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Chapter 650: King Level!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Lan lowered her head and looked at the hole in her body. Blood gushed out of her wound. She couldn’t help but frown.

Miluo Duoba smiled. “Judging from your injury, you will die within three minutes.”

Although he couldn’t see the expression under the mask, Miluo Duoba could feel his opponent’s heart beating furiously. His opponent’s breath also got heavier. Miluo Duoba knew that this was due to the fear of death. His opponent would definitely attack him soon.

Miluo Duoba gave a sinister smile. He disappeared.

Ling Lan immediately activated her ice element. The entire atrium turned into an icy h.e.l.l. Everything was covered in ice. But, Miluo Duoba was nowhere to be seen.

“I still didn’t manage to catch him. d.a.m.n it,” Ling Lan gritted her teeth as she said that. She held her stomach and formed another layer of ice over her wound. However, her injury was too severe. The ice was melted by the warm blood.

Ling Lan tried her best but her energy was being drained too quickly. A few seconds later, she was unable to form any ice on her wound. She panted heavily.

“This is my chance!” Miluo Duoba’s eyes lit up.

A pair of hands appeared behind Ling Lan. It stabbed right into Ling Lan’s heart.

Ling Lan didn’t notice it. Miluo Duoba managed to succeed in his attack easily.

Miluo Duoba smiled coldly as he clenched his fist. The heart that he was holding burst. Another formidable enemy died in his hands. A normal domain realm master was not his match at all. Miluo Duoba felt that it was a pity. He was enjoying this match but it ended so quickly.

“Crack.” The masked man in front of him suddenly cracked into multiple pieces.

Miluo Duoba got a shock. He felt a sense of danger. He quickly retreated without any hesitation but it was still too late.

A forceful punch hit his abdomen. He vomited a mouthful of blood, his organs almost flew out in the process. He was in so much pain…

At that moment, the atrium which was covered in ice, the arrows scattered around the floor, and the black arrow on the wall, all broke into pieces and disappeared into thin air.

However, his opponent didn’t stop attacking. Miluo Duoba couldn’t retaliate at all. He was forced into mid-air and got kicked by a whirlwind kick. Miluo Duoba flew through the air and slammed onto the ground. The impact caused him to roll on the ground for a few meters.

Miluo Duoba laid on the ground and forced his eyes opened. He looked at the masked man who landed lightly on the ground. The masked man placed his hands behind his back and walked towards him.

“How did this happen?” Miluo Duoba asked while his mouth was filled with blood.

“When I broke your darkness domain, I knew what your element was,” Ling Lan replied indifferently. The blood on her body had disappeared. There was no wound on her. She seemed clean and tidy, as though she never had a fight.

“No, impossible.” Miluo Duoba didn’t believe that his element would be found out by his opponent. Everyone who had fought with him got stuck by his element and died in his hands.

“Many people believed in what they see. They thought that what they see is the truth. However, I believe in my brain and my skills. No one can break through my element skills easily and harmed me without any warning. Of course, if my opponent is a G.o.d-Realm master, that is possible. However, you are not. Anything that seems too much must be fake. You went overboard with your illusion,” Ling Lan replied calmly.

“Overboard?” Miluo Duoba was puzzled. He used this method to kill many people. How did it become his weakness?

“If you fought with me and injured me due to a loophole in my defense, I might not be able to get out of your illusion so quickly. Ultimately, I have to thank you for creating that sharp dagger,” Ling Lan said sincerely.

In the beginning, she was indeed fooled by the illusion. She didn’t expect it to be fake. However, the dagger appeared too strangely. She was unable to block it with her ice walls. This caused Ling Lan to ponder again. Even if her opponent was stronger than her, they were still in the same realm. She would still be able to defend herself for a while.

Not only that, but her injury also gave her opponent away. Ling Lan would not tell Miluo Duoba this.

Ling Lan was able to bear with the pain. In her past life, she endured more than 20 years of pain in her body. During this lifetime, she forced herself to become stronger and suffered much during the process. Normal injuries would not cause her to feel any pain at all. However, when she got hurt, she felt excruciating pain. It was so clear that it seemed to be reminding her that she was injured.

Strange attacks and unnatural amounts of pain. This caused Ling Lan to become suspicious. She wondered if this was all real. She thought about an illusion and linked it to Miluo Duoba’s element. Was his ability creating illusion?

To prove this, Ling Lan decisively released her spiritual power. When her spiritual blast destroyed the first dark illusion, Ling Lan confirmed her suspicion. However, she didn’t think that this was the end of his illusion.

That was why she started to question everything that was happening to her. When she got hit by the arrow, she didn’t believe what she saw anymore.

The fear that Miluo Duoba saw was part of Ling Lan’s scheme. She purposely showed it to fool him.

Since her opponent wanted to keep her in an illusion, she decided to use the same method to fool her opponent.

Hence, when Miluo Duoba thought that he killed Ling Lan and was happy about it, Ling Lan retaliated. She made use of the opportunity to injure her opponent heavily.

Miluo Duoba was an experienced domain realm warrior so he understood what Ling Lan was trying to say. He smiled bitterly. “So that’s what happened. I overestimated myself.”

