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Chapter 1464 Heavenly Chessboard

While countless eyes filled with malice peered through the spatial vortex, several silhouettes surrounded in bloodthirsty and fierce aura appeared one another another.

Figures hovered in the air, their malicious eyes locked on the Cangxuan Heaven experts.

Killing intent pervaded the atmosphere.

“Haha, heaven master Zhou Yuan is really here.” A laughter suddenly rang out from the spatial vortex, followed by a black-armored figure treading on air. Crimson-red fire lotus slowly rotated on the black armor like real objects.

Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed when he saw the black-armored figure because he sensed the Saint power emitted from him.

The person in front of him was a double-lotus Saint! This was information that he hadn’t received.

Moreover, behind the black-armored double-lotus Saint were nine figures following closely. The Saint power exuded from them indicated they were all at the Saint stage.

“I am Yan Xu of the Sacred Race. I have long heard about heaven master Zhou Yuan.” The black-armored man’s eyes were narrow, resembling a fox when he laughed.

“I’m a little surprised to see heaven master Zhou Yuan still here. I thought you would take your people and retreat to Cangxuan Heaven in embarra.s.sment.” Yan Xu wore a surprised smile.

However, Zhou Yuan remained nonchalant and just motioned the others to be on the alert and ready to act.

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan, there’s no need to make meaningless resistance, isn’t that right? Cangxuan Heaven’s foundation is too weak, so it’s not worth it.” Yan Xu persuaded seemingly sincerely, shaking his head.

“Why don't you take your people and leave this s.p.a.ce to me. That way we will meet and part on a good note, what do you say?”

Zhou Yuan finally smiled. “But I want to bring your head with me.”

Yan Xu clapped his hands. “Done!"

Then he grabbed his head and twisted it with a loud snap. His entire head was twisted off and was still smiling at Zhou Yuan. “Is this all right?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head, “I want to get it myself.”

Yan Xu put his head back, twisted his neck and said helplessly, “It seems heaven master Zhou Yuan really wants to die.

“You’re just a one-lotus Saint and you’re not in Cangxuan Heaven. Even if you have received some blessings, it is limited and will weaken with time..

“So, do you really think you can stop me?”

“I’ll give it a try,” said Zhou Yuan indifferently.

Yan Xu let out a loud sigh. “It seems we have nothing to talk about then. Never mind, you all will have to die.”

His eyes suddenly turned chilling and the temperature across the world plummeted.

“Kill them all and spare no one.”

Yan Xu motioned with his hand as his indifferent voice reverberated through the air. The nine Saints behind him suddenly erupted with mighty Saint power as they soared into the air.

On Zhou Yuan's side, Zhuan Zhu and the other eight Saints also turned fierce and their Saint power swept across the world. With a slight movement, they shot into the sky to meet the enemy Saint head-on.


Eighteen Saints clashed at the same time, and the collision of the mighty Saint power set off thousand-foot waves in the sea domain s.p.a.ce and destroyed tremendous islands.

When the Saints of both sides clashed, Law Domain experts also rushed out and opened up their Law Domains. Each one was colourful and stunning and created a spectacular sight.

Both sides’ Law Domain experts collided and not one area in that subs.p.a.ce remained peaceful.

A large-scale battle instantly broke out, and the flames of war spread far and wide.

Zhou Yuan didn’t glance at the battles in every direction and just locked his eyes on the black-armored man. His expression suddenly changed as the mighty Saint power within him was about to erupt.

But he sensed a bizarre force had enveloped the sea domain s.p.a.ce. It was just that the force wasn’t directly or strongly targeted at him.

“Do you feel it?” Yan Xu suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Yuan. His narrow eyes were razor-sharp and he wore a smiling expression.

He didn't use his Saint power to fight Zhou Yuan. Instead he sat down cross-legged in the air.

“What did you do?” Zhou Yuan asked indifferently, and then he also sat down.

Yan Xu smiled, flicking his sleeve. A ray red light shot out from his sleeve and landed between them, forming a red chessboard.

The chessboard, mottled and ancient, was inscribed with countless ancient and obscure runes that seemed to possess a special connection with the world.

