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When Hong Dali battled with the Honorary Aristocrat Feiyun, countless civilians were involved. In the end, the Honorary Aristocrat Feiyun even took everyone inside a supermarket building as hostages!

Hong Dali killed Feiyun at that time. However, the hostages were saved by a mysterious old man. Hong Dali thought it was strange how the old man rescued everyone. After all, there were hundreds of people. Now he knew—the old man had the ability to open s.p.a.ce portals!

Hey, looks like our luck is pretty good. We get to meet amazing people everywhere we go. Speaking of which, look at the people we are in touch with. They are truly impressive and awesome, right?!

"Hehe, we meet again, young man." The old man laughed and patted Hong Dali's shoulder. "I've missed you since we last met. Nowadays it's rare to see a youngster with stature and power, yet so kind." He sat down after he finished speaking. He then turned to look at Mister Gate. "Old man, what crazy stuff are you trying to pull today? Coming here to tear down buildings?"

Eh? The two of them know each other? That's quite amazing.

Hong Dali curiously asked, "Old Sir, you and my pops know each other?"

"This old man is one of the Galaxy Aristocrat Elders. Five Kings.Jiang Dongliu." Gate carelessly introduced him to Hong Dali and pouted. "Speaking of which, why aren't you focusing on your own things, and instead is wandering around aimlessly around the universe?"

Hong Dali was stunned as he heard that the old man in front of him was one of the most mysterious and powerful Elders of the Galaxy Aristocrats. Not only that, he was one of the Five Kings. Hong Dali grew wide-eyed and exclaimed, "You are one of the Elders? Aiyaya, that means you're my senior. I am the descendant and apprentice of Mo Tianji, Hong Dali. My greetings to Grandpa Jiang."

Hm, once Hong Dali finished his sentence, everyone present instantly had their hairs standing on end.

Who said that prodigals cause trouble? Look at our Young Master, his mouth is so sweet. His one sentence managed to tighten the two sides' relations.h.i.+p, introduce his own ident.i.ty, and reasonably gave himself an opportunity to call "Grandpa Jiang"!

Naturally, Jiang Dongliu was very pleased by Hong Dali's words. He laughed and said, "Good, haha, good, I've heard my Qianxue mention you before. Hm, you are the descendant of Mo Tianji and her good friend. I heard you even gifted her a super rare energy gem that boosts all energy attributes by fifty percent? Aiyaya, young man, looks like you come from a pretty wealthy background."

The Honorary Aristocrat Tianyi felt a s.h.i.+ver down his spine—he did not choose the wrong person to follow! Look at Hong Dali's composure! He was given so much face even in front of a Galaxy Aristocrat Elder, one of the Five Kings, Jiang Dongliu! Even Jiang Dongliu said Hong Dali was rich!

How else could he want to become the number one prodigal in the entire universe? Who dared to say that without some capital?

Then, Hong Dali decisively took out some meeting gift. "Aiyaya, Grandpa Jiang, those are all small things, haha, small things! Since Pops is here today, and you are here too, I just happened to have brought something from my home. It's just a small token of appreciation. Hopefully, you two Elders will accept it."

As he said that, he went to dig for things from inside his s.p.a.ce watch.

White Beard Gate hummed. "You little rascal, could you possibly want to gift me an energy gem, too? That stuff doesn't mean too much to me."

Jiang Dongliu nodded as well. "I'm so old now. I'm trying to avoid killing and fighting as much as possible. There's no need for you to break the bank. If you give them to me as a gift, I can't re-gift it to others, I can't sell it, and it'll be quite an attractive distraction…"

Actually, it was no wonder that they refused.

Gate's own strengths mainly relied on his different attributes. After all, he was not an energy user who could control the elements. Jiang Dongliu was the same. His ability to control the s.p.a.ce portals allowed him to traverse across the battlefield as he wished. His fighting skills were also based on basic abilities and attributes.

Their body attributes combined with their strengths made them near-invincible on the battlefield. For Gate especially, the magnitude of the earthquakes caused by him depended on how strong his body was. Hence, they were not too interested in energy gems.


The problem was that Hong Dali definitely had more than just energy gems to give…

"Ah, actually, the thing that I wanted to give to the two of you is not an energy gem." Hong Dali smiled and scratched his head. He then showed two pieces of aquamarine-colored jade in his hands. "I felt that since the two of you are getting older with age, no other gift can compare to health. Hence, these two Health gems can be considered our meeting gift. I hope that this will boost your health and prosperity!"

Hong Dali was someone who always gave out Health gems on Earth. He did not bring the gems to the Silver-blue super-planet previously and had no chance to give them as gifts.

So, he naturally brought some Health gems from his most recent trip to Earth. This was the perfect opportunity to give them as gifts.

