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Chapter 1506: Breaking Through the Encirclement

Five million Sword Emanations Race beings; that was a very frightening number.

If it was tens of thousands of them, everyone could still manage. If it was more than a hundred thousand, probably many of them would die. If the numbers went up to a few hundred thousand—besides Qi Qingchen, everyone else would probably die. Although these five million were coming from all directions, that meant in any direction there were at least a million of them.

“How were they lured over?”

Jiang Yi’s mind was filled with many questions. So many Sword Emanations Race beings… if one wanted to attract them over, that required a group of extremely swift formidable martial artists. If these formidable martial artists were not fast enough, they would be killed while trying to instigate the Sword Emanations Race beings over. You Tianni couldn’t have possibly activated a few thousand t.i.tled Battle G.o.d-equivalent formidable martial artists, right? Could he deploy so many people?

Jiang Yi thought for a while but still could not make sense of it. However, this was not the time to think about these matters. Jiang Yi looked at Qi Qingchen, waiting for her decision.

Everyone else also looked towards Qi Qingchen as they continued to kill the Baby Spirits; their only hope now was this general. If even after she placed everyone inside her interspatial ring, she could not break through; everyone was going to die.

“In one hour?”

Qi Qingchen gritted her teeth and shouted, “Poison Spirit, go and investigate; see which side is the best to break through from? We will exterminate all the Baby Spirits here first; we are almost done, and it is too much of a pity to give up now. Everyone, do not worry; I will definitely bring everyone home safely.”

“Still continue to kill the Baby Spirits?”

Jiang Yi’s eyebrows rose. At such a dangerous time, Qi Qingchen was still adamant about completing the mission. Was she too confident in herself, or she couldn’t bear to part with the two million battle merits?

However, thinking about it again, Qi Qingchen had said she didn’t want any battle merits. Furthermore, she was also not one to lie to herself. That left only one possibility: Qi Qingchen wanted to wait for the plotter to reveal himself!

Qi Qingchen seemed to be intent on killing the mastermind. Once the Sword Emanations army surrounded them, the mastermind would definitely come along and reveal himself. As long as she could find him nearby, Qi Qingchen would have iron-clad proof and immediately kill the mastermind. This way, even if it was Heavenly King You, he would also have nothing to say. If not, they would have fallen into this trap for nothing. Without proof, how was she going to prove that You Tianni was the mastermind?

“This still seems rather risky…”

Jiang Yi was a little worried; he had a premonition that something big was going to happen today. However, since Qi Qingchen had already given her order as the general of the army, it was not Jiang Yi’s place to say anything. He could only hurriedly move among the troops to help soldiers dispel the Netherworld Aura from their bodies.

As danger grew closer and closer, everyone fought desperately, trying to exterminate the Baby Spirits at the fastest possible speed.

Within fifteen minutes, all the Baby Spirits in the vicinity had all been killed. The red, flexible sword in Qi Qingchen’s hand shook as it was kept back within her interspatial ring. At the same time, her ring flashed; and a red small palace appeared. Qi Qingchen said seriously, “No one is to object; I will be putting all of you in this.”

No one had any objections. Qi Qingchen was the fastest among them and also the most powerful. If she led them, she could easily break through. If they didn’t enter this spatial divine item, they would only burden her along the way.

One by one, the entire Fire Phoenix Army was brought into her spatial divine item; even Di Ling’er, Qi Yue, and company were no exception. Within a few moments, all the hundred-odd people had all been kept; only Jiang Yi was left.


Jiang Yi saw that Qi Qingchen did not bring him inside her spatial divine item as he blinked confusingly and asked, “I did not reject; why am I not inside?”

“Who said anything about putting you inside?”

Qi Qingchen tossed the red small palace into her interspatial ring; she did not look at Jiang Yi at all. Jiang Yi panicked as he stared at her and said, “You must be joking; you can’t possibly not care about me, right?”


Qi Qingchen laughed as she looked at Jiang Yi and said, “Look at you, such a good-for-nothing person. Relax, I will personally bring you along. If I engage in battle with the Sword Emanations Race for long, I will be affected by their baneful aura. You have to constantly help me to cleanse my soul spirit. You have supreme-grade divine artifact battle armor; if you are careful, you will not die.”