“This is the Heavenly Chessboard, a top double-lotus Saint object. The moment I appeared here, this s.p.a.ce has become a chessboard. You and I are the chess players, and the rest are chess pieces.”

As Yan Zu ran his palm over the chessboard, red light acc.u.mulated and formed 18 strangely bright chess pieces. They were naturally the 18 Saints of both sides.

In addition to the eighteen Saint chess pieces were smaller pieces fighting and colliding with each other. It was the huge army of both sides.

Expressionless, Zhou Yuan thrust his hand towards Yan Xu. Vast, mighty Saint power gushed out like a giant dragon and fiercely slammed into Yan Xu’s body.

However, Yan Xu didn’t block or evade, and just let the hand strike him. But he remained motionless, as though suffered no injury.

“Don't waste your strength. Only triple-lotus Saints can break this game with force. You have to properly follow the rules of the game.” Yan Xu smiled.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “You are a veteran double-lotus Saint and I'm just a one-lotus Saint. As you said, we should fight properly, why go to such efforts?”

Yan Xu sighed. “It can’t be help. Your accomplishments and achievements are too remarkable. The Saints who underestimated you were all defeated in the end. So I don’t plan to treat you as a one-lotus Saint because I want to smoothly complete my mission.”

“What an honour." Zhou Yuan was at a little loss for words. He couldn't help but find Yan Xu’s fear of him a little amusing because Yan Xu clearly had an absolute advantage in terms of strength. After all, Zhou Yuan wasn’t in Cangxuan Heaven and his blessing power would weaken with time.

But even if Yan Xu had an advantage, Yan Xu didn’t wish to face Zhou Yuan head-on and rather go to the efforts to summon a top double-lotus Saint object to deal with Zhou Yuan.

“Since it’s a game of chess, we naturally have to use the chess pieces to attack, and then determine the winner in the end.”

Yan Xu smiled faintly, pointing to the red chessboard in front of him. “The rules are actually very simple. As my team gradually gains the upper hand, I will be strengthened and you will be weakened.”

“That’s not really fair. You were the one who set the rules,” protested Zhou Yuan.

Yan Xu smiled. “Does fairness exist in the world? When you joined the game, you were already a step too slow. However, the two sides' strength need to be equal for the Heavenly Chessboard to take effect.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were deep as ocean as he said, “But I'm not interested in this game. I’d rather flip over this chess board.”

“I just told you that this is a top double-lotus Saint object and only triple-lotus Saints could break it with force.” Yan Xu shook his head.

“I don’t believe it.” Zhou Yuan grinned, showing his white teeth. As he lifted his hand into the air, a mottled black brush slowly rose and hovered above the chessboard.

Ancient runes emerged on the black brush and turned into streams of light and streaked down.

As though sensing something strange, the chessboard released rays of red light to collide and corrode the streams of light.

The chessboard trembled under that collision and its light flickered indefinitely.

Yan Xu narrowed his eyes. “You want to change the rules?”

How would he not sense the millions of Genesis Runes contained in the mysterious streams of light streaking down from the mottle black brush? When the Genesis Runes came into contact with the Heavenly Chessboard, they even tried to corrode the inside of the chessboard and alter the rules.

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan is indeed remarkable. You have such a profound mastery of Genesis Runes.” Yan Xu marveled. Zhou Yuan is indeed tricky to deal with. He didn’t choose to break the chessboard with force but with skill.

“It seems I have to make this chess game end before you achieve your plan.”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and said, “Didn’t you just say that the chessboard will only take effect if the two sides’ strength is similar on the surface.”

Yan Xu chuckled. “You also said it—it’s only on the surface.” His lips curled in a strange smile as he stretched out a finger and tapped a Law Domain chess piece.

Zhou Yuan’s heart sank when he saw his finger move.

He felt a powerful wave of energy suddenly erupted on the battlefield below. That wave of energy was only at the Law Domain stage but it suddenly soared, broke the restraint and reached the Saint stage.

Zhou Yuan's eyes were ice-cold as he glared at Yan Xu’s smiling expression, and he spat out, “You…son of a b.i.t.c.h.”

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