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Chapter 1052: Quickly scram!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

This man’s connection with a certain high-ranking official in the capital alone was enough to oppress her!

Forget about a comeback, it would be a blessing if he did not get implicated himself!

It was hard enough just thinking of how to save himself; who would care about the safety of that la.s.s?

D*mn. She deserved it even if she died!

That unruly la.s.s did not know what was good for her!

Other celebrities could understand the rules, so how did she end up offending this big shot? He really could not fathom it!

Beside feeling helpless, infuriated, and worried, Sun Hua felt fear and uneasiness even more.

Li Dongliang expressionlessly squinted at him and scoffed. “Why are you still standing there? Are my words not clear enough? Get lost and don’t get in my way!”

The latter gritted his teeth. How could he leave now? The man had not made things clear with him yet! If he left, the man would likely seek trouble with him later.

He was still counting on the man for a living!

No way was he going to stumble here over a little la.s.s!

He apologized, “Boss Li, I’m really sorry! I didn’t expect that Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ not to play by the rules and to end up creating such a trouble for me!”

Giving him a vicious glare, the man sneered. “I don’t want to talk so much nonsense with you. Don’t you ever give me sh*t again! Didn’t I task you to handle things properly?! Hm? She’s only a small actress; why didn’t she learn how to read people’s faces for a living? What’s going on? Does she think herself as Du s.h.i.+niang?!”

Frightened by the sharp gaze, he nearly knelt before the man. Although he felt aggrieved and wronged, he could only suffer in bitter silence.

“Boss, how about I kneel before you? I’ll leave that la.s.s for you to discard, but… please let me off! Otherwise… I’m feeling very wronged! Next time, I’ll bring you a docile woman!”

“You still want a next time? I got stabbed in my waist this time around; if the next woman you send ends up being more vicious than her, won’t she stab my family jewels?! You’re bent on bringing calamity on me, aren’t you?!”

Li Dongliang snorted, clearly not buying his trick, and, with a turn of his head, roared, “Do you think I believe your words?! Bah! Get as far away from me as possible! You sent her to me; now that things have gone wrong, you want to pretend that everything’s fine?! D*mn you! Dream on! Why don’t I stab you with a knife for experience?!”

Sun Hua’s face instantly paled, unable to spit out a word as he shuddered.

He thought to himself, I’m really doomed this time!

It was not enough that the b*tch got herself into trouble; she just had to drag him down, too!

If this middle-aged man really wanted to settle scores, would he still be able to live?!

“What are you doing standing there?!” Li Dongliang felt more irritated upon seeing him standing there with a bitter face, so he stretched out his leg to give him a hard kick.

He was fine if he did not move, but due to his impulsive action, he pulled onto his wound.

His body twitched as he grimaced in pain and cursedly softly; his face contorted even more when he found the guy still lingering around!

“Hurry up and get lost! D*mn!”

Sun Hua was so frightened that he stumbled backward and nearly fell to the ground.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1052 - Quickly scram! summary

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