Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 1303 - : About The Second Child (1)

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive -

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Chapter 1303: About The Second Child (1)

The news that Yu Luoluo had been chosen by Zhang Heng to be the female lead quickly spread. Now that the female lead had been decided, the entire production team held a press conference to promote the movie in advance.

After the press conference ended, all the actors had to undergo formal pre-training. It was a h.e.l.lish training.

All of their luggage was packed in advance. After the reception, everyone left in the car. They didn’t even have time to go home and went straight to the training camp.

In front of the bus, Yu Luoluo stood there and bid farewell to Ling Tianya. Her eyes were red. This was probably the first time she had left her family for so long, but she had to grow up, “Sister Tianya, my mom and grandmother will be counting on you.”

“Silly girl, what do you mean ‘counting on’ me? Taking care of them is what I should do. Don’t worry, train well and film well.” Ling Tianya comforted Yu Luoluo in a soft voice. She knew that this girl was very to homesickness, so choosing this path was also a big breakthrough for her. “You have to film well. Don’t be impatient and don’t lose your temper. Director Zhang is a very strict director. If you don’t meet his requirements, he will send you back. You are my sister. If you are sent back, I will be the one who will lose face. Do you understand?”

“I understand. Don’t worry, sister.”

It was time to set off. Yu Luoluo was the only one still under the bus. It would be a little embara.s.sing if they continued to drag it out. Ling Tianya let Yu Luoluo get into the bus.

After Yu Luoluo got into the bus, the bus set off quickly.

Ling Tianya stood there until the car was out of sight. She turned around and walked back, but the moment she turned around, she saw Cheng Chen.

“Huh? Why are you here?” Ling Tianya asked.

Cheng Chen’s eyes glanced at the direction of the bus and then he looked at Ling Tianya with a smile. “I’m here to pick you up. Let’s have dinner together tonight. Summon that rascal Ruan Zeyan too.”

Upon hearing Cheng Chen call Ruan Zeyan a rascal, Ling Tianya pursed her lips into a smile. “Okay, I got it.”

“Uh huh.” Cheng Chen nodded. “Then let’s go. I’ve already reserved a place at Ming Xuan.”

With that said, the father and daughter walked side by side away from the direction of the bus, getting further and further away..

* * * * *

A year later, Lina put down the work at hand and returned to the country for a vacation. At the airport, Ling Tianya and w.a.n.g Yazhi stood at the exit gate and waited. Not long after, Ruan Zeyan walked over with the 18 month old little rice dumpling, who was in his arms.

Little rice dumpling was being very naughty in Ruan Zeyan’s arms. The child might look small, but he was very strong. Ever since he could walk, he had been wanting to walk on the ground. He had to run after a few steps, and if he was careless, he would fall. Even if he fell, the child wouldn’t cry, he got up on his own and continued to run.

Therefore, in the manor now, all the areas where little rice dumpling could move freely were covered with soft carpets to prevent the child from falling.

However, in the airport, there were too many people and the ground was still very hard. Ling Tianya couldn’t control the little guy who moved so much, so she could only let Ruan Zeyan, his father, take care of him.

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” His body twisting non-stop as he tried to get on the ground, little rice dumpling said to Ruan Zeyan in a childish voice. “I don’t want daddy to carry me! I want to get on the ground!”

Ruan Zeyan put on a stern expression. “No getting on the ground. Be good!”

Little rice dumpling’s small mouth immediately pouted because he couldn’t run on the ground and was even scolded by his father.

At that moment, a beautiful figure walked out. Lina walked forward anxiously. She couldn’t wait to see Ling Tianya and Little rice dumpling.

As soon as she walked out of the gate, she saw the soft and cute figure. With a smile on her face, Lina immediately ran towards little rice dumpling. “My little rice dumpling! Grandma is here!

When Lina called herself grandma, she attracted the attention of the people around her. This woman looked like she was only in her thirties. How could she be a grandma at such a young age?

When little rice dumpling saw Lina, he immediately stretched out his small hand in grievance. “Grandma, daddy was mean!”

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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 1303 - : About The Second Child (1) summary

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