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Chapter 693: Your Highness

It was late in the night, and Xiao Luo and Su Li were strolling along the riverside at the wetland park.

It was already around 11 pm, and they were the only people in this sprawling park. Zhang Dashan and the others had already decided earlier it was time to head home after having an insanely fun time during the banquet. Su Xiaobei had fallen asleep, so Su Canye took her home.

“Is something the matter, why did you decide to come here?”

Su Li wore a well-cut beige suit, which was undoubtedly branded. The smooth lines perfectly accentuated her enchanting curves and complimented the aloof countenance of her beautiful face. She could only be described as devastatingly beautiful.

“Must we have a reason? Can’t we just take a walk?” Xiao Luo said with a smile as reached out to hold her hand.

Su Li’s face turned red, but she did not let go and allowed Xiao Luo to hold her hand.

Xiao Luo glanced at the river and sighed. “When I was in university, I often came here for jogs at this time of the night,” he said.

“Why would you go for a run that late?” Su Li asked curiously.

“I like going for jogs here when it’s quiet. It keeps me calm and lets me think through many things,” Xiao Luo said.

Su Li did not say a thing but only looked at him with adoring eyes as she listened intently.

Xiao Luo clasped her hand as they walked along the path filled with the chirping sound of crickets. “I could have never imagined that I’d one day marry a superstar, and who’d have thought that I’d be able to achieve success in all the things that I had set out to do. To be honest, the near-fatal car accident in Jiangcheng was the turning point in my life. After coming so close to death, it felt like I had been reborn. It’s strange, from that day on, I somehow became fearless.”

There was truth in what Xiao Luo said. Although the system had brought him incomparable glory and extraordinary achievement, he knew deep within that his temperament had undergone an inexplicable change after his near-death experience. Even the things that he said back at Jiangcheng to his ex-girlfriend, Zhao Mengqi, were not out of anger. He had suddenly come to realize the truth, and it was as if his soul had undergone an awakening, but for a while, he just couldn’t put a finger on it.

“You were in a car accident?” Su Li asked with shock. She had no idea that Xiao Luo had met with such a terrible incident.

“Yes, I did.”

Xiao Luo sighed and smiled bitterly at the recollection. “The phrase ‘one is due for good fortune after surviving a great disaster’ is a perfect description. That car accident seemed predestined. I wasn’t in a stable mood, the condition of the rural road was bad, and I was driving at more than a hundred miles per hour. It was also raining heavily then, and although there were hardly any cars on the road, these three factors were sufficient to cause an accident.”

Su Li gazed at him sympathetically as she pursed her lips. “I can’t believe we had similar experiences,” she said.

Xiao Luo had a look of shock on his face. “Are you saying that you were also involved in a car accident?” he asked.


Su Li nodded slightly and said, “My father pa.s.sed away in that car accident. The car skidded off a cliff and was smashed to pieces.”

“How did you make it our alive?” Xiao Luo asked.

Su Li shook her head: “I’m not too sure either. I was very young then, and I could only remember crawling out of the wreck. But my father was badly injured, and he was trapped in the driver’s seat. I cried helplessly next to him, and there was nothing else I could do.”

As Su Li recounted the tragic car accident, tears formed in her eyes. It was an extremely traumatic memory.

“I’m sorry, I made you recall a sad event,” Xiao Luo said.

Su Li slowly pulled her hand away from Xiao Luo’s and turned to face the river. “It has been more than a decade, and I’ve already moved on from that traumatic experience. So there’s no need for you to apologize.”

She stood right beneath a streetlamp, and the light shone upon her face, illuminating her in silver light. The surface of her skin gleamed, revealing her devastating beauty and grace. Even from behind, her enchanting beauty was more than enough to fill one’s thoughts with endless fantasies.

Xiao Luo walked up and hugged her from behind. He breathed in her sweet fragrance and said, “Wife, isn’t the view here beautiful?”

“Yes, it’s rather beautiful!”

Su Li leaned her body back slightly, and her face turned a little red. She could feel the cool river breeze and a longing formed in her heart.

She never thought that her husband would be someone like Xiao Luo. Recalling the incident when they first came together, what had seemed so wrong then now seemed like a blessing.

“You can quit the entertainment industry if you wish. I’ll take care of you and Xiaobei. I do not wish to watch you in scenes with other male actors on television anymore,” Xiao Luo gently whispered into her ears.

“Whatever you say.”

Su Li nodded her head, reaffirming her words. To begin with, it was never her intention to walk down the path of a celebrity. Her original goal was to be a music and dance teacher, but facing immense pressure, her plans changed drastically.

Xiao Luo smiled, and without another word, he moved closer to Su Li and cuddled her tight.

Su Li didn’t say a thing either. They both quietly gazed into the flowing river, enjoying the breeze by the riverbank as their souls merged as one.

“How romantic. But it’s a shame I must break up your intimate embrace.” A mocking voice suddenly came from behind them.

Xiao Luo was stunned and instantly turned around. “Who’s that?”

The voice was close by, but he couldn’t pinpoint the person’s exact location. But what troubled him was the fact that someone could come so close to him without him even realizing it. This had never happened before.

“You don’t have the right to know!”

A strange figure leaped from the streetlamp above them and landed right behind Xiao Luo without making a sound. He was like a weightless ghost.

Xiao Luo wanted to pull away, but this ominous figure moved at lightning speed. In a split second, he was already behind Xiao Luo and jabbed his finger into Xiao Luo’s acupoint.

Xiao Luo was petrified and suddenly realized that he had lost control of his entire body.

What is going on?

Who exactly is this strange person?

Thoughts flashed into Xiao Luo’s mind and he was confident that with his skills, he could conquer this entire world. He never imagined that such an opponent would suddenly appear tonight, and he had been subdued without even having the chance to see his tormentor.

“Xiao Luo…!”

Su Li was in shock and tried to help Xiao Luo.

But was stopped by that person with a sinister smile: “Your highness, I’ve finally found you!”

Su Li finally got the chance to get a look at the stranger—he had a fair complexion and delicate facial features. He had a pair of purple eyes that were penetrating, and he exuded an aura of immense power. Su Li’s face turned pale, and she found it hard to believe that such a man existed in this world.

Before Su Li could even get her senses back, she detected a musky in the air, and a man in a white robe slowly descended from the sky. He had his arms raised, and a powerful aura emanated from him, making him appear like a G.o.d. He did not speak or laugh as he stared at Xiao Luo. He looked very appealing with a flawless face that seemed carved in fine marble.

He appeared to be aloof and arrogant; clearly, a man who did not originate from this world.

“You guys… Who are you guys?” Su Li stammered.

“Your highness, we’re your clansman, and this person here is our sword king—Ming,” the thinner man introduced his master to Su Li.

Your highness?

Clansman?Su Li couldn’t understand a word he was saying. She gathered her thoughts, and warned, “This park is under camera surveillance, and all your actions are being recorded in the police sky net system. I don’t know who you people are, but if you don’t want to land up being wanted criminals, you better hurry and leave!”

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