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Chapter 4467 - 4467 The Other Side 436

4467 The Other Side 436

“We’re still about 40 kilometers from the port. If we walked all night, we might not be able to get there. We have to rush back to the port before dawn tomorrow.”

If his men could not get to them in time, they could end up being trapped in this chaotic place and be doomed. What worried him even more was that there seemed to be no news from Vermilion Bird.

During the last call, he thought he had heard an explosion. Gong Jie suspected that Jim had swapped the actor for a human bomb. The latter would be pa.s.sed off as a hostage, but In fact would have sufficient explosives strapped to his body.

He wondered how Vermilion Bird, Natalia, and Alice were doing. He had already dispatched dozens of mercenaries to search along the way, according to the location of the last call. So far, there had been no feedback.


However, now that things had come to this, it was beyond Gong Jie’s care. His most important goal now was to leave this place safely with Hua Jin.

Only, this 40 kilometers was not a big deal to him. Normally, a session of his training activity would have already covered 40 kilometers at least. Although 40 kilometers was a long distance to Hua Jin, the will to survive always brings out limitless potential in people. In order to live, 40 kilometers was nothing! The scary thing was, he had no idea what they would encounter along the journey.

“Put this on.” Gong Jie handed Hua Jin a bulletproof vest. The actor took it, but he did not expect the garment to be so much heavier than he had imagined.

“Why is it so heavy?”

“Because it’s a bulletproof vest.”

“Is that so?” Hua Jin remarked, “I’ve come across bulletproof vests before. They weren’t this heavy.” He put on the bulletproof vest and muttered, “This is practically making me walk 40 kilometers with weights. d.a.m.n it.”

“An ordinary bulletproof vest is certainly not this heavy.”



The man walked up to him, reached into his vest, pulled out a straw, and opened the valve.

“There’s a filtration device inside. There’s some water in it. As long as there’s a water source, it can be replenished when it runs low. When water is drawn inside, it will pa.s.s through a circulation device and becomes drinkable by human standards. In addition, this is a special bulletproof vest. Other than heavy sniping, it can resist a broad range of bullets.” As Gong Jie spoke, he put a bulletproof helmet on Hua Jin.

The actor felt that this helmet was many times heavier than the heavy headwear used during filming. “I feel heavy all over.” Thirsty, Hua Jin took out the straw and took a few sips greedily. Although the water had been filtered, it had an strange, fishy smell.

He frowned. It tasted bad, but he took a few gulps nevertheless. He was too thirsty. It had been a few days since he could drink so freely. His lips were parched and cracked.

As Gong Jie looked at him, he felt an inexplicable heartache.

“Hmm… I think I drank so much, there’s almost nothing left.”

“Don’t worry. I still have some with me.”

“Is this water enough for us to walk more than 40 kilometers?”

“I don’t know if there are any rivers ahead. If there are, replenis.h.i.+ng won’t be a problem. The important thing is…”


Before he could finish, Gong Jie heard a growl coming from the actor’s stomach.

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