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2322 Chapter 2326

Yu Luoluo casually talked about the past, pa.s.sing through those difficult days in a few sentences. There was always a smile on her face, as if the past days, even if they were bitter, were also very happy.

Cheng Chen’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the girl in front of him, and his mind immediately recalled the scene when they first met.

At that time, Yu Luoluo was still a trainee at Zhi ya entertainment, and her relations.h.i.+p with Ling Tianya was not exposed. Because of her excellent grades, she was ostracized by the trainees from the same year.

That day, he left the company very late. He had always taken the elevator, but that day, he wanted to take the stairs. It was because of that that he noticed Yu Luoluo, who was training alone in the practice room late at night. She was obviously singing with emotions at the time, but as she sang, she started to cry.

At first, he only thought that this little girl was very interesting, so he stood in the dark and secretly observed her. However, unknowingly, he was attracted by Yu Luoluo’s explosive performance.

He still remembered that Yu Luoluo sang an old song by Lin Yilian. She cried and sang just like that. In the end, she stubbornly wiped her tears and comically pretended to be surrounded by the audience. She gave a full bow to show her respect.

When she bowed in the direction of the door and thanked him, she realized that he had been standing at the door for a long time.

Yu Luoluo was shocked and misunderstood him as a peeping tom. When she wanted to run out, she realized that the door of the practice room had been locked from the outside.

Just like that, Cheng Chen was forced to stay in the practice room with Yu Luoluo for the whole night. Yu Luoluo was very vigilant at first, but this vigilance did not last long before it broke.

Now that he thought about it, Yu Luoluo did not seem to have changed at all after so many years. Even after these few years, she had become a movie star, but she still looked carefree.

Cheng Chen could still remember that midsummer night when Yu Luoluo took off her guard and fell asleep on his shoulder, as well as the smell of the special shampoo on her hair and the detergent on her clothes.

A smile unconsciously appeared on Cheng Chen’s face. In fact, the encounter between him and Yu Luoluo was really like the first time the male lead and Cinderella met in an idol drama.

Yu Luoluo changed a spoon and turned around to continue cooking, “However, my grandmother often said that the food I make isn’t good, but I think it’s still okay. My grandmother is a gourmet and can cook a lot of delicious food, especially noodles. Sister Tianya especially liked to eat grandmother’s noodles. She seemed to never get tired of them. Every time grandmother made noodles, sister Tianya would eat several bowls. Even though she was so thin, she didn’t hesitate when eating grandmother’s noodles. Sometimes, I felt that sister Tianya was deliberately flattering grandmother. No matter how delicious it was, it wasn’t to the extent that she wouldn’t get bored after eating so much. However, it wasn’t until grandmother was paralyzed and couldn’t make noodles that I understood why sister Tianya cherished every chance to eat noodles so much. I’m starting to regret it now. Why didn’t I cherish it back then?”

Yu Luoluo’s eyes darkened, but they soon brightened up again, “I tried to make it according to grandmother’s recipe, but I couldn’t make it taste like grandmother’s. Even sister Tianya said that my cooking wasn’t as good as grandmother’s. “But even so, every time sister Tianya sees me, she still forces me to make noodles for her.”Yu Luoluo turned around and looked at Cheng Chen with a smile, “You mean sister Tianya...”

The moment she saw Cheng Chen, Yu Luoluo suddenly remembered his relations.h.i.+p with Ling Tianya, and the smile on her face suddenly became unnatural,”... isn’t sister Tianya too much...”

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