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"You heard him. At the moment, I'm receiving reports from all over the Alliance that explosions have occurred in many of the houses which were using the new coins given by trading families. The King of Lanthanor is appalled that his people have been subjected to such a horror, and he has personally requested everyone to stay as far away from these ticking time bombs as possible. For safety, many are advising to halt the usage of all coins given by the trading families. Mages will be dispatched to you even if you are all right, and you should exit your houses and await the arrival of those who can ensure the safety of your homes. The good news is that so far, there have been no casualties, although many are in near-death states. A medical bay has been set up especially for the citizens affected by this appalling incident, and mages have already set out to teleport them all safely into the care of the best healers that the Alliance has at hand. This is Nayera with the Network of Angaria, and I will be back with any updates that need to be given regarding the situation."

Even before the words were completely heard by the watching people, everyone had already begun to run out of their homes.

All over the Alliance and even in places around the continent where people had begun to h.o.a.rd the coins, these explosions took place, and that day would become known in the history of Angaria as a dark one that would later be given the name 'Day of Revelation', mainly due to the events that would occur afterward.

The place which was the darkest and gloomiest was the grounds of the Palace of Lanthanor, where a large tent had been laid out from inside which wails of pain could be heard, along with desperate calls for parents, or just someone to comfort them and help them through the pain.

Outside this tent, reporters stood and spoke to qualified people who all lambasted the trading families who were at fault.

However, everyone knew that these were just people who were here to appear on the Network, so they waited for the real experts to come and explain exactly what had happened.

Even the merchants were struck dumb, and they had actually begun to be attacked on the streets, as they were blamed for what had happened. No one had any idea who started this call, but it caught on quickly and finally resulted in a situation where all these merchants were driven out of the Alliance.

Some were also apprehended as they had been denoted as abetters in what had happened, but the helpless expressions on their faces which made it clear that they had no hand in this did not make anyone feel sympathy for them.

An hour after the incident, a wizened elf appeared in front of the tent which still rang with the screams of those who were being treated for the gruesome wounds that they had suffered.

The elf's eyes shone with wisdom, and he was actually a known personage who appeared on a special show that gave tips in magic only known to experts, which had become very popular even among those who didn't have Mageroots as it was very interesting to see him manipulate elementary particles and cast spells effortlessly.

He had a solemn expression on his face, and he raised one of the new coins of the trading families and spoke.

It was but an object which looked like it had once been a coin, as there was only a vaguely round shape of gold left, with no signs of the beautiful pearl-like object which was supposed to hold the Energy and give the coin value in the first place.

"The King and I have found that there is a flaw in these coins which make it so that they will explosively release the Energy stored in them after the Energy level depletes to a certain level due to the cost-cutting way in which they were produced. This wasn't apparent before, and it is only clear now after this tragedy has occurred. It is now clear that the trading families compromised on the methods they used knowingly, because as a mage, I can attest to the fact that it would have been clear during the process of production that this outcome was possible. It is simply…abominable that these well-known families resorted to this way so that they could get an upper hand over the King, who is using the safest of techniques and has also tested everything carefully before deployment. That is the reason why his coins were costlier- the price all of you saved on the coins from the trading families have now cost you your homes. By now, I don't think I need to say just how right that first poor victim who is suffering inside was. I have implored the King to take the swiftest of action, and he has a.s.sured me that the culprits will not go unpunished. Citizens of the Alliance, rest a.s.sured that justice will be done."

The elf, who was usually known for his calm demeanor, drove his point home very effectively because he couldn't control his own emotions as he said these words.

His tightened fist vibrated to show the anger he was feeling, and his every word was spoken with so much distaste and regret that this could all have been avoided if the trading families hadn't been so greedy.

This was the final nail in the coffin for the trading families who had already begun to frantically try and explain that they had no idea regarding just what had happened.

They received no communications from those who had commanded them so far, so they were left to fend for themselves.

They tried their best, but the statement of the elf was so d.a.m.ning that it practically cemented their fates.

All over the continent, even the businesses which didn't have a relation with that of the coins were attacked and destroyed because they belonged to those 'greedy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who wanted to save money by killing us'.

These events only paused because the King of Lanthanor appeared to speak, and he, too, chose the front of the closed tent which now represented the suffering caused by the greedy trading families.

