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Chapter 2363: Lifting of the Ban

The director had insisted on Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ as the female lead.

Lin Zhi was utterly enraged because of that. On second thought, however, she reckoned it was not a given that the rookie’s popularity would surge anew following the show’s airing, for the latter was playing a villainous role in it.

‘Lethal Beauty’ was now at the post-production stage. It was decided that the leading satellite channel would broadcast three episodes of this long series every, between six to eight o’clock in the evening, on a primetime slot while the crew continued to work on its post-production.

She, on the other hand, might very well gain another rank with ‘Lethal Beauty’. By then, would she even have to worry about receiving good scripts?

Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ had gone through the entire script in hand, and from what she had heard, the production team was trying to cast Gu Xingze as the male lead. The second male lead, meanwhile, was practically made for Hua Jin, so he was naturally confirmed as part of the cast.

Gu Xingze?!

The superstar had been banned for quite some time, but word had it that Huanyu had lifted off his acting ban.

Mixed emotions arose within her when she learned this piece of news.

She inevitably felt awkward at the thought of acting alongside him should he accept the role.

According to Qin Zhou, the investors had selected Gu Xingze as the male lead because of the soaring popularity of ‘The Lucky Couple’ on Weibo. Many fans of ‘The Green Apple’ were also looking forward to seeing the duo act as a couple again.

Even though they had only recorded a few episodes for ‘The Love Diary’ as an imaginary couple, they were warmly received by many fans. It was just that, due to the superstar’ ban, their screentime as a couple had to, unfortunately, come to an abrupt end.

With reactions to the later imaginary celebrity couples being lukewarm, fans and film enthusiasts strongly wished to see ‘The Lucky Couple’ appear together again.

Thus, after his ban had been lifted, the production team of ‘The Love Diary’ approached the rookie actress to discuss her reappearing in the said show. She, however, declined their invitation.

It was also because of the potential market of ‘The Lucky Couple’ that the investors decided on the superstar as the male lead and was now in the talks with him.

The influence of ‘The Green Apple’ was not to be underestimated. Even though the film was no longer showing in cinemas, its popularity remained high and showed no signs of declining, much to Lin Fengtian’s surprise and delight.

Meanwhile, Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ and Gu Xingze had also been named as the most-popular on-screen couple after a much intense round of online voting.

While tucking her fringe behind her ear from time to time, the woman, who was concentrating on reading the script in her hands, heard someone calling her name.


She looked up quizzically, only to see Ji Lin standing at the end of this long corridor, looking at her with some surprise.

“Producer Ji?” She placed her script aside and stood up, feeling astonished. “Hi, there.”

The man smiled at her. “You’re still here at this late hour? Are you keeping vigil of your father?”

She nodded and asked, “What brings you here?”

“Something happened to an artist under my care, so I’m here to settle things.”

“What happened?”

He hesitatingly shook his head. “I rushed over upon receiving a call saying that Lu Jingtian’s been badly burned by fire. She’s still in the ER, and things aren’t looking good for her.”

“Badly burned?!” She furrowed her brows in shock. “How did that happen to her? What caused it?”

The producer shook his head once more, feeling equally baffled. “I was resting at home when I received a call from the police, telling me to inform Jingtian’s parents that she’s in the hospital for third-degree burns. I’ll have to make a trip down the precinct later to find out what exactly happened to her.”

Her eyelids twitched hard at that moment as she got an ominous premonition.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 2363 - Lifting of the Ban summary

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