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Chapter 888 Dragon’s Resentment Appears


The storm-like shock waves of Genesis Qi raged on the mountain summit, and where it pa.s.sed, countless rocks and trees were turned to smithereens. Above the ground, waves of soil hundreds of meters tall gushed towards the periphery, violently trembling the entire towering mountain.

A huge crack even spread across the summit. Cliffs crumbled to pieces, sending dust whirling.

Countless people stared in shocked disbelief.

To achieve this degree of destructive power in a battle of the Divine Dwelling stage wasn’t easy. The ferocity of the match between Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao was obvious.

All eyes were intently fixed on the mountain summit. n.o.body dared to blink even once.


Under the countless watchful gazes, two figures flashed out from the raging waves of soil. The two landed on the ground, creating two deep ditches.

It was Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao!

Their clothes were ripped apart, exposing their upper bodies and revealing stains of blood, particularly on their fists. Their skin was broken, and their bones were faintly visible.

From the looks of it, the two sides were equally matched in the previous horrifying exchange!


This result made many people gasp in astonishment. Although they didn’t understand why Liu Xiao’s strength had soared to such a terrifying level, they knew that he had to have paid an unknown price in exchange. In their view, since Lu Xiao had brought out such an attack, it was only right to see such an outcome.

But the present situation made them understand that they had still underestimated Zhou Yuan, the dark horse. His tenacity exceeded their imagination.

“Zhou Yuan isn’t ordinary!”

“It is said that he has only just broken through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. If my guess is correct, he has most likely connected only seven of his nine Divine Dwellings. If he is already this powerful, how terrifying would he be when all nine of his Divine Dwelling integrate and his potential breaks out?”

“If he connects all nine dwellings, Lu Xiao won’t stand a chance.”

“His potential is simply terrifying!”

Lu Xiao was very overbearing because he had already connected through to his ninth Divine Dwelling, which also indicated that his strength had reached its limit. If he wanted to ascend again, he would need external opportunities, and such an opportunity was rare and hard to come by.

But it wasn’t the same for Zhou Yuan. He had only connected through to the seventh Divine Dwelling, which meant his potential in the Divine Dwelling stage hadn’t been fully squeezed out yet.

Therefore, if Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao were compared to each other, many people would lean towards Zhou Yuan’s side.

If Zhou Yuan could defeat Lu Xiao, he would become the leading Divine Dwelling stage expert in the Tianyuan Region. And if he connected through to the ninth Divine Dwelling, he would perhaps have the qualification to compete with the top heaven prides of the other eight regions.

Zhou Yuan would have enough strength to hold the ninth position on the Divine Dwelling List on his own. This did not rely on the other regions giving face to the Tianyuan Region and increasing his ranking.

There was complete silence on the Fire Pavilion’s side. Zuo Ya clenched both hands and gnashed her teeth. She was annoyed that Zhou Yuan was like an unbeatable monster. He had clearly fallen into a disadvantageous situation but was still able to ultimately reverse the tide!

It should be said that Lu Xiao had almost revealed all his trump cards!

But even so, he still wasn’t able to crush Zhou Yuan. What did that mean?

At this very moment, no matter how shortsighted Zuo Ya was, she had no choice but to face this question because it meant that the insignificant person in her eyes had already possessed the qualification to compete against Lu Xiao.

Thinking of this, Zuo Ya suddenly felt a chill rising from her feet to her heart, because she had to think about what the consequences would be if Lu Xiao lost.

“Impossible,” Zuo Ya muttered and immediately shook her head. She would never believe that Zhou Yuan could beat Lu Xiao.

“Don’t worry too much. Although Zhou Yuan is very troublesome, he might not necessarily win in the end.”

Hearing Zhu Lian’s rea.s.surance, Zuo Ya, like a drowning person grabbing onto the last straw, nodded firmly. “Senior brother Lu Xiao will definitely win!”


A mouthful of blood spewed out of Lu Xiao’s mouth, and fury surged within his dark eyes. His previous attack had failed to crush Zhou Yuan completely, and it was a great blow to his heart. After all, he had fought to this point and had even brought out the nine-headed abyssal python.

Even so, Zhou Yuan had still blocked his attack!

