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Chapter 1623: What Type of Ending Do You Want?

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It was like how Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi were doing harmless things. Ding Jiayi wanted a house and money, while Qiao Zijin wanted to marry into a good family and bring Qiao Dongliang over to the capital so that she could provide him for his old age. Zhai Yaohui knew all of these and had silently agreed to them.

However, in the face of how overboard the Qiao family had become recently, Zhai Yaohui wasn’t as easy to talk to as before. He didn’t let Qiao Dongliang squander his feelings and patience.

If Qiao Dongliang could do it, he shouldn’t blame Zhai Yaohui for exposing him and making everything clear.

Qiao Dongliang’s hands s.h.i.+vered badly. He tried a few times but still couldn’t pick up the teacup. “No. No, chief. I know our Qiao family is in a mess and we have caused a lot of trouble to Nan Nan and the Zhai family. However, it’s not like what you said. I have never…” Yes, he didn’t. He really didn’t.

He already felt that he had let Nan Nan down. He only hated himself for being unable to make it up to Nan Nan and Zijin. How could he have harbored such overboard thoughts about Nan Nan? It wasn’t like this.

Zhai Yaohui’s voice was indifferent. “Perhaps, you really didn’t have such thoughts…” Seeing that Qiao Dongliang relaxed his expression, Zhai Yaohui snorted and added. “However, you had really done it. It’s actually harmless to have thoughts. It’s like how the law only admits to factual crimes and wouldn’t send someone who is just thinking of committing a crime to jail. What you have done is worse. You have turned your invisible thoughts into explicit actions and words.”

“I don’t know if you will change after our conversation today. I want to tell you that Nan Nan is filial to you and is softhearted. She might indulge in your every whim. However, sorry. Our Zhai family’s relations.h.i.+p with you is like how we address each other; there’s actually no relations.h.i.+p. When your behavior exceeds our Zhai family’s tolerance, I’m sorry. No matter how good Qiao Nan is, our Zhai family can’t afford to have her. I’m more curious as to how you will make use of Qiao Nan after leaving the Zhai family.”

After saying these words which seemed to have put Qiao Dongliang into h.e.l.l, Zhai Yaohui turned around and left coldly.

Qiao Dongliang held the cup that was still warm tightly and kept taking deep breaths. He wanted to calm himself down. No, Chief Zhai was just scaring him. Nan Nan had such a good relations.h.i.+p with Zhai Sheng. Looking at Zhai Sheng’s att.i.tude toward Nan Nan, how would he divorce her? No. He definitely wouldn’t.

However, not too long later, Qiao Dongliang couldn’t help but panic. He was certain that the Zhai Sheng now wouldn’t get a divorce with Qiao Nan. What about a few years later or ten years later? It wasn’t that easy to maintain a husband-and-wife relations.h.i.+p. He had divorced Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin had divorced Zhou Zheng. Could it be that he really had to experience Qiao Nan’s divorce?

No, that was too scary.

The house Qiao Dongliang lived in wasn’t big. However, at this moment, Qiao Dongliang felt extremely lonely. He could only hear his breathing in this house. There wasn’t anything else that was living.

Qiao Dongliang, a man who had become a grandfather, suddenly hugged his head and started sobbing. He really didn’t think of letting the Zhai family serve him because of his relations.h.i.+p with Nan Nan. How would he have the guts to have such a mindset? He always hoped that Nan Nan could lead a happy life forever. However, someone told Qiao Dongliang that he had always been ruining the happiness that wasn’t easy for Qiao Nan to get hold of.

At this time, Qiao Dongliang couldn’t help but admit that he had indeed feared nothing because Qiao Nan was his daughter. He didn’t have such thoughts, but he had done so.

He wasn’t capable and he felt that his younger daughter was more capable. As such, he let his more capable younger daughter handle his elder daughter’s affairs. He had never thought about the fact that regardless of how capable his younger daughter was, she was still a newbie in this circle and had limited connections with others. Furthermore, that was Ping Cheng, not the capital. Qiao Nan only joined the central government when she was in the capital.

Since Qiao Nan couldn’t do it, then the Zhai family had to help Qiao Nan do it.

As such, Qiao Dongliang couldn’t deny that although he didn’t think of it, he had actually done it.

To a person like Qiao Dongliang, who liked to deceive oneself, Zhai Yaohui’s simple and straightforward words had simply removed the layer of cloth that was covering Qiao Dongliang’s face, giving him numerous blows.

On this day, what Zhai Yaohui did was unknown to Qiao Nan. Their last meeting was really unpleasant. Qiao Nan was still hesitating how to tell Qiao Dongliang that Zhou Zheng had lost his job when Zhai Yaohui told her that there wasn’t a need for her to worry as Qiao Dongliang was already aware of this piece of news.

Qiao Nan felt relieved. In a short period of time, Qiao Nan really didn’t want to face Qiao Dongliang, her father, again. She had enjoyed too little in the Qiao family. However, if something happened to the Qiao family, she was always the one who had to shoulder it single-handedly. Qiao Nan couldn’t accept it anymore that she would naturally be the one to take care of things if something happened but was considered an extra if there was nothing.

In the beginning, Qiao Nan only wanted to calm down. At the same time, she wanted Qiao Dongliang to reflect calmly. If the feelings parents had for their children became unreliable, then the filial piety children had for their parents would change as well. However, as time pa.s.sed and it was going to be the new year soon, Qiao Nan realized in shock that since that incident, Qiao Dongliang had never looked for her once.

Qiao Dongliang didn’t look for Qiao Nan. Naturally, it was impossible for him to see the triplets. Qiao Dongliang might be avoiding Qiao Nan, but it was definitely impossible for him not to want to see the triplets. Thus, what was wrong with her father?

After finis.h.i.+ng her work at hand, Qiao Nan picked up her bag and prepared to head home. Without Li Dawei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had returned to a harmonious state like before. Qiao Nan wasn’t curious at all what kind of life Li Dawei and Xu Xinming had been leading ever since they were transferred out.


“Mom!” Once the triplets saw Qiao Nan’s car, they were especially happy. “Mom, the final term exams are over.”

“Yes. Get in the car quickly. Put down your bags first. It’s so heavy to carry them on your bodies.” Because of Qiao Zijin, Qiao Nan had already overcome her psychological obstacle for the second time and started driving. Initially, once she saw this car, Qiao Nan couldn’t help but think of Qiao Zijin and develop a phobia.

In the end, it was naturally with the help of Zhai Sheng that she could recover herself and face that incident with Qiao Zijin.

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