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Chapter 2004: I’ll Give You A Ride

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On the other hand, without them, the Zhai siblings seemed to be freer and had gotten married without any delay.

Zhai Hua was the least aware and self-aware person present. Hearing that Tian Dong’s son was only half of her daughter’s age, Zhai Hua laughed. “Haha, our Jiajia is much older than your son. When you bring your son back, Jiajia can help babysit him. Dongzi, you must not have been very good. Don’t they always say that foreigners are more liberal? How could you only have an eight-year-old at your age?” Logically speaking, that eight-year-old son should be his second or third child.

Tian Dong’s eyes shot toward Zhai Hua, who had made fun of him, and he made a cold remark. “That may be true, but that’s their business. Although our family migrated, our mindsets are still traditional. When I was younger, I focused on my career and it was inevitable that I got married a little later.”

Since that was the case, his child would naturally be younger.

As for the true reason as to why he had gotten married at a later age, Tian Dong did not even want to talk about it once he thought about his eight-year-old son. No matter what, he had already gotten married. His son was lively and adorable, did well in school, and was a sensible child. Besides, his relations.h.i.+p with his wife was not bad.

His wife was capable in every aspect. While he focused on his career, she took care of his elders and son. He was already satisfied with having such a life. Everything else was buried as memories in the past because he was no longer a willful person.

Not only was he a son, but he was also a husband and a father.

“…” Qiao Nan bit on her lip as the discomfort in her chest increased. Previously, she had felt miserable on Zhai Hua’s behalf, pitying Zhai Hua for having missed out on such a good man like Tian Dong for a man like Wei De. Now, she felt miserable entirely because of Tian Dong.

Unfortunately, Zhai Hua had absolutely no idea why Tian Dong’s son was only eight years old and knew nothing about Tian Dong’s feelings. She had even made such a joke.

Qiao Nan herself had gotten married late in life. As a traditional Chinese, no one knew better just how much pressure and stress a person would feel due to getting married late in life than Qiao Nan. That was why Qiao Nan could relate to Tian Dong.

In her previous life, Tian Dong had only gotten married to Zhai Hua at the age of thirty. At that time, the Tian family had already been doing very well, yet the Tian family had no intention of being picky about their daughter-in-law. They were already grateful enough that their son had finally been willing to get married and give them a grandchild.

Tian Dong had already faced such great pressure to get married at the age of thirty. But Tian Dong had pushed that back even further and had only gotten married at the age of thirty-five, having a child even later on in life. It had definitely not been easy for Tian Dong all those years. Those years were probably not good memories for neither him nor his parents.

With such a comparison, it seemed as though Tian Dong was much more pitiable.

Feeling Qiao Nan’s uneasiness, Zhai Sheng took Qiao Nan’s hand into her own. “Since your child’s sick, I won’t try to keep you here any longer. There’s nothing more important than your child’s health. Your family is rather traditional. I heard that children raised by foreigners are much more liberal. Alright, I wish you a safe journey. I’ll give you a treat when you return the next time.”

The ends of Tian Dong’s lips curled up into the slightest smile, and after a simple answer, he took his leave. Although he said that he was flying off that night, his flight was actually in the evening. After sending his gifts, Tian Dong had to rush off to the airport. Otherwise, he would probably miss his flight and be unable to be by his son’s side when he went for his surgery.

Seeing that Tian Dong was about to leave, Zhai Hua sighed. “We finally met after such a long time, but it’s unfortunate that there were too many things going on, so much so that we couldn’t even have the chance to have a meal together. He was as weak as a young lady when he was younger, but he’s all grown up and is even a father now.”

Zhai Hua could not help but marvel at how her old playmate had truly grown up to become a tall, strong tree that supported his whole family. “He truly is our old playmate. Men should be like him. They should be responsible and take care of their wives and family.”

A man like that was a true man, unlike Wei De…

Qiao Nan had not drawn her hand away from Zhai Sheng’s. As newlyweds, Qiao Nan felt that Zhai Sheng could have the same ideas as her. After all, bystanders were able to understand the situation the most clearly. Zhai Hua’s words, in particular, had shocked Qiao Nan so much that she almost regarded Zhai Hua as a fool.

Yes, Tian Dong was a good man, but Zhai Hua had given up such a good man for a bast*rd like Wei De. Every bite and sip was preordained. If Zhai Hua had not fallen for Wei De’s words and gone through that failed marriage with Wei De, she would not have gotten such a sweet and charming daughter, Jiajia.

Conversely, Tian Dong had always remembered that he had a blissful family life now after having endured a few tough years. Tian Dong was responsible toward his family, and Qiao Nan knew that since Tian Dong had been willing to get married and have a child, he would definitely be responsible and sincere toward them.

Tian Dong’s blissful life had not come easy.

“What’s wrong?” Qiao Nan saw the change in Zhai Sheng’s gaze. Zhai Sheng looked at Zhai Hua. “If I’m not wrong, there’s something wrong with Dongzi’s car. Isn’t he rus.h.i.+ng to catch his flight? Zhai Hua, why don’t you give him a ride?” Zhai Hua owed it to Tian Dong.

Zhai Hua had no self-awareness at all and agreed without hesitation. “Is that so? Alright. I’ll give him a lift.” If Dongzi had not refused their offer, she could have given Dongzi a ride even if his car had not been spoiled. No matter what, it had been Dongzi who had sent Jiajia to the hospital after the accident, allowing Jiajia to receive treatment immediately.

Tian Dong’s expression was pale as he realized that his car would not start. It was not a big deal to repurchase another ticket for a later flight, but that would mean that he would miss his son’s surgery. His son was nervous about undergoing surgery, and just yesterday, his son had asked him several times over video call whether he would be back in time for the surgery. Tian Dong did not want to break his promise to his son.

There was no other choice. Tian Dong could only make a call and let his employees deal with his car while he hailed a cab to the airport. However, hailing a cab would pose a challenge too since it was the peak hour. It would be an even bigger problem if he were to encounter a traffic jam.

Honk! Honk! The car horn drew Tian Dong’s attention.

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