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Chapter 1172: It's Ao Lu!

Jiang Yi summarized everything that had happened in the Stellarsky Continent to everyone; he was not able to provide details. He himself was still in the dark about many things. Furthermore, Jiang Yunhai, Shui Youlan, and the others have never left the Stellarsky Continent before. They did not understand many things either. He also did not tell them about the current danger they were facing: just that they were presently trapped, and he was finding a way out of this formation.

“Uncle Qian, Uncle Zhan, King Yun, Hostess Shui, Uncle Rentu!”

Jiang Yi saw everyone and said, “Rest a.s.sured that w.a.n.guan, Wushuang, Yun Fei, Shui Qianrou, and the members of the Qian, Zhan, Yun, and Jiang clans are all in a very safe place now. Once I have figured out a way to break through this formation, I will bring you guys to be reunited with them. Also, Uncle Zhan and King Yun, Wushuang and Yun Fei have given you two a very adorable grandson. His name is Zhan Wudi.”

“En, en!” “Good, good!”

Zhan Yiming, Yun Tianqing, and Yun Xian were at least comforted by this piece of good news. As long as their family members and disciples were still alive, their clans could still survive.

However, Jiang Yi did not manage to get any useful information from the group of people!

They only knew that a few DemiG.o.ds had suddenly appeared in the Stellarsky Continent and had knocked them unconscious and brought them away. After leaving the Stellarsky Continent, everyone had been unconscious all the way; they had just woken up here and now. The Stellarsky Continent's near-extinction was also made known to them by Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yunhai touched his face, full of pain and agony as he said, “Xiao Yi, you have to avenge the hundreds of millions of people of the Stellarsky Continent! Right… have you found your mother?”


Jiang Yi smiled bitterly and said, “Mother is not in the Stellarsky Domain; it will be a tall order to find her. I will explain this matter to you guys later. Please stay here for the time being. Let's talk again after I had broken through this formation.”


Everyone nodded while Jiang Yunhai said, “Don't worry about us, go and do what needs to be done! We can't help you much; you have to depend on yourself. However, I will tell you something: as long as you work hard and can answer to your conscience, do not be too bothered about the results. Life is only a few decades long; it is enough if one managed to live it to the fullest!”


Jiang Yi gained much from Jiang Yunhai's words. At this moment, his heart had also settled down much. He left some energy elixirs and celestial stones before teleporting them to a side hall nearby. He then started to find a way to break through this formation.

Jiang Yi entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, navigating the Mystic Divine Palace to avoid the lightning bolts as he quietened down to try to think of ways to escape. Although he had almost entirely given up hope as this formation was unbreakable, Jiang Yunhai had said that as long as he worked hard, the outcome did not matter. Jiang Yi was not going to give up until the last moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Stupa City had already been completely destroyed; it had instead become a remarkable sight!

A huge purple formation was hovering above this piece of land. The electrified purple sh.e.l.l above the formation was encircling the city, with lightning being shot out constantly. Without even coming close, even seeing it from afar would strike fear in one's heart.

A palace was swiftly flying about inside that formation. Inside it, lightning bolts were zip-zapping everywhere as thunder roared from the heavens and shook the earth; the roaring could be heard in a five-hundred-thousand-kilometer radius. Such a spectacle immediately caught the attention of everyone from the neighboring regions; many clans sent scouts to check it out. However, before coming within fifty kilometers of the formation, they all retreated in fear.

A few peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm martial experts tried to use their divine senses to scan the formation. However, they immediately triggered thunderbolts, and their divine senses were destroyed as they fell onto the ground in pain.

After that, a few peak-stage Heaven Monarchs also tried to get near to see what was happening. They stopped twenty-five kilometers from the formation and didn't dare to proceed any closer. The thunderbolts being struck from the heavens were too menacing; it was an aura that felt like it could destroy heaven and earth. It had made them feel that if they got any closer, they would definitely be struck by thunderbolts and reduced into nothing.

Yi Chan received the news and immediately sent two DemiG.o.ds to check the situation.

Similarly, the two Yi Clan DemiG.o.ds sent forth their divine senses and were immediately struck. After they recovered, they flew by personally to investigate but did not dare to go too close. They could only reach a place ten kilometers away from Stupa City as their hearts were beating incessantly. They saw that lightning bolts were being struck inside Stupa City; it was very clear that whoever dared to go near would definitely perish. Even eight-star formidable martial artists would die as well.