With a grave expression on his face, he said, "I'm just here to check on these people and join the efforts of healing. At this moment, I can only say that the Alliance will never let anything similar to ever happen again, and my subordinates have already begun drafting laws to ensure this. Like the honorable mage said, our coins are made with costly processes while ensuring safety, above all else. Why else would I be willing to allow them to go into the people who have trusted me so much? I live to serve, and even though I was uneasy when I saw the absurd prices of the trading families, I understood that it might be my failing that I was not able to discover the same methods that they must have. I was prepared to let the business go as at the end of the day, it is the welfare of the people that I desire. But now, the truth is out. Rest a.s.sured that there is no risk whatsoever in using what had originally been given to you by the Alliance. As for those who are responsible…they will answer to me, and the millions whom they have placed at risk out of avarice."

Each emotion and intention of the King seemed to strike deep into the watching people's hearts.

When he spoke about joining the efforts of healing, his yearning to be of service in every small way possible was shown.

When he announced the drafting of the laws that was taking place, he showed his care for the people, and the ability to quickly move and make decisions.

When he spoke about the business, he showed his honest wish to just benefit the people, and this even made those who had forsaken the coins of the King to save some money feel shame.

Finally, when he spoke of revenge, his burning fury was displayed, and many couldn't help but remark that justice would definitely be served.

After giving this speech, the King ducked into the tent, and as there was a barrier inside for safety, the watching people could not see anything of the inside.

They expected there to be blood flowing in rivulets on the ground, while the screams still being heard erupted from the b.l.o.o.d.y bodies of the poor souls who had had to endure the explosions.

However, if they could really go inside the tent, like the King had just done, they would definitely have received a shock that might even make them fall unconscious.

In reality, there was actually…a feast going on inside the tent.

Indeed, as soon as Daneel entered, he heard the clinking of full of wine, and the sounds of people feasting on the delicacies that had been prepared by the kitchens of the palace.

The only screams were those of joy, whenever new dishes were teleported into the tent which were steaming as they had just been freshly cooked.

Seeing the King appear, a cheer pa.s.sed in the crowd, and it was the reporter who had last been seen escorting those she had bravely saved in that fire who approached the King.

With a smile, she transformed into Eloise, who held the gla.s.s of wine in her hand aloft and shouted, "To the best performance in the history of Angaria!"

Returning her smile, Daneel flicked his fingers, and the trinkets that were hidden on the bodies of all those present deactivated.

One by one, their appearances began to change from those of the innocent families who had randomly been selected before to accept and test the trinkets.

These people were actually recognizable to many in the continent, as they were, in fact, the actors who played many roles in the many shows that came on the Network of Angaria.

They were all drunk now, though, because they had carried out their jobs perfectly.

After the cheer, Daneel nodded at them to continue, and while they did so, Eloise spoke in a voice that was only audible to him.

"Everything was carried out well. Like you asked, only the skills that could easily have been identified by anyone watching were used to fake the explosions and injuries shown on the Network. Of course, the mages we employ use those special effects every day when shooting the popular shows on the Network, so it was quite easy for them, as expected. After the houses were empty, they were carefully lit on fire, and as for the real inhabitants, they are all sleeping soundly in the underground of the Palace. It was a ch.o.r.e to switch them, but because our opponents were mostly paying attention to us and not the customers, we were successful."

With a nod, Daneel replied, "Excellent. I think I can safely say that it was a grand success. If it weren't for those Heroes watching, I would use Mind Control on everyone right away. Sadly, I can't, so I'll have to get someone to do me a favor, but we can handle that in due time. Anyway, well done, Eloise, and tell the others that they were all perfect, too. I'm off to do my own impersonation, before our dear foe manages to pull off something else. Oh, she has a lot to look forward to."

With a low laugh, Daneel teleported away, and he soon reappeared at the place which he had already identified beforehand as the base of the confidant of Jessica in the Central Continent.

Standing idly in the air while hiding himself, he sent a message to the Head which made the man spit out the wine he had been drinking while watching the events in the Central Continent.

"So, Head. Is killing a Champion of a sect of the Big Four enough to have someone thrown in the same cell as Jessica, or at least one near it? Oh, I'm just asking casually…"

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