However, although this was just a tiny gift to Hong Dali, similar to buying a Happy Box for elders, the amazing Mister Gate and Grandpa Jiang Dongliu were completely stunned by the gems!

"Health gems! These are Health gems!" Jiang Dongliu's eyes transformed from blurry to wide-open. He exclaimed, "Oh my G.o.d, where did you get this! These are Health gems, the king of the Zergs… cough cough, cough cough!" He grabbed the Health gems with lightning speed and opened a s.p.a.ce portal to place them inside.

Gate was not happy with that. "Old thing, that was a meeting gift from my son! You old fool dare to rob me of mine?! Do you believe that I can destroy your Beta Planet any minute!"

Hm, White Beard Gate did indeed have the confidence to say that. He could have his way anywhere in the Milky Way, or even in the entire Dimu Star Sector.

Hence, Jiang Dongliu unwillingly opened the s.p.a.ce portal again and retrieved a Health gem to hand over to Gate. He mumbled, "This stuff can attract the attacks from countless Zergs, you must be sick of living…"

"You think I'll be scared of the bugs?" Gate grabbed the Health gem and kept it decisively. He then smiled and said, "Gulalalala, feels good. My body can finally slowly return to its peak form with this! Aiya, time waits for n.o.body. I thought I would not be able to find this. I didn't expect the little rascal Dali to gift it to me. I'm so happy today. Gulalala!"

The childish behavior from the two made Tang Muxin and the rest behind laugh uncontrollably.

Those were just mere Health gems, Dali had plenty of it…

Hong Dali subconsciously touched his nose. Did the two old men not have any self-conscience? They made such a scene. They should have just told him that they liked it. He could have given them a truckload of gems each by tomorrow!

Hm, after the short break, it was time for some serious discussions.

"Little rascal," Gate smiled and said, "Today I said I had something to discuss, there is indeed something. Hm." He glanced at Jiang Dongliu out of the corner of his eyes. "Are you sure you want to listen to this?"

"Yes." Jiang Dongliu spread his hands. "You've come all the way to tear down the buildings. It wouldn't hurt me to listen in about what's happening."

Hmm, at least the Silver-blue super-planet was considered the territory of the Galaxy Aristocrats which Jiang Dongliu belonged to. Hence… Gate decided to give him some face.

"There's nothing much actually." Gate folded his arms and slowly said, "My underlings have received the latest news from the Dimu Star Sector that a s.p.a.cecraft carrier is transporting a supposedly decent Soul Stone. It's going to gift it to the High n.o.bles of the Dimu Star Sector."

"Alright." Jiang Dongliu sighed. "You, the great s.p.a.ce pirate, are getting ready to go to work?"

"That's right." Gate nodded. "Hence, I can't really help Dali the little rascal look after the few stores here."

So Pops was going out for a robbery. Hm, Hong Dali felt like his face had just entered the universe. It was undergoing unlimited expansion.

Be it the Galaxy Aristocrats, the Honorary Aristocrats, the High n.o.bles of the Dimu Star Sector, the head of the s.p.a.ce pirates here—or, most impressively, the three trillion Zergs waiting to be fed…

I have the support from the Black, the White, and the Zergs, all right? Where will I go without people giving me face?

"I see…" Hong Dali nodded. "Pops, since you have formal matters to attend to, I will not waste your time. I just hope that once you have settled your things, you can return here to take a look. Hehe."

"Yes, alright." Gate instantly stood up. "Since the word has been spread, let's go now. You should try to settle the storefront at Star Harbor. There are huge changes occurring there right now."

Hm, since Mister Gate was leaving, there would not be anyone suitable to take care of the store for the moment. It was time for a visit.

Everyone prepared to leave. Jiang Dongliu followed behind. He smiled and said, "Since you have decided to take a look there, I'll join you too as I'm not very occupied right now."

Then, one sentence from Hong Dali made Jiang Dongliu totally depressed.

"Right, Grandpa Jiang." Hong Dali tilted his head and said, "What did you say just now? You said you are the grandfather of Jiang Qianxue?"

"Little rascal, you dare not listen carefully to me?" Jiang Dongliu gave him a knock to the head. "Do you believe that I will beat you!"

Tianyi wanted to die at the side—you cannot compare with others. He worked with his life on the line. He even considered working with the mafia. In the end, Hong Dali managed to easily and effortlessly hitch a ride with the great Jiang Dongliu!

It was not an overstatement to say that Hong Dali did not need to be afraid of anyone in the entire Milky Way anymore. What the heck!

"Ah, haha, haha." Hong Dali scratched his head and dryly laughed. "Let's go now, then. Let's go. Haha, haha, my s.p.a.cecrafts are ready. Hm!"

Jiang Dongliu lifted his head and was instantly covered in tears—fifteen George Barton heavy armored s.p.a.cecrafts were parked in the sky! Even as one of the Five Kings, he had to respect their bearings!

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