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Chapter 1664 - Quietly Came Into This World

Gu Zhiqian was listening to the conversation between the director and Guan Meiyi with a smug look on his face. He was thinking about how he was going to corner his wife on the wall and kiss her forcefully until she couldn't take it anymore.

In the end, his wife had said with a bitter face that she didn't want to film a kissing scene with him!​​


The man's face instantly darkened. "Guan Meiyi, what do you mean by this? If you don't want to film a kissing scene with me, who do you want to film it with? Which man do you want to film it with?"

Guan Meiyi looked up at the sky speechlessly. She had been resting at home when she was five months pregnant, and it had been five months since she had given birth. In the past year or so, other than meeting some family and friends occasionally, the person she had seen the most was Gu Zhiqian.

She had thought that she could meet new artistes by coming out to shoot, but she had not expected this man to shamelessly use his connections to oust the original male lead of this movie to become its leading man instead.

Great, now they'd meet each other during filming on set, and they'd still meet each other when they returned home after filming.

Guan Meiyi rolled her eyes at Gu Zhiqian and muttered, "Our kisses are already so bland..."

After Guan Meiyi said this, she felt that the temperature on the set had suddenly dropped. She carefully looked at Gu Zhiqian and realized that that man was smiling. However, this smile made her feel extremely on edge.

"Director." Gu Zhiqian looked at the director with a fake smile. "Sorry, since our female lead said that there would be no sparks between her and me in the kissing scene..."

"Then we won't be shooting that..." The director asked cautiously, but he felt that the air around them seemed to have become even colder.

"I'll go and create some sparks with her. We'll be back in a while."

After the man finished speaking, he stood up from his seat, lifted up Guan Meiyi into his arms in front of everyone, and strode towards their RV.

The staff members of the set could only stare at each other.

"Director Fu, are we still shooting?" The a.s.sistant director asked as he stretched his head out.

The director threw the script on the ground angrily. "Shoot, shoot, shoot! Why are we still shooting? Everyone, go take an hour's rest!"

The a.s.sistant director's head suddenly straightened. "An hour is so long!"

The director looked at Gu Zhiqian's RV in agonizedly. "It'd already be good enough if they can come out in an hour..."

An hour later.

The a.s.sistant director stuck his head out again. "Director Fu, it's already been an hour. Do you want to knock on the door?"

The director looked at the sky in frustration. If they didn't shoot right away, the scenery would change by the time the sun set, and they wouldn't be able to shoot this scene.

Just as the director was about to send someone to Gu Zhiqian's RV, he was already walking down hand in hand with Guan Meiyi, who looked uncomfortable.

Seeing the two of them, the director's eyes immediately lit up. "Quick, get ready. Let's start filming!"

After the two of them entered, the director asked Gu Zhiqian anxiously, "How is it? So Is it going to be a real kiss or a fake?"

Gu's lips curved into a perfect arc. "A real kiss."

"Okay! Actors, get into position. Start!"

The man smiled evilly, his slender fingers holding the woman's delicate chin. "In this life, the next one, and the one after that! I'm the only man you can have!"

With that, the man's lips landed firmly on the panicking woman's slightly parted red lips.

The director sat behind the camera and looked at the monitor. "Okay... Camera two, close-up."

All the crew members looked at Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi, thinking to themselves that they were indeed husband and wife. They were naturally not pretentious when shooting kissing scenes!

As time pa.s.sed, the director finally shouted loudly, "Cut!"

When the machine stopped, the crew members also followed suit.

Only the two people who were pa.s.sionately kissing did not stop. No matter how Guan Meiyi's small hands pushed Gu Zhiqian, they could not s.h.i.+ft this man in the slightest!

Guan Meiyi bitterly protested in her heart. She had said that she did not want to film the kissing scene with this man, because they simply could not stop!

However, what Guan Meiyi and Gu Zhiqian didn't know was that Bubbles' little brother had quietly come into the world in the past hour between them.

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