He suddenly refuted himself. “No, I didn’t overestimate myself. You are the one who is too confident.” If not, how could he kill so many ordinary domain masters and get his t.i.tle?

“If you want to become a formidable warrior, you need to believe in yourself.” Ling Lan looked at Miluo Duoba calmly. She saw the blood at the corner of his mouth turning into ice. The ice slowly moved into his mouth…

Miluo Duoba felt the coldness near his mouth. He looked at Ling Lan with fear. He screamed frighteningly, “No…”

Before he could finish, he stopped. Miluo Duoba had already turned into an ice sculpture. The fear on his face made him looked as though he was still alive.

Ling Lan heaved a sigh of relief. She talked so much with her opponent because she wanted to secretly use her ice blockade. Ling Lan was still fearful of Miluo Duoba’s illusion. His illusion was too real. It was hard to differentiate reality from illusion. Before she killed him, she was unable to let her guard down.

“Little Four, did you alter all the surveillance footage?” Ling Lan asked in a low voice. Ling Lan was tired. Although the amount of domain energy she used couldn’t compare to the previous two battles with domain masters, she used much brainpower as well as spiritual power to a.n.a.lyze the illusion.

If she could, she wanted to have a good sleep immediately and rest her brain and spiritual power. Sky Full Of Stars would not harm Ling Lan’s spiritual power but it used up much of her spiritual power. This was why she was unable to use it a second time to destroy the second illusion.

“Boss, everything is done.” Little Four appeared in front of Ling Lan and smiled.

Ling Lan felt that Little Four seemed happier than before. He was looking at her with excitement. Ling Lan felt strange but she was too tired to think about the reason. She nodded.

Ling Lan snapped her fingers and Miluo Duoba turned into fine dust. No traces were left behind. Unless someone with a powerful searching ability came within two hours, no evidence could be found. Once two hours pa.s.sed, the ice would merge with the air.

The next second, Ling Lan disappeared from the atrium. Ten minutes later, armed forces surrounded the atrium. But, they were unable to find anything there. They wondered if the two domain masters changed their location.

Later, this thought was confirmed through the surveillance images. In the images, after Luo’er was taken away, Miluo Duoba and the masked man started fighting. A few rounds later, the masked man was at a disadvantage and ran away. Miluo Duoba chased after the masked man.

Since they knew that the two domain masters went somewhere else, the government of Aoqi started searching throughout the city. Yet, no signs of Miluo Duoba or the masked man could be found. Even the princess and her subordinates had disappeared. Aoqi finally realized that this might be an act of the ace hacker from the Yun family.

They remembered the auction and felt that from the start, all the images they saw might be fake. Aoqi started sending people to search through the atrium. Only Miluo Duoba’s element could be felt. The masked man didn’t leave any traces behind.

Who was the masked man? Aoqi felt that it was a domain realm master from the Federation but since they had no evidence, they didn’t know who it was.

Miluo Duoba’s disappearance caused the people from Aoqi’s side to feel agitated. They waited patiently for a day but he still didn’t come back. The people from Aoqi felt that he was probably met with some danger. However, he would not just be killed like this. After all, he was a domain master with a t.i.tle. Even someone who was at the same level as him could not make him disappear without a trace. Did the Federation send out domain masters who had reached the king level of the domain realm?

The people of Aoqi was scared by this thought. King level domain masters were people who were a step into the G.o.d-Realm. There were only two G.o.d-Realm masters in this world currently.

One was Mu Shui-qing from the Federation and the other was Wadi Futesi from Caesar.

In the past ten thousand years, only 11 people managed to reach the G.o.d-Realm. It was even harder than becoming a G.o.d-cla.s.s operator. In order to break through the boundaries of a human physique and change the human DNA, they needed to experience death. G.o.d-Realm masters were people who managed to be reborn after death. Most people just died when they reached that state and never reaching the G.o.d-Realm.

To have two G.o.d-Realm masters in this era, it showed how powerful this generation was.

Since G.o.d-Realm was almost impossible to reach, king level domain masters became a frightening existence. However, it was hard to reach this level too. There were only nine king level domain masters in the human world.

Three came from the Federation. The Federation had the most king level domain masters. Caesar had two. King level domain masters normally stayed within their country just like imperial operators. Was the princess so important that the Federation sent out a king level domain master?

However, this suggestion was rejected after a while. The three king level domain masters were still within the Federation. They didn’t come out.

The people from Aoqi wanted to find out the truth but nothing was discovered even after one day of searching. The Feiyang s.h.i.+p left Aoqi during this time. Aoqi wanted to force the Feiyang s.h.i.+p to stay but a message from the Federation stopped them. Unless they wanted to cut all ties with the Federation, they didn’t dare to make any more moves.

The Feiyang s.h.i.+p left Aoqi on time. Ling Lan looked at the yellow colored planet on the screen. There were moving further and further away from it. She looked serious.

“Boss, what is the matter?” Qi Long appeared oblivious at times but he noticed what he should notice.

“There will be a huge battle soon,” Ling Lan said evenly.

“Oh…” Qi Long didn’t feel excited. Qi Long liked to fight but he was tired of close-range combat.

“It will be a mecha battle,” Ling Lan continued.

“Ah!” Everyone jumped up and looked at Ling Lan.

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