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"Haha, don't mention that anymore. You could say that I gained a blessing out of misfortune." Every time he mentioned this, Mu Zixiao's face was full of happiness. "In the past, my dad owned someone a favor. That someone is the boss of Miss Nianwei's old company. He wanted to sleep with her but failed, so he stopped her activities. You guys know about this, right?"

"I have heard of it. Everyone knows of this matter now." Liu Mingxin smiled and said, "That's why I was curious at first. With her capability on the stage, unless it was because her boss purposely prevented her from showing her face on stage, how come she was so unheard of in the past. Zixiao, so you came to Tianjing because of this reason?"

"Haha, that's right." Mu Zixiao smiled and said, "Then, because of the small favor my dad owned him, I had to show him some respect when he requested me to help him. Therefore, I planned to teach Dali a lesson. Naturally, I had to check on his background and everything before I made a move, so I asked around. Then, I found out that his luck was extraordinary, the kind that can trip over a gold bar when he goes out. His luck is so good that… hm, how should I describe it…"

"I have seen it for myself already." Liang Yifeng was slightly depressed. "I'm really incomparable with him in this regard. Oh right, Zixiao, why don't you give us an example. That will be clearer. I can also see to what extent his luck is at."

"An example…" Mu Zixiao instantly felt that there were just too many examples available. Just then, a shadow flashed by from the corner of his eyes. He saw Geezer w.a.n.g excitedly running in the crowd, secretly up-skirting ladies' dresses. His eyes immediately lit up. "Do you guys see that old fellow over there? The one up-skirting ladies?"

"What the heck, since when was there such a perverted old man here!?" Liang Yifeng's eyes almost popped out. "This can't do, how can he do such a despicable thing to those beauties, I have to go and stop him! Why did the security guards let this kind of people in!?"

"Don't go!" Mu Zixiao pulled him back. "That old man is my Master now. He's fine in other aspects, just that he is slightly perverted. When we just arrived at the filming crew, he took advantage of all the females there. When this old guy got caught, he acted grievously." Saying so, Mu Zixiao talked in Old w.a.n.g's manner. "'My small p.e.n.i.s can't even stand erect, can't I just take a look?' Think about it, he already acted so pitifully, who would still be able to blame him. Then, this old guy continued going about up-skirting women. This was not the most frustrating thing about him, what was more frustrating was that no one was able to land a hit on him…"

"Haha, this old guy seems quite interesting." Liu Mingxin laughed and said, "Speaking of which, Zixiao, which aspect is he your master? Acting? Is his acting skills very good?"

"Do I still need to learn to act from others?" Mu Zixiao proudly said, "He is my martial arts Master."

Hearing Mu Zixiao says so, Liu Mingxin and Liang Yifeng were instantly stunned. Liang Yifeng said, "Are you for real? Zixiao, with your fighting skills, you still need to learn from him? He is at least 60 plus years old, right?"

Liang Yifeng had seen Mu Zixiao's fighting skills before. His three bodyguards were defeated by him in just two breaths of time. This old guy was actually the Master of such a formidable person?

"He's 77 years old this year." Mu Zixiao grinned and said, "Don't see that he is old. When he fights seriously, I can't even last three moves. He is definitely a formidable person. If not, why would I willingly beg him to be my Master?"

"Shees.h.!.+" Hearing Mu Zixiao says so, Liu Mingxin and Liang Yifeng instantly sucked in cold air.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They were well aware of Mu Zixiao's capabilities, yet he couldn't even last three moves under this old guy's hands?

"Are you speaking the truth?" This time, even Liu Mingxin couldn't keep his composure. "With your skills, you couldn't even last three moves!? And from your tone, this old guy is Hong Dali's subordinate?"

Liang Yifeng fiercely nodded. "If you said that you lost to him after fighting for 300 rounds, I would believe you. But you are telling me that you couldn't even last three moves, three moves! You have even fought in underground illegal fighting clubs before, is that old man really that strong!?"

"I'm really not lying. In fact, I lost in just one move." Mu Zixiao shrugged.

"Fine…" Liu Mingxin felt that he wouldn't be surprised anymore now by anything that was related to Hong Dali. "So, where did Hong Dali find this old man? I know that his luck has always been very good."

Who knew that Mu Zixiao actually shook his head. "Speaking of which, my Master wasn't found by Hong Dali."

"Oh?" Liu Mingxin and Liang Yifeng showed surprise. Liang Yifeng said, "Such a formidable person, and he wasn't found by Hong Dali. It couldn't be that he just fell from the skies, could it?"

"Alright, I didn't want to give you a setback at first." Mu Zixiao grinned and said, "Actually, he did fall from the skies—this old guy was actually a barber in a small barbershop for old people."

Liu Mingxin: "…"

Liang Yifeng: "…"

Mu Zixiao continued, "This old guy has a habit of speeding, speeding on his electric scooter. As a result, he knocked onto Dali's Soaring Angel's rear mirror twice. The first time, Dali wasn't concerned over it and just let him off. But one can do a mistake once but not twice. The second time, Dali didn't just let him go directly. I was in the car at that time. The old guy was extremely nervous, but when they chatted, we found out that his fighting skills were very good. Then, Dali hired him for 5,000 yuan a month."