Wouldn’t that mean he would have already lost to Zhou Yuan if he didn’t have the blood of the nine-headed abyssal python?

Lu Xiao’s originally handsome face was contorted. In the past, Zhou Yuan wasn’t even worth a glance, and he simply held Zhou Yuan’s victories in contempt.

He believed that Zhou Yuan’s previous victories were only possible because he hadn’t taken any action and that once he did, Zhou Yuan’s good luck would come to an end.

That was what he had always thought.

Until now.

Looking at the blood-soaked figure in the distance, Lu Xiao felt a trace of regret surface in his heart. If he had known that Zhou Yuan would become so difficult to deal with, he would have gone with Fang Qi to Yu Prefecture to ambush and kill him!

If that had been the case, he wouldn’t be having so much trouble!

Lu Xiao’s face was overcast. He understood that if he had such a thought, it meant that he had truly lost and needed to crush Zhou Yuan.

Lu Xiao drew a deep breath. A resolute and fierce expression came to his eyes.


He quickly folded his hands together, and a black aura mingled with blood seeped from the cracks in his body.

The monstrous black aura gathered behind him, and the dark shadow of the nine-headed abyssal python grew clearer. Vaguely, one could see nine pairs of cold, ferocious eyes hiding in the dark fog.


The python’s hissing sounded from the black fog, and then nine tremendous mouths opened wide, ruthlessly biting into Lu Xiao’s giant-like body.


Lu Xiao let out an anguished scream, black snake-like objects moving beneath his skin, making him appear particularly tragic.

However, it was at this moment that the nine-headed black shadow rapidly shrank, as if turning into black fog and completely integrating with Lu Xiao’s body.

The black fog outside Lu Xiao’s body grew increasingly intense and even became sticky.

After a few breaths, the black fog shrank back, solidifying on the surface of his body as if turning into an outer black sh.e.l.l.

Countless people were intently staring at the tumbling black fog in shocked disbelief. They could clearly feel an extremely tyrannical aura emerging from within it as if the real nine-headed abyssal python was coming into the world.

The black mist surged, and a foot wrapped in a layer of black stepped out. The black mist suddenly dissipated, revealing Lu Xiao covered in black sh.e.l.l-like armor.

Adding to this, the skin around Lu Xiao’s neck squirmed as nine python heads drilled out, each spitting and hissing, making bone-chilling squeaking noises.

At this moment, Lu Xiao was like a snake demon climbing out of an abyss!

Countless people paled at the sight of the nine pythons. This was because the blood of the nine-headed abyssal python had greatly merged with Lu Xiao’s body. But was it Lu Xiao who had fused with the nine-headed abyssal python, or was it the nine-headed abyssal python who had fused with him? If Lu Xiao was unable to maintain a clear mind, he would become a snake demon without any rationality.


Lu Xiao’s tongue had also become long and thin, and his eyes were completely snake-like, filled with viciousness and killing intent. He licked his face.


He stomped his feet, his figure shot straight into the sky, and the ground collapsed.

The endless black mist roared out of his body, and then, like a black meteor, he shot downward.

Lu Xiao clenched his fist and threw out a punch. Nine snake heads drilled out from his neck and coiled around his arms. The power of his fist almost directly shattered the void.

This punch was Lu Xiao’s full-strength punch!


Before the wind caused by the fist could subside, the ground began to collapse.

Countless people were stunned by his full-strength attack!


A cold hiss sounded from Lu Xiao’s mouth.


Under the watchful eye of countless people, Lu Xiao, who resembled a snake demon, directly descended onto Zhou Yuan, who was standing motionless. The feeling was as though he was frozen to the spot from fear of Lu Xiao’s counterattack.


Lu Xiao whizzed towards him and blasted out another punch.

Watching the destructive punch rapidly grow larger before his eyes, Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and then slowly closed his eyes.

All his fingers tensed up.

In the palm of his hand, something that had been silent for a long time seemed to be quietly awakening.

“Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wis.h.!.+”

His eyes snapped open, and his pupil gradually changed to those of a dragon.

An intense blood-red aura containing indescribable madness erupted from his palm like a torrent.

“Dragon! Resentment! Transformation!”

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