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It was around two hours since the first news of the breakthrough when a group appeared, and it had brought the news about Lord Bishop's breakthrough.

He moved his eyes away from the ecstatic group of Grimm Grand Lords and turned to a Grandmaster who had just appeared in central command.

"So, the Lord Bishop had failed?" he asked; he felt like someone had used a brittle saw and cut its heart. He had high hopes about the Lord Bishop, their first Grand Lord from the thing, but it seemed like that would not be the case.

"I did not say that, my lord; I just said we have sensed a very unstable fluctuation from the Lord Bishop," the old woman replied.

"Which is good as a failure," he said softly; he knows how important it is for a breakthrough to be smooth, especially the breakthrough of Grand Lord cla.s.s, the slightest unstable fluctuation, and it will be a failure without a doubt.

"Thank your information; rest for a day, tomorrow, you will join the war," he said, and a teleportation formation appeared below the feet of the old Grandmaster; when she opened her mouth.

"It might be irrelevant, my lord, considering this is a breakthrough of the Grand Lord cla.s.s, but Lord Zaar had stepped into formation, saying he will try to help councilman Bishop," she said, even though she could not believe he could do it.

The moment both council members heard it, their expressions froze before a hopeful smile dawned on their faces.

"Why didn't you say that before," he said back, nearly screaming.

The old woman might not be aware of Grandmaster Zaar's ability since she was one of the few people who were not part of the project.

They have seen the abilities of Grandmaster Zaar, from waking up a Grand Lord to healing the elemental core. He is capable of doing that no other; if he is willing to help Lord Bishop, then he might really be able to save his breakthrough.

"There is a chance," said Lord Hern softly, and he nodded.

Time pa.s.sed, and two more battles of Grand Lords had stopped; patriarch Bradford returned to the Pyramid while others remained on patrol.


Around half an hour pa.s.sed when a group of Grandmaster Grimms appeared; all three of them were Grimms, but just as they appeared, a strange thing happened.

The bodies of the Grimms shook, and they fell down; a moment later, they got a reply from the Grand Lord that the Grimms had died, and they were not the ones who were responsible for it.

The strange behavior couldn't help but confuse him, and immediately, he typed a few b.u.t.tons, and a screen with old women appeared in front of it.

"Do you recognize these Grimms?" he asked; the old woman looked at Grimms, and her eyes lit up in reorganization.

"Yes, my lord; all three of them were present safe zone of the last challenge," she replied, "Thank you," he said and cut the connection before turning to Lord Hern and Patriarch Bradford.

"It looks like the Grandmaster wants to keep us in suspense," said Patriarch, and he couldn't help but nod at that.

While he might not be completely sure whether it is surely Grandmasters Zaar's doing, the kill felt like one of his moves.

Now with it, suspense in their heart became even greater.

Hours pa.s.sed, and they began to look and scan at every group that came, but most of these groups were from the other parts and those that came from where Lord Bishop it will fall dead the moment they appeared.

It incenses the Grimms so much; that Foxwomen screams loudly in frustration.


They are also no less frustrated as there is no human coming out; they do not know whether Grandmaster Zaar has succeeded in saving Lord Bishop or not.

Another hour and a half pa.s.sed, and the thing lit, and a Grimm appeared; the moment it did, their eyes went wide in shock and horror.

It was no common Grimm but a Grand Lord.

"It had come out," said Patriarch Bradford softly; its appearance is no surprise to them. They knew this Snow Werewolf was advancing into the Grand Lord cla.s.s two weeks ago; it had just remained inside of its greed for the boost.

Lady Angela and others immediately attacked, and in response, the Grimms also attacked back. The Snow werewolf did not remain standing either; it had immediately joined the battle with its kin.

Now, the three humans Grand Lords are fighting against the six humans Grand Lords. The numbers are double, but despite that, our Grand Lords are fighting courageously.

More than an hour pa.s.sed, and they were still fighting. Our site is getting suppressed, but they are not on the defensive. Lady Angela and Supreme Commander are on the offensive, while Lord Gatling is on the defensive.

He does not like the odds in numbers; it gives Grimms edge, where they need to succeed only once before a.s.saulting with all their power.

They injured Lord Solace a few days ago, nearly bringing him to death, with the old snake landing a couple of blows.

Such injury would have kept any Grand Lord in bed for weeks at least with all precious medicine and healers at their hands, but he came back to the battlefield within three days, completely fine and even more powerful.

It had been two and a half hours since they resumed fighting, and they were still fighting; the Grimms were pus.h.i.+ng against the humans harder and harder that they began to pile up an injury.

Both the Supreme commander and Lady Angela received injuries heavy enough that it had finally started affecting their performance. If this continued for long, then he would have to ask Patriarch Bradford to join, and that would be a bad thing.

The Grimms had more than doubled the number of Grand Lords, and the entry of Arl, the Snow Werewolf, had increased the number further, tilting the precarious balance completely in their favor.

Another twenty minutes pa.s.sed, and things became even grimmer; not only the injuries on Lady Angela and Supreme Commander had increased, but Lord Gatlin had also suffered the injuries.

"I am going," said Patriarch Bradford, and it was bad, as Grimms would take the advantage of it, but there was no other choice. If he did not send Patriarch Bradford, they might really lose a Grand Lord, and they could not afford that.


So, not thinking of the consequence, he tapped the b.u.t.ton, and a teleportation formation appeared beneath the feet of Patriarch Bradford and about to send him to the battle when he froze.

In small screen left side of him showed the thing which lit up, and a moment later, a man appeared, wearing a blue and black suit and with a blue-grey saber at his waist.

He appeared with the same confident smile on his face that irk most people and looked up at the intense battle raging above.

He removed his saber in languid confidence, and he moment thousands of huge tower-like sabers materialized above him before shooting toward the six Grimms.

"Well, now that he appeared, I don't have to go for a rescue," said Patriarch Bradford, bringing him back to reality.

"Yes," is all he could say as he removed the formation under Patriarch's feet and looked at the screen where Silas Bishop had directly appeared in front of Foxwomen and attacked it with his saber at a speed that he could not follow.

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