Liu Mingxin: "…"

Liang Yifeng: "…"

After going silent for a long while.

Liang Yifeng shouted, "A 77 years old man that can defeat you in one move, and Hong Dali hired him for just 5,000 a month!? You must be kidding me! Others would definitely be willing to spend 50,000 a month to hire such a person!"

"It is 50,000 yuan a month." Mu Zixiao said. "Dali realized that his martial arts were real, so he raised his salary. Speaking of which, I wanted to hire the old man for 100,000 yuan a month, but my Master rejected. Yup. Oh right, you guys don't know, my Master has a special move called the Dragon Taming Palm! He can make a small tree as thick as one's neck collapse with just one palm. If this palm landed on a human body…"

As he was speaking, an eerie voice suddenly sounded from beside him. "You rascal, what are you talking about, hurry up and go practice your martial arts!" When he finished his sentence, Mu Zixiao's body lightly floated to two meters away. In his place, an old guy was standing there. "Are you two friends of Young Master Dali too? Oh my, you guys are really young and handsome. If only I was 50 years younger…"

Then, the old guy lightly floated away like a leaf.

Continuing to go about up-skirting the beauties in the crowd.

Liu Mingxin: "…"

Liang Yifeng: "…"

Still stunned, they suddenly heard a clear, crisp voice. "Oh, isn't this Brother Liu, you are here too?"

Liu Mingxin and Liang Yifeng turned around and saw a beautiful young lady walking over, carrying a pure, gentle smile on her face. Her long hair hung on her shoulders, wearing a whole dress of white. The gentle lamplight reflected on her, casting glamor over her. Liang Yifeng was astonished upon seeing this fairy-like young girl. When she got closer, he saw that she was only about 14 to 15 years old. Her skin was white as snow, delicate like the flower. She was so beautiful that he couldn't even look at her directly.

Liang Yifeng roamed all over the world normally, and he was always proud of the fact that he had met a lot of the top-notch female celebrities and beauties in the world. He could even resist the charm of the currently highly popular G.o.ddess Li Nianwei. However, he didn't expect to see such lolita here. Ripples seemed to flow in her eyes, and her delicate cheeks were rosy. Although she was still young, she was a beauty that he had never seen before. Those women that he normally played with were nothing compared to her. Now, hearing her soft, gentle words, he felt his heart going numb and his bones going soft. The lolicon aspect of him in the subconscious part of his brain immediately exploded, and he was so mesmerized that he couldn't even speak a word now.

Liu Mingxin had seen Lin Zixuan before. Thus, he smiled and said, "Oh, it's Sister Zixuan. I was still wondering why wasn't you present just now. Now, thinking of it, you must have been playing online games somewhere, right?"

"Hehe, your guess is really accurate, Brother Liu." Lin Zixuan grinned and said, "Brother Dali wasn't around just now, and I also don't know anyone here, so I might as well go play some games. I owned those people for 100 plus rounds, then I felt that Brother Dali should be back when I looked at the time, so here I am. Oh right, where's Brother Dali?"

"He's over there." Liu Mingxin pointed at Hong Dali who was lying on Li Nianwei's thighs. "This fellow seems to have a special liking for Miss Nianwei's thighs. I have heard quite a lot about how he prevented her from taking on advertis.e.m.e.nt projects because of this reason."

"He's just like that, living carefreely every day. Then, Brother Liu, you two continue with your chat, I'm going over to Brother Dali and play with him." Lin Zixuan was going to leave as she said so, but she quickly turned back. "Oh right, Brother Liu, if you have the chance, give me some gold to spend. You're the GM of the game, it will be a waste if I don't use this resource, hehe." After saying so, she bounced away.

"This little la.s.s, hehe. She is really adorable." Liu Mingxin murmured.

But very quickly, he realized that there wasn't any movement from beside him. He turned around and was immediately shocked. "Old Liang, what's wrong with you?"

Liang Yifeng was staring intently at the direction where Lin Zixuan had left. His saliva almost drooled out as he smiled like a fool, saying, "A lolita… what a cute lolita… hehehehe… hehehehe…"

"Hey, stop being a love-struck idiot. She is Hong Dali's." Liu Mingxin helplessly smiled and said, "You will end up in a very terrible state if you try to fight with Hong Dali for a woman, although he hasn't really treated her as one yet."

"Lolicon… lolicon is indeed the right way to go… hehehehe…" Liang Yifeng continued smiling foolishly for a while, then suddenly grabbed Liu Mingxin's s.h.i.+rt. "Old Liu, where did this lolita pop out from! Tell me, now!"

This old guy was leisurely roaming around the world previously, and the number of female celebrities that he slept with was at least two to three hundred. His family was rich anyway, those female celebrities who were really pure were only a minority. Coupled with his handsome look and his skill in reciting poetries, those women were like a dry wood meeting a strong fire—they were instantly ignited by him.

However, he didn't expect his charm to fail multiple times today!

There wasn't a need to mention Li Nianwei, she was definitely the first-placed G.o.ddess in the country currently. In fact, he never thought about seducing her. After all, he was very clear about how she rose to fame. If he succeeded in seducing her, the Hong Family didn't have a need to show their face anymore.

But who knew that he would meet such an extreme beauty like Lin Zixuan!?

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