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Chapter 1059: The Collapse (10)

Ling Tianya could feel Ruan Zeyan becoming increasingly angry. She grabbed his hand and challenged w.a.n.g Manpeng in an attempt to stop him provoking Ruan Zeyan. “w.a.n.g Manpeng, I'm not provoking you. You can press the remote. I want to see if this place will be blown up.”

“Impossible! I placed over ten bombs. Even if a bomb deactivation specialist had come to deactivate the bombs, he wouldn't be able to do it so quickly!” w.a.n.g Manpeng's eyes were bloodshot, and he was beginning to get angry. Because of Ling Tianya's words and her resolute tone, his heart began to struggle. “It's impossible! I don't believe it!”

“What is impossible about it!” Tao Dayu threw a couple of bombs that he had deactivated at w.a.n.g Manpeng's feet. “However many you have the ability to bury is the amount that we have the patience and ability to deactivate!”

w.a.n.g Manpeng looked at the deactivated bombs, and his emotions immediately hit an all time low.

Ling Tianya took the bomb that w.a.n.g Mandy had placed in the baby's carriage out of her purse. The red light on it was no longer blinking. Ling Tianya smiled mockingly at w.a.n.g Manpeng. “You must be familiar with this, yes?”

“How can it be!” w.a.n.g Manpeng's eyes widened. That bomb was the hardest one to deactivate, yet Ling Tianya had managed to do it? Why was the red light on it not blinking?

“w.a.n.g Manpeng, you are simply repulsive. You actually let w.a.n.g Mandy place this thing in my son's baby carriage. He is only a child and can't even talk yet. How can you be so cruel?” Ling Tianya held the bomb in her hand and glared hatefully at w.a.n.g Manpeng. “Now, this bomb is in my hand. You can press the b.u.t.ton right now. Let's see if I will die and be blown to smithereens!”

w.a.n.g Manpeng looked at Ling Tianya. This woman had the same look of hating everything, just like the one Ruan Zeyan had. That gaze made the last struggle in w.a.n.g Manpeng's heart crumble.

He was not reconciled to his failure. He had planned this entire thing so carefully. He had plotted and schemed and had endured all sorts of suffering and pain in order to get to the position he was in today.

Originally, he thought that he could avenge his parents and could finally let off steam. In the end, everything was defeated by her.

w.a.n.g Manpeng threw down the remote in his hand in disappointment. Tao Dayu quickly picked it up and, moving his hands quickly, broke the electric power source of the remote which caused it to no longer work.

Only when he had confirmed that the remote was nor longer functional did Tao Dayu lift his head toward Ling Tianya and nod at her.

Ling Tianya's body softened, and she leaned into Ruan Zeyan's arms, releasing a long breath.

Seeing Ling Tianya's reaction, w.a.n.g Manpeng also reacted. “Ling Tianya, you played me? You guys did not deactivate all of my bombs!”

Ling Tianya calmed herself down so that her heartbeat returned to its normal rate. She turned the black bomb over, and he could clearly see that the red light on it was blinking.

“That's right. Tao Dayu and the others only deactivated those couple of bombs,” Ling Tianya said, her tone bright. “That was close. If you had really pressed that b.u.t.ton, then probably not even my skeleton would exist now.”

Ruan Zeyan's hand, which was holding Ling Tianya, tightened. Even he had been deceived by this woman. He thought that that bomb really was safe.

“Ling Tianya!” w.a.n.g Manpeng fanatically shouted. His revenge plan had been defeated just like that by this woman's lies.

Was everything that he had done, everything that he had planned, everything that he had endured over so many years, all a waste?

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