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Chapter 2190 - Dark Ice Field I

"Micheal, take a seat, and since you already know Rhea, I will directly begin with why I have called you for," Lord Whitman said, tapped on the screen, and soon map projected in front of us.

It is a map of the central continent, and it is a blank. It did not even show the areas occupied by humans and Grimms. Though there is something on this map, a green dot that is s.h.i.+ning, and it is not the central continent but on the ocean.

On the great northern sea, to be exact.

"About three months ago, we have discovered the Secret Ruin in the great northern sea about two hundred nautical miles away from our coast." He said and expanded the point.

"The screte ruin has never been discovered before; we have immediately sent people in it, and so has the Grimm Monsters. Soon, we have found out the secrete realm was very dangerous; only Grandmasters had an a.s.surance of surviving."

"We did not have enough Grandmasters to send some to an unknown secrete realm, and so we sent Masters; we have suffered some losses but also discover some things," He said and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the screen, and soon another projection appeared.

It is of the person and seeing him, I couldn't help but get surprised as it is my good friend Jim.

"Our exploration has found something that came to huge interest of the Jim Hammock, and after some consultation, we have sent Jim with Rhea, as that thing could only be retrieved by someone with deep Alchemical knowledge," He explained and looked at Rhea said.

"We have got that successfully, but Jim fell into a dangerous trap that could not be broken up with his ability, and now he is stuck there," Rhea said.

"There are many Masters with runic expertise," I said to which Lord Whitman shook his head. "The trapping formation is very complicated, even for Runic Grandmaster, and only a few Masters could survive in that that secrete realm," Lord Whitman.

"The ruin is quite vast, and each entry takes to a different section of the ruin; most Masters would not be able to survive a few hours in that ruin," Rhea said, and Lord Whitman projected the information about it.

"When do I have to leave?" I asked after reading the information. "Immediately, and Rhea would come with you." He said, and before his eyes became serious.

"Micheal, Jim Hammock is a very important person; if nothing happened to him, then we will have another Alchemical Grandmaster within a year," He said, and I couldn't help but become surprised.

I know Jim is very talented in Alchemy but did not expect him to come such close to becoming a Grandmaster this soon.

I should not be surprised. If I could become Grandmaster of healing despite starting ten years later than him, then he would surely become Grandmaster of Alchemy which he had been practicing before he was even five.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked into the teleportation gate and appeared in a room which is painted or black; it was hard to differentiate.

"Lord Micheal, Lady Rhea, please," Said the middle-aged peak Master cla.s.s powerhouse who was waiting for us. "We are at underwater fortress 11, which is built around entrance no. 11," She informed as we walked.

Rhea seemed to be familiar with its fortress as she did not seem much curious about it as I am. I have never been an unground fortress, and when I saw huge powerful monsters through the gla.s.s, I couldn't help but become little excited.

It took a few minutes before we reached the big enclosed courtyard, and in the center of it was a spatial gate that looked like an unfurled scroll of red color.

"The ruin is very vast, and at max, we have explored around 10% of it. It has dangers that could even kill the Grandmasters, and I was only able to survive because of my powerful defense, she said and activated her bloodline armor.

It looked amazing; it is made of thin diamond scales that hugged her body in perfect design, which would let her move effortlessly while giving her optimal defense.

Seeing the scales, I had throught it was snake or dragon bloodline, but when I looked further, I shook at those thoughts. Some of the things did not match for it to be both, it is something different, and it couldn't help but make me even more curious about it.

"Wear these rings, we will be transported to the same place," She said and handed me the ring, and a surprise couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Surprised right? I was too. I heard they were made by Artificer Grandmaster," Rhea asked, seeing the surprise on my face. My surprise was about seeing my rings and not about the ability of rings; I know them as I am the one who has created them.

"He must be quite talented to design something this amazing," I said as I wore the ring, "Yes. The only rare artifact could do this before, but now amazing rings do the same things and the only drawback they have, is that they could only be used once only," she informed.

"I will surely inform the creator of these rings if I ever met him," I said, and she glared at me for that.

"Let's go," she said, and the next second we stepped into the scroll-like ruin gate, and everything turned black in front of me; I could not even see Rhea or sense her, and it was a quite scary experience which thankfully lasted for a couple of seconds only.


I appeared on what seemed like barren ground and immediatly felt dark corrosive ice climbing over me. The strange thing is, I could not see the dark corrosiveness around me or sense it; it just appeared around me as if it had been teleported few inches away from me directly.

"f.u.c.k, the gate just had to transport it to the Dark Ice field," Rhea cursed beside me, whose body is also getting covered in dark corrosive ice rapidly.

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