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Chapter 2959 Proud

"This," she said in surprise, but hope had also appeared in her eyes as she looked at things with trepidation that she unconsciously gripped my hands tightly.

The thing had begun glowing again, which meant the people would come in a second; whether this will be the last batch of people or others has yet to be known, but what it is will change everything.

If it is the last batch, then the final battle will begin immediately, and if they are not the final badge, there will be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle where both humans and Grimms will die.

I wish I could be there, but I cannot; I am weak. If I entered the battlefield, even the weakest Grand Lord would be able to kill me without significant effort.

Finally, the second pa.s.sed, and the first to appear was a Grimm, and immediately, I knew it was Grand Lord; the second person was also a Grimm and Grand Lord, and the third was also a Grimm and Grand Lord.

Seeing that, a worried frown couldn't help but appear on my face, and some Grand Lords even cursed when the fourth person appeared, and he was human seeing who it was, my eyes lighted up like a blazing sun.

"He succeeded," I said loudly as I could while gripping Marina's hand tightly.

I had put that codex of runes in all the seeds I had spread into the humans and Grimms, who did not come when I walked out, in the hope that they would come across him and my seed inside him will copy that.

It seemed like it did happen; he came out as Grand Lord with a very strong aura.

The person that appeared after him was also human, and seeing her; I couldn't help but become surprised.

I shouldn't be; the old woman had everything she needed to take this step.

She is from Mistson, the detestable woman who had demanded the birds I had collected, which I had given to Lord Hunt.

The next one that came was Grimm and then a human and again a human, before three Grimms one after another, all Grand Lords.

One after another, people kept coming, each one flas.h.i.+ng the aura of Grand Lords; everyone watched them in deep shock because with their numbers, we had officially crossed the number of Grand Lords ever existed in the world.

The record was held by the era of her excellency, but now our era has broken that record, but it did not make me happy at all; instead, I shuddered with fear.

I am not fearing for myself, but for my world for which we are fighting, these huge numbers of Grand Lords are going to cause a huge destruction, and millions will die by the storms of energies that will be created by the battles.

Finally, the Grand Lords stopped coming after their numbers had reached thirty-eight, and the High Grandmaster began, but n.o.body looked at them; all eyes were focused on the Grand Lords.

In less than a minute, the Grimms have gained twenty-three Grand Lords, while we have gained fifteen.

We did not have such a number in that era, but now we have got them in minutes.

Half a minute pa.s.sed, and all the High-Grandmasters and the thing had stopped glowing, and the auras in the battlefield flared.

"She did not come," said Marina softly, "Don't worry, she will appear at the end," I said as I held her closer.

Marina had been waiting for her daughter, but she did not come, and neither has Ellen, Jill, and others.

From the information the new Grand Lord had brought, only five of the top seven challenges had been finished; there are still two more.

It is taking more than it took in the past, but I am happy because if it had been the last batch, the final battle would have begun, and we are not ready.

We could be stronger; we have few powerhouses that could reach the power of the Matron Mavis; it would not be wise to fight a final battle without having several of the powerhouses of that league, as who knows what Grimms are hiding.


To my surprise, they did not begin the battle immediately; instead, they let the High-Grandmasters of both sides leave.

It took little more than a minute for the High Grandmasters to disappear, and the moment they did, both sides clashed with numbers that were above seventy.

Grimms have brough out of their numbers; only those seven to ten who were not seen in the past three weeks were not in the battle, while from humans, aside from the two Grand Lords, one of them being Matron Mavis, everybody had joined the battle.

"What kind of horror is this?" Marina asked shakingly, seeing the sheer destruction caused by the clash of over seventy-Grand Lords; even I began to shake seeing it.

Though my reasons are different, I am excited; I think harvest; I would have, if I had been present there, with such numbers, I would have been able to snap a few easily, especially the changes I had made in my inheritance a few days ago.

I am not there, but I needed to be looks like I will need to take greater risks in my sessions. I could not let those juicy bloodline Grimms be killed by others.

Even a single bloodline Grimms death would be a huge loss to me, given how rare they are, with such great numbers.

"This is nothing; if they had not been fighting in the contained s.p.a.ce, the destruction would have been ten times greater than what you are seeing right now," I said to Marina, and she shuddered.

This is just the beginning, and I hope our world survives it.

I watched the battle with all my focus, especially on Leonard, my mentee, who has finally become a Grand Lord.

Before leaving, I had already made an inheritance that would help him to become a Grand Lord, but like mine, his was also incomplete; after reading the books in the hall of celestial inheritance, I gained the knowledge I needed.

While I worked on my inheritance, I also made changes to his; when it was ready, I uploaded it into the seeds of people around me.

His seed would have copied it; I know it had because only knowing the upgraded version would have given him the armor, he had on him.

The new upgrade had not only changed the color design of armor, but it also gave him a bigger upgrade in strength with greater potential.

As it would merge with his fused const.i.tution well.

I want to see the peak of power this new inheritance got him; what he had shown in a few seconds has already impressed me, and I am sure, what he will show later, will impress me further.

"You are really something, Michael, fusing art with his const.i.tution and then using inheritance to bring its own power; no one other than you could do such a thing," said Marina in awe as she kissed my cheeks gently.

"I could not do this with anyone else; his const.i.tution and art are uniquely suited, which is why I was able to do it," I said modestly, to which she rolled her eyes.

"His const.i.tution was rigid, and if you had not changed with treatment and const.i.tution seed, it wouldn't have been able to merge with the art," she said.

To that, I couldn't help but smile.

I really did something amazing; it is one of the things that I am most proud of.

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