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Chapter 2362: Chosen to Be the Female Lead

The bar manager immediately replied, “Yes, we’ve called for an ambulance!”

“It hasn’t arrived yet?”

“No. There’s probably a traffic jam on this street at this hour!”

“What happened here, anyway?”

Feeling equally baffled, the manager helplessly answered, “Beats me… I find this situation strange, too. When my staff reported that someone had caught fire, I immediately evacuated the crowd and sent people to extinguish the fire. The fire was burning strongly, though, so we only managed to put it out about five minutes ago. The victim has lost consciousness. None of us dares to get close to the woman, let alone touch her!”

The officer knitted his brows tightly, finding this matter to be very fishy.

He then took a look at the victim’s condition, which was one startling sight, for her body was badly burned. He could imagine how big the fire was for her to be burned to this stage.

Not long after, the ambulance arrived. The paramedics swiftly lifted the victim on a gurney and took her to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ was keeping vigil at the hospital, reading the script that her manager had sent to her as she sat on the bench in the long hallway.

The script was for the new acting job that Qin Zhou had accepted for her—an urban series adaptation of a best-selling novel. This time, though, the director and the investors had specifically chosen her to be the female lead of the drama, so she could be said to have parachuted straight into the production team.

Seeing how loud her name was right now, and how her demeanor and looks suited the female lead of their drama, the production team did not hesitate to cast her on the show.

Discussions about her remuneration had just been settled between the production team and her manager earlier, yet the star agent had already delivered the script to her.

She knew very well that such an opportunity did not come easy.

As a rookie actress, she was still lacking in acting experience, but her debut film, ‘The Green Apple,’ had propelled her straight to stardom, with it becoming a dark horse among the many other films released during the New Year holiday and winning the box-office crown following its impressive results.

Of course, apart from Lin Fengtian and Gu Xingze’s appeal, her superb acting as the female lead played an important role, too.

Her pure looks and her remarkable performance had garnered her quite the popularity and die-hard fans.

The reason for them choosing her was not solely that, though.

The recent practices in the s...o...b..z industry were terrible.

Many dramas were crudely made despite the production budget being ample with the generous funding of the investors. It was all because most of the money had gone straight into the main leads’ pockets.

Some starlets, for the sake of earning more money, would accept several acting calls and rotate between several production teams at the same time. This resulted in their poor acting performance, which subsequently led to the shows’ poor production and eventual ratings.

There was even one period drama that had CGI dominating the entire show. Apart from the few front shots, most had stand-ins acting in place of the thespians.

Besides achieving overnight fame with ‘The Green Apple’, she received plenty of praise from others in her line of work for her professionalism and dedication.

In addition, Huanyu had dedicated quite the resources to her.

From her stunning appearance at the Fas.h.i.+on Week to her winning awards at the film festival, she had, at this point, become one of the hottest starlets and idols in the entertainment scene.

The star agent’s request for his charge to receive remuneration of five hundred thousand and per episode was, honestly, a very reasonable amount when compared to Yang Mi’s one million and Lin Zhi’s eight hundred thousand per episode.

Even though she only had had one representative work thus far, the investor thought very highly of her as an artist with limitless potential and predicted that her popularity would reach new heights with the release of her latest show, ‘Lethal Beauty.’

Qin Zhou even heard hearsays of Lin Zhi voluntarily lowering her remuneration, resorting to plenty of dirty tricks, and using her connections to try and take his charge’s new role for herself. Alas, she failed to clinch this lead role, for the director had insisted on Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ as the female lead.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 2362 - Chosen to Be the Female Lead summary

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