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Chapter 1505: Break Your Third Leg

The Baby Spirits’ attacks came quickly. Accompanying the steady stream of wailing, wisps of white fog floated from afar. Everyone’s divine senses swept by it and realized that there were at least a hundred shadows that were flickering inside the white fog. These shadows faded in and out of existence; they were terrifying.

Jiang Yi wasn’t sure if Di Ling’er was really afraid or just wanted to get close to him; half her body was persistently wrapped around Jiang Yi. Her bosom pressed on Jiang Yi’s arm, making Jiang Yi feel both awkward and refreshed.

Of course, this was not the time for merriment. Jiang Yi sent a voice transmission to Di Ling’er: “Young Mistress Ling’er, let Qi Yue and the others protect you; the Baby Spirits are about to attack.”


Di Ling’er was startled as she hurriedly let go of Jiang Yi, her face red with embarra.s.sment. Jiang Yi immediately shot forward, and the Xiaozhuan characters came out from his glabella, ready to rescue anyone if need be.

Baby Spirits were Netherworld Realm beings that were spirit in form; their attacks were naturally soul spirit attacks. Whenever they released their soul spirit attacks, Netherworld Aura would be released at the same time. The latter was deadly to martial artists with weak soul spirits; they could easily be demonized.


The white fog emanated forward at a frightening speed as white shadows hid with it. Jiang Yi’s divine senses swept over and finally could see the Baby Spirits clearly. They looked just like what they were called: these Baby Spirits felt like little children. However, they looked fierce and murderous while they also had fangs. Their eyes were green while their entire bodies were transparent; they felt just like wisps of clear smoke.

“Where are the spirit cores?”

Jiang Yi’s divine senses swept a few times and could not detect the spirit cores that Qi Qingchen talked about. He even tried using his State of the Union of Heaven and Man but to no avail.


On the other side, Qi Qingchen had launched her attack as she gushed forward like a rus.h.i.+ng wind into the white fog. Her flexible sword flickered as she kept on stabbing at their partly-hidden and partly-visible bodies. Qi Qingchen’s every stab was at a different body part: she sometimes stabbed the brain, sometimes stabbed the body. She even attacked the hands and feet of these Baby Spirits.


However, with every stab she made, the Baby Spirits would let out a terrible cry of pain as their bodies flashed a white light; and they would disintegrate into a white fog. Jiang Yi looked for a while and realized that the few t.i.tled Battle G.o.ds also hit the bullseye every time; they had managed to lock onto the Baby Spirits’ spirit cores.

However, everyone else was faring poorly. Many people resorted to attacking wildly; they probably couldn’t locate these Baby Spirits’ spirit cores just like Jiang Yi.

“Qi Hai, that side!”

Jiang Yi saw that someone to the left had been hit as he hurriedly ordered Qi Hai to bring him to the left. Qi Hai had not moved at all; his mission was to protect Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi was more important than anyone else; he was everyone’s sugar daddy and could save their lives.

Qi Hai brought Jiang Yi and floated to the left as Jiang Yi released his Xiaozhuan characters as shooting stars and sent them to the four or five men at that side. These men were immobilized; they probably had been attacked by the Baby Spirits.

Once the Xiaozhuan characters reached them, they were instantly awoken. These soldiers were one and all Battle G.o.d-equivalent; their soul spirits were very strong. While they could withstand the soul spirit attacks, the problem was the Netherworld Aura that was embedded within the soul spirit attacks. The Netherworld Aura could demonize one every fast; it was also hard to expel it and needed the a.s.sistance of the Demon-Buster Elixir most of the time.

“Qi Hai, how are these Baby Spirits attacking? Why haven’t I detected their attacks?”

Jiang Yi continued to help everyone dispel the Netherworld Aura in them as he asked Qi Hai curiously. The latter laughed bitterly and said, “Do you want to give it a shot? You would know the answer if you go deep within the white fog. The Baby Spirits’ soul spirit attacks are the white fog itself; they can kill people without form.”

“I think I won’t try it…”

Jiang Yi shook his head. His soul spirit was still very weak. Although he had the Xiaozhuan characters and wasn’t afraid of low-grade soul spirit attacks, he wasn’t a s.a.d.i.s.t. Since others were holding the fort, he would rather leisurely stay behind the front lines and help everyone expel their Netherworld Aura.

