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Chapter 4624 - 4624 Never Too Late to Love (31)

4624 Never Too Late to Love (31)

Perhaps it was because someone was waiting that Bai Sheng worked extra efficiently. She completed all the details within a very short time. This design had been brewing in her mind all along, and now, she was just translating her ideas into a design draft. It was a piece of cake for her. Hence, she completed it very quickly.

When she closed the notebook, the clock hands were indicating at 10pm.

It was late!

Bai Sheng walked out of the room in frustration and saw Gu Chengze sitting on the sofa. He was quietly waiting for her. She felt especially embarra.s.sed.


She walked over guiltily. Gu Chengze heard footsteps and raised his head. When he saw her, he smiled and asked, “Are you done?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well then, would you like to shower first, or should I shower first, or…” Gu Chengze said meaningfully, “we could shower together…”

Shower together… Bai Sheng’s face burned a bright red upon hearing those words, making her look like a crab in a steamer.

“You… you go ahead.”

“Eh?” Gu Chengze seemed a little regretful. “There’s such a big bathtub at home. You don’t want to take a bath together?”

“Why don’t you go first!” Other than this, Bai Sheng didn’t know what else to say.

Gu Chengze stopped teasing her and patted her head. “I’ll go first then.”

Bai Sheng walked stiffly to the sofa and sat down. She casually picked up the remote control and pointed it at the television. However, she realized she didn’t feel like watching television at all. Instead, her mind was filled with Gu Chengze’s ambiguous words.

Arghhhhhh… So embarra.s.sing!

The thought of him making her call out “hubby” and punis.h.i.+ng her with kisses in the kitchen made her cover her face in frustration.

Half an hour later, Gu Chengze walked out of the bathroom and saw that Bai Sheng was holding the remote control, her thumb aimlessly hitting the b.u.t.tons. However, the remote control was held upside down and the television was not even turned on.

Greatly amused, he crossed his arms over his chest and said, “It’s your turn.”

The girl stood up with her head lowered and made her way towards the bathroom.

Gu Chengze s.h.i.+fted slightly, but she was only paying attention to the path under her feet and did not look up at all. She walked right into him.

“Oh…” She rubbed her forehead in pain and lifted her gaze to see Gu Chengze looking at her with a smile.

“Something on your mind?”

“No… no…” Bai Sheng did not dare to look him in the eye, especially when the man was wearing a bathrobe, revealing part of his well-defined chest.

She shaded her eyes and inched her way into the bathroom.

Just as she was about to shut the door, Gu Chengze turned and asked, “Have you got your towel and clothes?”


The door reopened and Bai Sheng walked out with her eyes wide open. She took a change of clothes and a towel from the drying rack and returned to the bathroom.

She looked silly and shy, and it was quite adorable!

Gu Chengze shook his head. He walked to the entrance, took the brand new handbag that he bought for her and placed it in her room.

When he pa.s.sed by her notebook, he saw, out of the corner of his eye, the design on the screen. Although it was wrong to peek and it seemed she really didn’t want to show him the design, he felt that it was harmless to take a quick look!

At this thought, he walked towards the tablet. With that one glance he took, he was amazed. Was this the wedding dress she designed?

He read the theme in the bottom right corner… Her Dream Wedding.

It seemed that the theme of her design this time was related to a wedding. The wedding dress she designed looked pure and sacred.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 4624 - 4624 Never Too Late to Love (31) summary

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