When the news reached Yi Chan, she was alarmed and brought Li Feiyu and many DemiG.o.ds personally to go and investigate. However, even Li Feiyu who was a seven-star martial expert did not dare to get close. Furthermore, no one recognized that formation; it was unheard of.

Yi Chan looked about for a while but did not do anything foolish. She brought everyone back to Buddha Mountain and subsequently resolutely gave her orders. She started to move the Yi Clan disciples to Snow Region. At the same time, she sent men to Battle Thearch City, North Thearch City, Evil Thearch City, Beast Thearch City, and Sword Thearch City to ask for aid. She also sent men to the Ten Concealed Sects to ask for ideas on how to break through the purple formation.

As the news spread, the entire continent was in an uproar.

So horrifying was that formation that besides commoners, even the Nine Thearch Clans did not have any records of it. Whoever was trapped by this formation—even if it was the Battle Thearch or North Thearch—would probably die! The Battle Thearch, Sword Thearch, Beast Thearch, and others were all scared out of their wits. If such a formation was laid again and trapped them, all had to die.

The Beast Thearch and Battle Thearch secretly made a trip to Stupa City to monitor the situation themselves. However, both ultimately sent messages to Yi Chan, telling her that there was no way to break this formation. Even the Battle Thearch would be injured if he got too close. He had actually tried to break the formation by force as well, but it was a futile attempt.

Everyone on the continent was in a state of panic; it seemed as if the Battle Thearch, the North Thearch, the Beast Thearch, the Evil Thearch, and others were all afraid, too. With Jiang Yi trapped, the Battle Thearch had finally gotten rid of his biggest problem; he finally stood out and rallied everyone. He gathered all the great family clans to discuss matters in the Mystic Thearch City; the East Imperial Continent could not continue to be in chaos while the mastermind had to be found and killed.

The Zi Clan and s.h.i.+ Clan had prepared to attack the Yi Clan once again. However, this time, the Battle Thearch sent an envoy and warned them that if they continued their a.s.sault, the Battle Thearch, the North Thearch, and others would personally see to the destruction of the aggressors. At the same time, the Battle Thearch asked the few clans' clan heads to head to Mystic Thearch City as well to explain the situation. If not, they will have to face the consequences.

With the Zhan Clan, Wu Clan, Tu Clan, She Clan, Jian Clan, Tang Clan, and other great family clans all in unison; the many skirmishes and conflicts across the continent all subsided!

However, Yi Chan was still feeling uneasy. She secretly arranged for the Yi Clan disciples to be moved. Yi Chan believed that since the mastermind could orchestrate such a big plot—even if the Battle Thearch and others combined forces, that would not amount to much. Furthermore, if the Buddha Thearch and others were really dead, the East Imperial Continent was also destined to be destroyed.

With the Battle Thearch and others holding the fort, Yi Chan could then arrange for men to head to the Black Sea to investigate. At the same time, she secretly arranged for Qian w.a.n.guan, Situ Yixiao, and company to be sent back to Sin Island. It wasn't that the Buddha Mountain wasn't safe; she wanted Situ Yixiao to send men to find Qianqian and Ao Lu. She wanted Ao Lu to come and help rescue Jiang Yi!

Ao Lu was very likely the mastermind this time.

Hence, Yi Chan's actions were for two reasons. If Ao Lu was really the mastermind, Jiang Yi would not be able to be rescued; and Ao Lu would not come forth to save Jiang Yi as well. If Ao Lu was not the mastermind, he could potentially come up with ways to save Jiang Yi. Yi Chan understood Ao Lu's proficiency in restrictions very well; the formations in the Endless Deep Sea were even more terrifying than Sin Island's Nine Dragons' G.o.d-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Array.

Qian w.a.n.guan and Zhan Wushuang brought a group of people and left, bringing with them everyone from the Stellarsky Continent. Su Ruoxue, Yin Ruobing, and Mo Yao'er stayed, however. Yin Ruobing was still in seclusion and did not know about anything that had happened outside. On the other hand, while Su Ruoxue and Mo Yao'er could have been sent to the Snow Region, the two had refused to leave.

After Jiang Yi had been trapped for half a month!

The meeting in the Battle Thearch City was finally concluded. According to all sources, evidence, investigations, and the information provided by the Zi, Ma, and s.h.i.+ Clans; everyone determined that the mastermind was… Ao Lu!

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