“Oh, oh!”

Jiang Yi finally understood. He had not personally fought with the Sword Emanations Race before and did not know about the aura they had. However, he still did not understand something. He asked, “I can cleanse the baneful aura? Also, what is the baneful aura? Is it similar to the Netherworld Aura?”

“You probably can!”

Qi Qingchen nodded and said, “Your Xiaozhuan characters are very mystical. They possess very divine energy that can probably cleanse all sorts of devilish and negative auras and attributes. As for what baneful aura is, you will find out soon enough. Let’s go; if we do not leave soon, we will really be trapped and killed.”

Qi Qingchen floated over and grabbed Jiang Yi’s arm. A faint refres.h.i.+ng aroma followed her that made Jiang Yi’s heart do a somersault. He was a master womanizer and knew that this was not perfume but a bodily fragrance from women. It was also a bodily fragrance that few women had.


Qi Qingchen brought Jiang Yi along as she shot upwards. Jiang Yi did not dare to think about anything else; they were in for a bitter fight. While he probably was not strong enough to help Qi Qingchen, he also didn’t want to burden her. If Qi Qingchen died, everyone would perish with her.


Qi Qingchen retrieved her flexible sword as she waved it like a poisonous snake, chopping at the tree leaves above. She did not fly in a straight line upwards but created a strange route. After cutting through a-dozen-odd layers of leaves, the sky lit up as the two of them easily left Wind Chime Mountain.

Jiang Yi looked in all directions but did not see any Sword Emanations Race beings yet. Qi Qingchen looked around and also did not know which direction to head towards. In a short while, Poison Spirit’s voice rang out: “To the east; the Sword Emanations Race beings are probably lesser there. However, I cannot be certain.”

“Alright, to the east, then!”

Qi Qingchen emanated her aura; it was so pressurizing that Jiang Yi almost suffocated. Her divine senses locked onto Poison Spirit as she asked, “Poison Spirit, you can break through on your own?”


Poison Spirit sent a voice transmission over as he said definitely: “As long as no formidable martial artists block me, the Sword Emanations Race beings alone cannot stop me.”

“Alright then!”

Qi Qingchen nodded and said, “Break through on your own and help me to look around in the vicinity. The mastermind should be nearby. If you find him and his accomplices, come back and tell me. Regardless of who it is—I will make them pay the price.”


Poison Spirit’s body did not appear; he also did not say anything else. Poison Spirit only sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi: “Young Lord, you can release your Art of Concealment. The Sword Emanations Race beings would not be able to find you. They can only detect creatures with life signs. If you encounter danger, you can conceal yourself and not move; wait till I come for you.”

After Poison Spirit floated away, Qi Qingchen started moving as she sped like a rus.h.i.+ng wind to the east. She was so fast that Jiang Yi could not even open his eyes. His ears heard the wind beat about them noisily as he suddenly felt like he had a headache. A King-Ranked martial artist’s speed was indeed terrifying.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

After flying for a mere five minutes, air-splitting sounds could be heard from the front. Qi Qingchen stopped as Jiang Yi finally opened his eyes. He looked to the front as his eyes narrowed instantly, and he swallowed a few gulps of saliva.

If the Sword Emanations Race beings they had encountered previously were like a patch of red clouds, the Sword Emanations Race beings ahead were like a red, enormous wave. Jiang Yi and Qi Qingchen were like two small boats in a sea; all along the horizon was a torrential wave that covered the entire earth and was surging forward.

“A million! There are at least a million!”

Jiang Yi’s breathing grew quicker as he looked at Qi Qingchen, slightly worried. Could she fight her way through these?

“Get on my back!”

Qi Qingchen suddenly spoke. Jiang Yi was stunned as he thought he had misheard her words. He asked, confused, “What did you say?”

“Get on my back!”

Qi Qingchen’s face was red with embarra.s.sment and fury as she looked at Jiang Yi fiercely and said, “I intend to break through; how can I do that if I am holding onto you? You’d better be obedient and stay on my back! As for your hands… do not grope around, or I will break all your limbs and your manhood!”

Ss, ss!

Jiang Yi sucked in a mouthful of cold air. This female lioness was too brutal; she not only wanted to break off his limbs, but also his manhood!

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