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Chapter 2958 Therapy


Another hmm rang through runes, and a wave of abyssal fire released through them, thickening the fire that was already covering my body, giving me even greater pain.


This time, something different had happened, which hadn't happened in the past two weeks. The above-the-limit element had melted and merged with my soul and body, along with the resources mixed into it with the help of fire.

The amount that had been melted had been pinch compared to a mountain full of substance that had remained, but it was the start.

It had not happened until today, and now that it had started, it will continue till the mountain-worth of above-the-limit substance is absorbed into me.

Humm Humm Humm

Soon, thirty seconds pa.s.sed, and another wave of abyssal fire came, bringing even greater pain to me and melting more of the above-the-limit substance. Thirty seconds later, another wave came, and then another thirty seconds after that.

A minute pa.s.sed as the more and more abyssal fire spread through, burning and merging the substances, till my body reached the limit.

'Twenty-one minutes,' I said to myself as I stopped.

A minute after that, the fire gathered at the center of the formation above my heart. The kindle of abyssal fire was not small; it was three times the size of the small kindle that I had used in the first session.

A minute later, the process was over, and I floated myself up in the bed, but an unlike a week ago, my position was not a mangled mess, but I was lying straight, and also my body looked fuller.

I am still very thin, but I do not look like I would die at any moment.

"Thank you, Grandmistress," I said, drawing out every word slowly through my mouth.

"I have told you many times, Grandmaster Zaar, you don't have to thank me for this minor thing," she said. To that, I smiled.

I can now control a lot of my body, especially my mouth, which I am focusing on most, and with some effort, I have now begun to speak clear words.

Though, I need to speak slowly if I want to speak clearly. If I tried at a normal speed, I stumbled, which I think was a problem for a few days.

Each session is helping me control more of my body; it won't be long before I learn to speak fluently without a problem and even be able to stand up on my own.

Grandmistress Charline left after a minute, and I went back to my core; there, I began working.

Both of my clones are working on the inheritance, studying the books while I am a.n.a.lyzing the data of today's session to make the formation faster and more efficient.

Even now, it is not working fast as I like it to be.

Though, it is likely to change now that the above-the-limit substance has melted. It had merged with me, which provided me with an immense amount of data.

I am studying this data and making changes; if they worked as I had expected, then the method would become even faster and more efficient. The pure essence old snake's body and soul should be melted within a week.

It might take another week to melt the divine energy; as an above-the-limit element, I could not calculate the time frame of it.

I don't have sufficient data to do that.

I continued to work on the method and formation while watching the battles in the background. Since I had begun to cure, nearly all the restrictions on me were lifted one by one; I was even invited to a meeting in the morning.

There are now very few restrictions that have remained; they will be to disappear in a few days.

The battles of Grand Lord are boring me; the Grimms have put a perfect defense that no matter what we do, we cannot breach them. The max we are able to do is injure each other; most of the time, that, too, did not occur.

Two more hours pa.s.sed when I opened my eyes and flew out of bed, and landed on the mat; that was already on the ground.

I began to take deep, slow breaths before I started on my physical therapy; it is extremely important, especially if I do not want to adjust to my strength again when I recover.

The therapy will help me recover physically as well as psychologically, which is the most important thing.

The physical therapy lasted for more than an hour before I washed myself off with my energy and floated on my bed.

This time, I did not close my eyes as in a few minutes, a very important person was going to come, and I needed to be prepared for her.


Seconds pa.s.sed and turned into minutes when I saw the formation light up, and she appeared, looking at her expression.

It was clear she did not look happy at all.

"You are really a b.a.s.t.a.r.d," she said as she appeared by my bed.

"I am sorry," I said slowly; her expression changed a little hearing that, but soon the anger came back roaring in her eyes, which have started glowing.

"What does sorry will do? If you keep pus.h.i.+ng me when you are vulnerable, how will we work, Micheal?" she asked, with raw pain burning in her eyes.

Hearing her words and seeing the pain in her eyes, I felt like I had been hit by lightning.

I put my misplaced pride before our relations.h.i.+p, which is the most important thing to me, more than the power I have.

"I d..did not want you to see me v…vulnerable," I said stutteringly, but I did not care; what was important was her.

Her expressions softened a little hearing that.

"You have seen me at most vulnerable and accepted me as I am, and I will do the same if you give me a chance," she said and took my hands into hers. "I will n…not do something like this again," I promised, and what was left of anger had also disappeared.

"You better not, or I will never forgive you," she said as she gave me a look before stepping into the bed and laying over me.

As she did, the invisible field of energy created around us; while the Pyramid had said they stopped keeping eyes on my every movement, I did not truly believe them.

So, it is better I create a privacy field that even all the powerful senses of the Pyramid couldn't breach through.

"So, what happened to you?" she asked as she snuggled to me. "Old snake," I replied, to which she gave me a look, seeing that I began to explain what happened, this time in full detail, omitting very few things.

I have not even given the Pyramid such a detailed account as I am giving it to her.

It took me more than ten minutes to tell her all; when she did, her eyes were blazing in anger again, and the aura of her bloodlines spreading vast, nearly cracking the privacy bubble before I reinforced them.

I am just glad that her anger isn't directed at me.

"If I had the power, I would have slaughtered those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" she said with gritted teeth.

She had lost so much to the Grimms; her parents died fighting them, making both her and her sister orphans at a young age, and being a healer, she sees their cruelty every day, but still, her words have surprised me.

I have never heard her saying these words, even against the Grimms.

"I wish the people I love didn't have to fight those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, but there is no other choice," she said and sighed, and all I could do was hold her closer.

I would love nothing more than spent time with Marina and the people I love, but I could not, at least not till every Grimms is slaughtered.

Only then the danger will be gone from our lives.

Marina did not speak further, nor did I; we just lay on the bed in each other's embrace, content in silence, but good things didn't last long.


We were enjoying each other's company when my alert flashed in front of me and showed the projection; seeing it, my expression couldn't help but change.

"What happened?" she asked, seeing the change, and I immediately made feed visible to her, and her expressions, too, had changed.

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