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Chapter 788: Baiyue Nation

Xiao Luo was left speechless. They could not even enjoy a meal without getting into a troublesome commotion.

The boss and his servant could not convince Ghost and Xiao Luo to leave immediately. So, they prepared their dishes as fast as they could and served them hurriedly. They hoped the both of them would finish eating quickly and leave the place before Zheng Feihan came back with more people. The last thing they wanted to see was another fight breaking out in their restaurant.

“So yummy. The food is so yummy!”

Ghost did not bother to behave like a lady and feasted on the delicacies like a hungry beast. Watching how she devoured the food, one would not imagine that she belonged to the Sucking Blood Clan.

The Duck Emperor behaved no better and could not resist the temptation of the tasty delicacies as well. He jumped onto the table and started chewing on an oily roasted pig throttle with much relish.

Compared to the girl and the duck, Xiao Luo looked far more cultured when he ate. He was picking at his food using a pair of chopsticks with proper etiquette.

An elder and a young man approached them with friendly smiles.


Two men approached the table and greeted Ghost and Xiao Luo. They were none other than Hu Qingsong and Luo Jins.h.i.+.

“Who are you guys?” Ghost asked as she prepared to protect her food, seeming worried that two men standing before her were asking for some of hers.

“h.e.l.lo, we are also from Mu City Academy,” Luo Jins.h.i.+ said with a smile.

Mu City Academy?

When Ghost heard that, a glower of hostility showed in her eyes, “So you are with those guys who were here just now.”

“No, no, no. Please do not misunderstand. Although we are also from Mu City Academy, we are not with them. The people of Mu City Academy do not bully people just because of their background, unlike Zheng Feihan and his gang,” Luo Jins.h.i.+ explained immediately.

“Oh.” Ghost then let down her guard and continued to munch on the food.

“Is there anything you want from us?”

Xiao Luo questioned calmly. The teleportation portal to travel to his next destination was at the Mu City Academy. Although he would not try to get close to it, he would not want to distance himself from it. Zheng Feiyuan was an irritant who got on the wrong side of Xiao Luo and deserved a lesson. The incident was unfortunate.

“h.e.l.lo Brother, I am Luo Jins.h.i.+. This gentleman is my mentor, Hu Qingsong. I have a question for you. Or rather, a doubt that needs clarification,” Luo Jins.h.i.+ asked in a friendly manner.

Hu Qingsong nodded and added, “That’s right. Young Luo and I witnessed what happened between you and Zheng Feihan just now. If I am not wrong, you are currently a middle-level Martial Master, right?”

Xiao Luo nodded and continued eating the food. He replied, “That’s right.”

Hu Qingsong looked at Ghost and continued, “This beautiful girl has no signs of True Inner Force. She comes across as an ordinary person, yet she defeated Zheng Feihan, who is a Great Martial Master, in one move. Your performance was equally splendid when you easily defeated the two Great Martial Masters. What you guys did was simply mystifying and unbelievable. It is hard to understand how the cultivation ranking, which has been in use in the Arcana Land for tens of thousands of years, seems not to work on you guys.”

Indirectly, he asked them how they had defeated Zheng Feihan and the other two Great Martial Masters with their lesser capabilities.

Xiao Luo smiled and said, “Sometimes, what you hear may not be the truth. Similarly, the same applies to what you see!”

He had reached the stage where he could remain in his original pure self. So, he could suppress his strength, and others could not detect his full capability. Ghost belonged to the Sucking Blood Clan, and they operated on a system different from humans. So, it was not unusual she did not emit any traces of her True Inner Force.

“What you hear may not be the truth, and what you see may not be the case…”

Hu Qingsong mumbled Xiao Luo’s words repeatedly. It took him a while to relax his tightly furrowed brows. Then, he seemed relieved and said, “I understand now. You guys have practiced a certain secret art that can mask your true strength.”

Xiao Luo thought to himself that the man understood nothing.

But he rolled with the punches and said, “That is right. We practice a sort of secret art.”

“Little Brother, thank you for clearing my doubt. If not, this will probably trouble me for a long time. It might even affect my rest time. How could I not realize such a simple reason?” Hu Qingsong said as he heaved a long sigh of relief. A low-ranking cultivator could beat a high-ranking cultivator? It would affect the established system of cultivation measurement. Even with just one incident, it would be enough to prove a fault in the ranking system.

“Brother, it seems like both you and this girl are at least Great Martial Masters. It would seem that both of you are at the peak of the Great Martial Master level,” Luo Jins.h.i.+ said.

Xiao Luo did not answer him but merely raised his brows, looking as if he admitted it in silence. He had no reason to explain his background fully to strangers.

Ghost was enjoying the food and had no time for them. She had oil all over her mouth.

The girl was unquestionably pretty!

Luo Jins.h.i.+ took a better look at Ghost. The young girl was not elegant with her eating demeanor, but it did not affect her beauty. In contrast, it made her looked even more cute and adorable.

“How does one get to Mu City Academy?” Xiao Luo asked, not letting the opportunity slip by.

“You are coming to our academy?” Luo Jins.h.i.+ asked.

“To be more precise, I need to use the teleportation portal in the academy to get to Baiyue Nation,” said Xiao Luo. He had referred to the markings he made on the map to keep track of his next destination.

“Baiyue Nation?”

Both Luo Jins.h.i.+ and Hu Qingsong looked shocked. They reacted like they had heard something horrible.

“Why? Is there anything wrong with Baiyue Nation?” Xiao Luo asked with a frown.

Luo Jins.h.i.+ replied, “I do not know what kind of place it is, but there are many rumors about that country. According to these rumors, only women can enter the country. No man has ever returned from that country. Regardless of your ranks, not even a Martial Guru has returned from Baiyue Nation. There has been no exception.”

Hu Qingsong nodded and said, “Everyone knows that Baiyue Nation is a land of taboo for men!”

A land of taboo for men?

Xiao Luo felt disappointed as they did not seem like they were joking. Could it be that there were some exotic beasts in Baiyue Nation that fed on men specifically?

The Duck Emperor also heard it and quacked at the two of them.

Hu Qingsong and Luo Jins.h.i.+ did not understand what the duck was trying to ask. So, Xiao Luo translated for them and said, “He is asking if a male duck would face the same treatment there.”

Luo Jins.h.i.+ looked amused and replied, “I do not think that will be the case. From rumors, the taboo only affects men. Of course, the taboo is just a rumor. We do not know the authenticity of the rumor. Baiyue Nation is eight hundred thousand kilometers away. Since there are so many rumors of such dangers, n.o.body would risk their lives to go there. Unless one has lost the will to live, then he would venture toward that land to meet his death.”

Xiao Luo remained silent as he thought with his brows tightly furrowed together.

“By the way, Little Brother, why are you going to Baiyue Nation?” Hu Qingsong asked curiously.

“It is nothing. I am just pa.s.sing through,” Xiao Luo answered with a smile.

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