cause any sensations.

Shao Jing only wanted Shao Wanru to take responsibility for killing Madam Jiang. He didn’t want to kill Shao Wanru. He even hoped only the insiders know that thing, and it would not be made public. It would not be good for him if it got out of hand. The Marquis Xing’s Mansion could not afford to go through several crises.

The more Prince Chen cared about Shao Wanru, the more he would suppress this matter. Maybe it was a good thing.

“Take Princess Chen there. Be careful so as not to have Madam Jiang hurt her!” Shao Jing said calmly after making up his mind. He was still calm when he mentioned Madam Jiang as if he wasn’t talking about his wife.

“Your Highness, shall we go outside and talk for a while?”

It was reasonable for Chu Liuchen to follow Shao Wanru to see Old Madam. Now it was not convenient for Chu Liuchen to follow her to see Madam Jiang.

Chu Liuchen nodded and left with Shao Jing after giving Shao Wanru some instructions.

Shao Wanru followed Nanny Yu to Madam Jiang’s courtyard.

It was still the small side door. Nanny Yu stood at the side door, pointed to the open door, and said, “My Lady, I need to take care of Old Madam, so I have to leave now!”

Old Madam’s current situation was extremely bad. She must have someone around her. It was unknown if she would not wake up after falling asleep. As Old Madam’s personal nanny, Nanny Yu naturally had to keep an eye on her.

“Nanny Yu, please wait a minute,” Shao Wanru said.

Nanny Yu was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect Shao Wanru to stop her from leaving.

“Nanny Yu, what do you think of Marquis Xing’s Mansion?” Shao Wanru didn’t look at her, but looked at the courtyard and said, “Mother and Father used to live here. Now that they are gone, everything here belongs to the second branch. However, Hao’er has become the inheritor. It’s hard to say who will get this mansion in the end.”

Nanny Yu’s hand trembled, and her face changed slightly. When she was about to speak, Shao Wanru talked again. “Nanny Yu, you know the best about Old Madam. Not only Old Madam, but also Marquis Xing’s character. At present, Old Madam still needs you. If something happens to her… I’m afraid you’ll have to think for your children even if you don’t mind what happens to you!”

Her words were very casual, but in Nanny Yu’s ears, it was like a heavy blow, which made her face pale. She staggered and almost fell.

Yujie quickly helped her up and said with a smile, “Nanny Yu, you are tired. How could you even not stand still? Don’t panic. My Lady is very considerate. You’re the only elder whom Old Madam can rely on!”

This time, Nanny Yu’s face turned livid.

“Nanny Yu, you can go back first. My Lady needs to go in and see Madam Jiang. We can’t have her keep the family heirloom of Marquis Xing’s Mansion, can we?”

Yujie continued saying with a smile as if she didn’t see Nanny Yu’s livid face.

Shao Wanru didn’t look at Nanny Yu and was about to enter the courtyard with Qing’er.

“Your Highness… you… you should be careful.” Nanny Yu’s voice was weak and trembling unconsciously.

Shao Wanru didn’t stay for a moment longer and entered the side door, followed closely by Qing’er.

“Tell Her Highness not to go!” Nanny Yu grabbed Yujie’s hand and said that anxiously with cold sweat on her forehead.

Yujie looked at Nanny Yu innocently and asked, “Why can’t she go? Didn’t Old Madam ask My Lady to go in and ask Madam Jiang for the heirloom?”

“I… I can’t say it. Tell Her Highness not to go. Go tell her now. Don’t ask for it!” Nanny Yu said, sweating profusely.

Looking at Nanny Yu, who was in a panic, Yujie blinked her eyes and suddenly smiled. She pushed Nanny Yu’s hand away and took two steps back. “Nanny Yu, please go back. I’m going in with My Lady to see Madam Jiang. It’s been so long, and the closure has to be done!”

The smile on her face was a little strange, but Nanny Yu felt scared. She still wanted to pull Yujie, but Yujie also turned around and entered the side door, which closed quietly.

Nanny Yu was left alone outside the courtyard. Her face turned livid and pale. It was as if she was making a difficult decision in her heart.

Inside the courtyard, Shao Wanru walked slowly to the main room. It was obvious that the courtyard and the road had not been cleaned up yet.

Madam Jiang got the news and was sitting in the main room, waiting for Shao Wanru to come in.

She had been waiting for a while. At this time, she was anxious. After drinking more than half a cup of tea, she saw Shao Wanru coming slowly. She made up her mind to teach Shao Wanru a lesson today. She must leave a few scratches on Shao Wanru’s beautiful face. It would be best if Shao Wanru’s face was disfigured.

Her sharp nails moved and her eyes fell on Shao Wanru’s face.

Shao Wanru was not dressed gorgeously today. She was wearing a light-colored long dress with red plum blossoms at the corners. The wide dress was light, but there were colorful b.u.t.terflies fluttering in it. When she walked, she looked like a colorful b.u.t.terfly, delicate and elegant. The dress set off her tender skin and enchanting lips. Even if Madam Jiang was unwilling, she had to admit that Shao Wanru was so beautiful.

