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How could Hong Dali miss something like that? His eyes lit up like a light bulb. "New setup! Okay! I will be there tomorrow!"

"Oh, I will go back first…" As she spoke, Lin Chuyin turned around and left without looking at anyone else.

The cla.s.smates shouted, "Big Bro Dali is mighty and powerful! That's the Blood Consort! Blood Consort! She actually invited Big Bro Dali on her own accord!"

Tang Muxin put her finger on her lips and asked curiously, "Sister Chuyin is a little weird today. She has never taken the initiative to invite anyone to her laboratory. Dali, you… Dali?"

It was no wonder Tang Muxin was shocked. One could see the stars of happiness in Hong Dali's eyes. He was drooling. "Haha… new setup… Hahahaha… It must be pretty amazing… Hahaha…"

Tang Muxin pinched Hong Dali's ears. "Hong Dali! Do you have to be so happy!"

Hong Dali shook his head hard. "Happy! Of course, I'm happy! Why would I not be happy? I have to be happy. Who else would be happy if not me?!"

"Who cares about you!" Tang Muxin turned her head away angrily but suddenly exclaimed. "Dali, Liu Mingxin is walking over. And there's someone with him whom we have never seen before."

Hong Dali looked over. "Eh? Old Liu is here too?" He chuckled as he welcomed them. "Old Liu, you are actually here? Haha. Who is this big brother? He must be someone to be able to walk alongside you!"

Liu Mingxin was graceful as usual and smiled kindly as he spoke, "Hehe, happy coming of age ceremony. Congratulations on becoming eighteen. Speaking of which, your speech was really…" Liu Mingxin didn't know how to continue to praise Hong Dali. He held his breath for two seconds, then and finally said, "It was really special."

Hong Dali was embarra.s.sed. "Haha, that, that is…" He then looked toward Liang Yifeng, who was standing beside. "This big brother… you look so handsome and chic. Why don't you introduce yourself, hehe."

To call him "handsome and chic" on their first meeting, Liang Yifeng was slightly self-satisfied. He quickly introduced himself, "h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo. I'm Liang Yifeng. I came uninvited today. Haha. I like reciting poetry and am okay with singing too. Of course, it would be better with beautiful ladies. Haha, hahaha."

Okay at singing and with beautiful ladies, but reciting poetry was the main point?

Hong Dali was surprised as he asked, "You… you like to recite poetry? That's pretty rare. What kind of poetry do you like to recite?" This Liang Yifeng looked like he came from southern Guangdong. There was a slight Cantonese slang when he spoke.

It seemed like Liang Yifeng really enjoyed reciting poetry. "Shall I recite a section for you? Yes yes, the poetry that I'm reciting is 'Overnight at Master's Mountain Lodge When Ding Failed to Arrive.' Listen carefully!"

Hong Dali understood there and then what it meant by as easy as crus.h.i.+ng weeds and smas.h.i.+ng rotten wood, simply unstoppable.

Liang Yifeng's recitation was cadenced and rich in feelings, and his voice had its ups and downs. Sometimes, he cast flirtatious looks; sometimes, he stretched his neck and looked around. Sometimes, he even set his eyes far away as though he was admiring the scenery.

That sorrowful expression, superb acting, expression, and actions complemented each other. Raising his head and pursing his lips at times, the surrounding audience had only praises for him!

In actual fact, his recital was just his hobby. But he had forgotten one thing—he was surrounded by the nouveau riche. With their phones and internet speed…

Just as he finished the recital, those unreliable nouveau riche cla.s.smates around Hong Dali had shared it on the internet. His distressed expression, and the different tones of his voice, it was simply amazing. It would be effortless for him to join All-Stars. Hong Dali was already rolling on the floor laughing and managed just one sentence. "Your recital is so stupendous. Does your family know?"

Liang Yifeng looked contented when he finished reciting. "That's a must. I have practiced this for years!" The feeling he got from people looking at him was as though he had just rolled on the bed with a girl he for visiting.

Liang Yifeng had not come to his senses. He mumbled, "I… I saw it… Okay… I'll heed your advice this time…"

As they spoke, a young man's voice came from behind. "Hey, isn't this Liu Mingxin and Liang Yifeng? You two actually came?"

Liu Mingxin turned his head to see a man dressed in clothes which brands he could not identify. But they must cost a lot. He was smiling and had a red birthmark in the middle of his forehead. Looking like Erlang Shen with his third seeing eye, he smiled as he said, "I was wondering who it was. It turns out to be brother Mu Zixiao. Hehe. I heard you came to the capital city. Why didn't you look for me?"

Mu Zixiao laughed. "Haha, that can be easily arranged. East's Mingxin, West's Zixiao, South's Yifeng, North's Dali, it seems everyone is here today. That's really rare. Old Liang, why are you here? I thought you would be in bed with some female star."

Liang Yifeng laughed and said, "I came to take a look as I was curious. I didn't think it would be a rewarding day, haha. Oh yes, Zixiao, shouldn't you be training in Modo? What made you come all the way here? Don't tell me, is it because of Hong Dali?"making love

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