The Baby Spirits were indeed not very powerful Netherworld Realm beings; only their attacks were a little peculiar. Once their weak spot was located, they could be easily killed.

As time slowly pa.s.sed by, everyone started to get a hang of locating the spirit cores. Many realized that as long as they looked carefully, they could vaguely sense the Baby Spirits’ spirit cores. However, these spirit cores could actually move about; they could move about very quickly as well. One needed to attack very quickly and accurately in order to strike them.

As long as the spirit cores were located, everything else was not a problem. After one hour, more or less everyone could locate the spirit cores. Jiang Yi was getting rather exhausted. The white fog was emanating all about; no one knew how many Baby Spirits there were as more and more people were hit by their soul spirit attacks. Jiang Yi and Qi Hai kept on running here and there to rescue people.

With Jiang Yi as a sugar daddy, everyone did not hold back and gave their all as the Baby Spirits were being slaughtered.

This time, the mission details had stated there were a-hundred-thousand-odd Baby Spirits. However, everyone had killed for a full six hours, but there was still no end to them. All the Baby Spirits in the Wind Chime Mountain seemed to have been lured over. These Netherworld Realm beings were not of that high an intellect; once they encountered humans, they would fight to the end.

Di Ling’er finally recovered herself as she used the seal stone to record the battle and also tried to attack the Baby Spirits. Di Ling’er’s level of attainment was actually quite high; she was already at the t.i.tled Battle G.o.d Realm. However, as she was still young and had been pampered from young, she did not have much battle experience.

This time, Di Ming had been quite harsh on her; he did not send a single person to protect her but had let her come alone. Di Ming probably had a.s.sumed that with Di Qianjun around, Di Ling’er would definitely be protected. Di Ming did not think that Di Ling’er would be so stubborn as to join the Fire Phoenix Army.

With Qi Qingchen around, the Fire Phoenix Army was indeed fortunate!

She was extremely valiant and strong. She was also not like ordinary great family clans’ young mistresses as she killed decisively and was like a battle G.o.ddess. Qi Qingchen was someone whose beauty could overthrow a kingdom; she was like a white lotus flower normally, pure and beautiful. However, when she became serious, she was no weaker than any guy.

Jiang Yi thought about a saying from the Divine Martial Kingdom: a woman who not only could cook but was also presentable in court; a woman who was dignified out of the house and a virtuous wife at home. However, Jiang Yi didn’t know if Qi Qingchen would be just like a vamp in bed.

After slaughtering for ten full hours, everyone had killed at least a hundred and fifty thousand Baby Spirits; more were still coming. Many people started to curse the Demon-Buster Army’s scouts; wrong information could easily result in the demise of an entire army. If there weren’t just Baby Spirits but actually more terrifying creatures here, everyone would have died a maligned death, right?

However, everything was recorded in the seal stone; and when they returned, everyone could ask for more battle merits according to the number they had killed; everyone didn’t mind that much. Looking at it positively, the Baby Spirits were getting easier to kill while with Jiang Yi around, no one would die. Everyone thus didn’t care about so much anymore and gave it their all to the slaughter.


After one hour, a chilly wind floated from behind as Poison Spirit’s body suddenly appeared. His face was very serious as he shouted, “General, Young Lord, something has happened. A huge army of Sword Emanations Race beings is swarming here from all directions. One hour later, they would probably surround the entire Wind Chime Mountain; the army seems to be more than five million strong!”

“Five million!”

Qi Yue and Qi Xia’s knees buckled slightly as they almost fell flat on the ground. Jiang Yi and Qi Qingchen in the distance exchanged a glance as their faces grew cold. Someone was indeed plotting to kill them. This person had also plotted very well: they had attracted five million Sword Emanations Race beings here. How did they manage to accomplish that, though?

“You Tianni!”

A tattooed, bald head appeared in both of their minds. To dare to act so recklessly, to possess the capabilities to do so; the possibility that it was You Tianni was the highest.

“Very good!”

Qi Qingchen was really enraged this time. Her eyes s.h.i.+fted as she coldly murmured, “You Tianni, when I return, if I do not break your third leg; I will change my family name to yours!”

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