She was even more gorgeous than Infanta Qinghua when she was young.

Infanta Qinghua was one of the few beauties with n.o.ble status in the capital city. Originally, such a person had nothing to do with Madam Jiang. However, the person she wanted to marry took a fancy to Infanta Qinghua, so they got to know each other and became enemies.

Madam Jiang thought that her appearance was also top-notch. Only her family background was inferior to Infanta Qinghua’s. But even if their families were both n.o.ble, it didn’t matter when they married into Marquis Xing’s Mansion. Old Madam liked her, not Infanta Qinghua.

Shao Wanru’s face in front of her seemed to match the one in her memory. Even though Infanta Qinghua had gone crazy, her face was still so beautiful that it made people feel pity for her. She even got the love that Madam Jiang hadn’t got. When Madam Jiang thought of this, she clenched her fists tightly in her palms. The pain made her come to her senses. It was Shao Wanru in front of her, not Infanta Qinghua.

“Madam Jiang?” Shao Wanru entered the room, stood in front of Madam Jiang, and looked at her coldly. Her beautiful little face looked gentle, but her words were sharp. “Madam Jiang, you set your mind on hurting me, Hao’er, and my mother. Have you ever thought that one day you would end up like this?”

“How dare you! I’m your aunt!” Madam Jiang was furious.

“So what?” Shao Wanru looked at her coldly and said in a gentle voice, “Who would care about you in such a place? Do you know why I came here? Because you are going to die, and you will frame me.”

Madam Jiang felt as if her heart had been cut by a sharp blade, and something burst out in the dark night. She suddenly raised her head and said loudly, “That’s just nonsense!”

Her relations.h.i.+p with Shao Jing was definitely not what Shao Wanru interpreted. She would not believe that Shao Jing would abandon her or her daughter. Madam Jiang felt that as long as her daughter was still alive, Shao Jing would not dare to do anything to her.

After all, Shao Jing was well aware of her daughter’s means. No one in the mansion could compare with her daughter.

“Don’t you know whether I’m talking nonsense or not?” Shao Wanru said indifferently and sat down on a chair on one side.

Qing’er and Yujie stood beside her one on each side, looking at Madam Jiang warily.

“Second Uncle wants to marry a mistress and make their daughter his legitimate daughter, who will then marry a prince. With your understanding of Second Uncle, is such a reason enough?”

“A mistress? No mistress can compare with Ru’er,” Madam Jiang said in a sharp voice and repeatedly warned herself not to fall into Shao Wanru’s trap. She thought that it was impossible for Shao Jing to abandon Ru’er for a mistress who was good for nothing.

After all, a mistress was only a mistress. How could a mistress’s daughter marry into the royal family and become the Empress in the future?

“What about Shao Yanru?” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows. There was cold sarcasm in her watery eyes as she said, “Madam Jiang, you set up a trap and ruined my family. Do you think I will let you go?”

“Shao Wanru, what do you want? Ru’er is now the Emperor’s Secondary Consort. Even if the Emperor doesn’t like her for now, he will fancy her in the future. If you dare to do anything to me, Ru’er will definitely not let you off the hook when she comes back.” Madam Jiang was horrified. She looked at Shao Wanru nervously and threatened her.

Of course, Shao Yanru didn’t take a fancy to the current Emperor, but she was indeed the Emperor’s Secondary Consort before. Whatever they talked about now didn’t matter, but Shao Yanru’s ident.i.ty was real. Madam Jiang was afraid that Shao Wanru would really hurt her.

Shao Wanru said slowly, “Madam Jiang, Second Uncle wants to kill you, but are you still stupid enough not to know it? A mistress’s daughter is indeed not powerful enough, but what if your daughter dies? Then, this mistress’s daughter will be Second Uncle’s only hope. I heard that he has already discussed with others and plans to send this mistress’s daughter to his mansion as his legitimate daughter, who will be more honorable later.”

She seemed to be very slow while speaking, and every word she said reached Madam Jiang’s ears, but Madam Jiang seemed not to understand it. She looked at Shao Wanru with wide-open eyes and almost no focus in her eyes. She kept only thinking about one thing Shao Wanru said, “But what if your daughter dies…”

“Shao Wanru, even if you are Princess Chen, you can’t talk nonsense. Ru’er is the Emperor’s Secondary Consort. She is talented, beautiful, and young. Nothing in the future is certain. Shao Jing won’t give up on her.” Madam Jiang’s hands trembled as she held the cup in her hand. The cup slipped from her fingers and fell heavily to the ground. The fragments flew out one after another, and there was a small cut on Madam Jiang’s leg.

But she acted as if she didn’t feel it. Her eyes were bloodshot. “She’s lying. This can’t be. It’s absolutely impossible…”

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