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Chapter 3017: Gu Jinglian’s Methods (4)

With Song Jianjun backing her up, Jiang Qimeng boldly said, “Have you any idea who this man lying on this bed is?!”

The nurse glanced at Song Zhengguo and snapped, “I know of course! The nameplate says ‘Song Zhengguo’!”

“Do you know who arranged for us to stay in this hospital?”

“It’s Chief Song.”

“Since you know…”

“The hospital has already reported it to Chief Song. Chief was the one who instructed me to do this!” the nurse said confidently.

Jiang Qimeng turned ashen when she heard this. “What?!”

“We’ve already spoken to Chief Song on the phone! He’s approved this decision!”

Pausing for a moment, the nurse said nervously, “Can you not make things difficult for us?! I heard that the hospital where you went for treatment yesterday was smashed by the Gu family. Several millions’ worth of equipment had been destroyed! Everyone in the hospital is saying that you are jinxes. Wherever you go, the Gu family will cause trouble there. No hospital will dare to take you in anymore!”

Jiang Qimeng was stunned for a long time. When the nurse turned to continue with what she was doing, the other woman immediately stopped her. “My daughter is still in critical condition. She’s still receiving blood transfusion. You can’t remove it!”

“Since Chief Song has spoken, the hospital director can’t possibly just stand by and watch as the hospital gets wrecked because of you!”

“The hospital is a place to save the dying and heal the injured. Are you able to just stand by and watch as people die then?!”

“We’re talking about entirely different things!”

However, the nurse was a sn.o.b. With the hospital’s support, she ignored Jiang Qimeng’s protests and summoned a few male doctors. Together, they pushed the beds out of the hospital.

When the Gu family’s men saw that the Song family had been driven out, they immediately retreated.

Jiang Qimeng was incensed. This Gu Jinglian was forcing her into a corner!

She called Song Jianjun, who helplessly said that he had no choice as well, but to send Song Zhengguo and Song Enya home.

Jiang Qimeng initially thought that Gu Jinglian would stop here.

However, she never expected that he was a person who knew no boundaries once he was angered. He wouldn’t stop until there was blood shed.

This man had always repaid kindness tenfold and hatred a hundredfold!

If someone were to upset him, he’d definitely repay it a thousand times over!

Just as the car pulled up to the house and before Jiang Qimeng could even unload her husband and daughter, she spotted several cars parked along the entrance of the Song family’s residence. Someone got out of one of the cars. Jiang Qimeng had met this person once before, over a meal. It was Shen Yanfei from the Beijing Discipline Inspection Commission Office.

Her mind went blank, and she immediately walked up and asked, “Director Shen, you…”

“Mrs. Song, I received an anonymous complaint of Director Song being involved in corruption and bribery. We’re here to understand the situation!”

What’s… going on?

He’s here to raid the Song family residence?!

Jiang Qimeng let out an angry laughter and questioned, “Who filed the corruption and bribery complaint? Do you have evidence?!”

Shen Yanfei gave a superficial smile and replied in an emotionless tone, “The person who filed the complaint provided conclusive evidence. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have mobilized so many people. Don’t you think so? Haha!”

His tone was extremely icy, as if deliberately drawing a clear boundary between himself and the Song family!

Here was another person who was adding insult to injury!

This is the reality of this world!

When one is in power, one will be the moon among the stars, but when one falls from grace, even a stray dog will not give you a second glance!

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 3017 - Gu Jinglian's Methods (4) summary

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