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Chapter 3063: The Love Of Your Life (34)

The man sucked in a breath of cold air. “Corneas? Are you saying that we’re going to remove the corneas from this woman’s eyes?”

“How else?! Are you feeling pity for her? This woman is a low life form. She brought this upon herself and deserves to die!”

“Tsk tsk tsk!”

“No! He can’t do that!” Yun Na suddenly leaned against the wall in fear. She could not believe that Mu Yazhe would be so cruel!

“What do you mean he can’t do that?! B*tch, this is your debt and you should pay it back! Why did you do it in the first place?! Your sister is Madam Mu, and you could have lived a good life, yet you have to commit such a heinous crime! Why?!”

Yun Na’s breathing suddenly quickened. She opened her mouth, but no words came out!

The realization hit her that Mu Yazhe was keeping her alive for the sake of her eyes!

She finally understood!

But, no way!!

It was not because she was afraid of pain, rather, she was most unwilling to accept it!

Why should that be?!

What right did he have to treat her like this?!

Did the heavens not think that she had suffered enough?!

She could give her eyes to anyone but Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+!

She hated that name to the core!

After Mu Yazhe’s visit, Yun Na found out about this matter and could not regain her composure for a long time. Initially, she would create a ruckus, and even used unscrupulous means to anger the men guarding her, hoping that they would get angry and beat her to death!

However, after she had calmed down, she suddenly saw the light. She stopped arguing. She fell silent and her heart was like a stagnant lake without any ripples!

She had thought of something and was secretly planning how to execute it!

On this particular night, the few men prepared dinner. Just as they were about to start eating, Yun Na suddenly said, “I wish to eat.”

When the men heard that, they were surprised. This woman had never been willing to eat without kicking up a fuss. Most of the time, they relied on the nutrient solution to maintain her health. Sometimes, they would force feed her, knowing that it wouldn’t do her any good to be put on a nutrient drip for a prolonged period. However, she wasn’t cooperative at all.

Now that she had taken the initiative to ask for food, the man felt that it was extremely deliberate.

One of the men replied angrily. “Why are you asking for food all of a sudden? Didn’t you refuse to eat in the past?!”

“I’m hungry and I want some food. Can’t I?!” Yun Na was aggressive and her gaze was fierce.

Her att.i.tude annoyed the men even further. “You b*tch, we’re talking to you nicely. Why are you acting like a mad dog?!”

Yun Na, on the other hand, sneered and said, “I won’t eat then, since you’re not allowing me to!”

The men looked at each other, feeling suspicious and even more wary.

“You’re not planning to play any tricks, are you?”

Yun Na laughed scornfully. “You guys have got my hands and feet tied, what kind of tricks can I play? Moreover, look at you guys. You’re such big-sized men. Are you really worried about not being able to manage an almost crippled woman?”

“You sure have a sharp tongue! Alright, got it!”

The man filled her bowl with rice, some vegetables and meat, then walked over to the bed with the intention of feeding her.

Yun Na snapped, “I’ll feed myself!”


“Untie my hands, I’ll eat on my own!”

As she said that, she glared at him fiercely. “I will not be fed!”

The man finally lost his temper and ran out of patience. “What are you up to?! I’ll feed you! Don’t play any tricks!”

“I won’t eat what you feed me!”

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 3063 - The Love Of Your Life (34) summary

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